UB Geometry and Topology Seminar 



Spring 2014

Jan 31       Mohan Ramachandran (Buffalo): On holomorphic convexity of reductive coverings of compact Kahler surfaces
Feb 7       Bill Menasco (Buffalo): Short distances in the curve complex
Mar 7       Jenny Wilson (Chicago): Stability phenomena for sequences of representations of the classical Weyl groups
Mar 14       Anh Tran (Ohio State): On the AJ conjecture for pretzel knots
Apr 4       Robert Lipshitz (Columbia): The Jones polynomial, Khovanov homology and Khovanov homotopy
Apr 11       Lenny Ng (Duke): Knot contact homology and the augmentation polynomial
Apr 18       Johanna Mangahas (Brown): An algorithm to detect full irreducibility by bounding the volume of periodic free factors
May 2       Bill Menasco (Buffalo): Efficient geodesics in the curve complex or "Box, glocks and socks"

Fall 2013

Aug 30       Organizational meeting.
Sep 13       Cagatay Kutluhan (Buffalo): The Seiberg-Witten equations, holonomy filtration, and knots
Sep 20       Cagatay Kutluhan (Buffalo): The Seiberg-Witten equations, holonomy filtration, and knots (Continued)
Oct 4       Hyungryul Baik (Cornell): Laminations on the circle and hyperbolic geometry
Oct 25       Watchareepan Atiponrat (Buffalo Graduate): Rectangular diagrams and Legendrian links
Nov 1       Steven Sivek (Princeton): Naturality and contact invariants in sutured monopole homology
Nov 8       Ki Hyoung Ko (KAIST): When does a graph braid of index 4 or higher become a right-angled Artin group?
Nov 15       Adam Zarr (Buffalo Graduate): Harold Sultan's proof that separating curve complex of the genus 2 surface is hyperbolic (at 3pm)
Nov 22       Liam Watson (Glasgow/ICERM): Khovanov homology and the symmetry group of a knot (at 3pm)
Dec 13       Eli Grigsby (Boston College): Khovanov homology and trivial braid detection


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