1. When taking a group of number and adding them together and then dividing the sum of the numbers by how many numbers were added, this process leaves you with what?

2. When looking at a group of numbers that are in order, the midpoint is also what?

3.When looking at a group of numbers the number that appears most frequently is called what?

Base Questions 4-6 on the following: 10,12,23,15,47,44,45,62,23

4. The median of the numbers are ?

5.The mean of the numbers are ?

6.The mode of the numbers are ?

Base Questions 7-9 on the following numbers: 45,18,45,24,12

7.What is the median of the numbers?

8.What is the mean of the numbers?

9.What is the mode of the numbers ?

10.We can create a horizontal (or vertical) number line that spans an interval just a bit larger than the interval from the minimum to the maximum of the data set. That is called what?

11.How many quartiles are in a box plot?

12.A normal curve is also called what?

13.A larger standard deviation would be , compared to a normal curve.

14. A z score of 0 would be located where on a bell curve?

15.How much is the required distance for 1 standard deviation