Lacey's Proposal Page

What Is My Project About?

I’m going to be exploring the way sound can alter your experience when looking at different works. Usually when people experience paintings hanging on a wall in a museum is relatively normal. Little bits of chatter, not very much silence, lots of pictures being taken. A person’s experience of a painting could be so much more with different moods of sounds and focuses.

Who is the Audience?

The audience is more for the general public that are familiar with these famous works. Most of the works I’m going to be using are already incorporated and referenced to in movies, tv shows, and such media. Most people of the world know of the famous artworks or view artwork in a simple way. You go to a museum to go and see the paintings yourself or you see copies of them online. It would be a really revolutionary way of viewing and experiencing these works. It would be designed to drastically change the viewer's perception of the artwork.

Who or what is your influence for this project?

My main influence is from John Berger’s Ways of Seeing. He was going into a deep explanation of how to experience works of art by changing the way you see it and hear it. He explains the dynamics of it which creates a whole new level of understanding art. He created a whole new experience by putting sound into classical paintings as well as putting a focus point in them. I found this to be really powerful and I wanted to explore it even deeper--maybe take it to a new level.

Is it worth it to fund me? What do I need to get this project done?

’m asking is for the funds to access the programs as well as instruments, such as a recording device, that I plan to use to make this project come to life. The programs are rather inexpensive, so the project won’t be taking a big chunk of your wallet. I already have a computer, just the programs and the recording device will suffice for me to create these artworks. I already have some experience with using sound editing programs such as audacity. I currently rely on audacity to edit the audios. Photoshop is another program that I have experience with and may need to use it to create some of the effects with the images.

What do I hope to achieve during this project?

Sound is an incredibly flexible material that can be manipulated is so many ways. Instruments are used to explore the different ways sound can be percepted by the individual. There is so much sound that goes unexplored and used in what is deemed to be in appropriate circumstances. Looking deeper into the different ways sounds can warp the perception of an image could create a new experience and appreciation for the art. I think that there is a lot of sound match ups that are underappreciated and not explored very often. We hear them everyday, but if we listen a little closer or if we create new combinations it could be mind boggling. There could be a great deal of significance with the relationship between sound and image. People would be more willing to explore the different options and could create something great. I want to inspire other people to listen and see something that is totally alien to them.

What is my plan?

What I am going to do is mainly use the programs of photoshop and audacity. Creating different sounds and matching them up with pictures is what is going to be happening. There’s going to be a lot of match-ups, but I’m expecting not many outcomes. So, this will be a very tedious process of trying to figure out what will strike people and what won’t.


These three photographs are snipets from a very famous painting called the Guernica by Picasso. The painting itself is very big and has so much going on in it. By just taking a few select snipets from it, there's a totally different feel to these isolated images.