The city of Gomel was originated on the river Sozh. The city started as a small village and grew after that. For a while, the town was property of Russian Czars. Then it was given to the Knjas' Paskevich as a gift for good service. From that time until 1917, the city was residence of Paskevich family. In 1917, good or bad is not for me to decide,the Revolution happened. The city was now under the rule of the "people". The next important date was 1941, WW II started at the border of Russia and Poland, which is not to far from Gomel'. The German army took over the city. A lot of families who did not have time to evacuate were killed or sent to Germany. In 1944, the Soviet Army took the city back. From that time on, Gomel' did not see any major wars or revolutions. The city was very clean and in the same time green. Some of pictures that are provided below are from that time. The others are from the summer of 1997.

This is a Palace

From the other angel as well as the time (June 1997)

This park consists of many wonderful things, here are some of them (1997)

The city also has a good beach on the bank of the river. This bridge will lead you right to it. (1997)

This is a theater which is located at the center of the city

This is a Palace in the park

This is the Central Square which has a statue of V. Lenin.(1970s )

Same thing, but next generation (1997)

If you walk from Lenin Square on the Sovetckaja Street you will see my college " Gomel'skii Poletichnichesky Texnikum" (1997)

Pilot View Of Sovietskaja Uliza with The Circus on it

If you could see, right next to the circus is the Victory Square. On the square, people of the city have the Tank (which got in to the city after the German Army left). It was one of many which helped to liberate our town.(1997)

In the same time, people of the city have a Memorial to all people who lost their lives helping to free our city. The Fire never stops burning, and peole of the city will never stop Thanking those who won the WAR (1997)

'Univermag'- local Supremarket

The Train Station at night

And the last thing is the high school from which I graduated

Some of the pictures originated by Yevgeniy Shulimovich

The pictures with 1997 labels are mine and if you decid to use them, please do not forget to reference the source
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