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<h1><center><i>A little about myself...</i></center></h1>

<FONT COLOR= #93FAF8> <center><p>My full name is Lauren Elise Oram. I was born August 9th, 1996 in Syracuse, New York and I am 20 years old (and very impatiently waiting for my 21st). I currently attend the University at Buffalo where I am studying communications. After finishing my undergrad here, I plan to attend law school! I am also a proud member of the Alpha Phi Theta Epsilon chapter here at my school. My family and friends are very important to me! I love spending time with them and doing things like going shopping, making arts and crafts, dancing, exercising, and sometimes just lounging around and watching tv. </p></center>



<center><A HREF= https://www.facebook.com/lauuurenelise > Click this link to go to my facebook page and see photos of me and my friends... and learn more about me! :) </A></center>



<hr><h3><center><i>Early life...</i></center></h3></hr>

<FONT COLOR= #93FAF8> <center><p>Like I said, I was born in Syracuse, but from the time I was 5 to the time I was 18 I moved all up and down the east coast! I went to over 10 different schools and met tons of people! Below is a table of all the cities I have lived in! Also, enjoy my silly baby picture :)</p></center></FONT>


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<TR> <!-- Row #1 --> <TD> Syracuse, NY </TD> <TD> Kingsport, TN </TD> <TD> Williamsburg, VA</TD>


<TR> <!-- Row #2 -->

        <TD> Nashville, TN </TD>

        <TD> Utica, NY </TD>

        <TD> Birmingham, AL </TD>




<center><hr><h4><center><i>Want to know more?</i></center></h4></hr>

<A HREF="MAILTO:laureneliseoram@gmail.com">

Click this link to shoot me an email!



<center><h3>Thanks for visiting!</h3></center>

<FONT COLOR= #3A36BA><center><h5> xoxo, Lauren



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