Below you can find the main research projects our lab is involved with.
Funded Research Projects:
  • [NSF-NeTS] Realizing Visual and Acoustic Near Field Communication Systems for Smartphones: Performance Optimization and Security Assurance, National Science Foundation (Project Link)
  • [MSR] Indoor 3D Maps from the Power of the Crowd, Windows Azure Research Grant, Microsoft Research
  • [NSF-CNS] Student Travel Grant Support for IEEE INFOCOM 2014, National Science Foundation
  • [NSF-NeTS] Enabling Robust Communication in Cognitive Radio Networks with Multiple Lines of Defense, National Science Foundation (Project Link)
  • [NSF-SaTC] CAREER: Secure and Privacy-assured Data Service Outsourcing in Cloud Computing, National Science Foundation (Project Link)
  • [NSF-CSR] Engineering Secure Data Computation Outsourcing in Cloud Computing, National Science Foundation (Project Link)
  • [NSF-NeTS] Mobile Content Distribution in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, National Science Foundation (Project Link)
  • [DOE] A World-class Smart Grid Workforce Training Center, Department of Energy (03/2010-02/2013)
  • [Amazon] Amazon Web Service, Amazon EC2 Service Usage Credit, 2010-2013
  • [NSF-NECO] New Approaches for Secure and Dependable Data Storage and Access Control in Mission-critical Wireless Sensor Networks, National Science Foundation (08/2008-08/2012) (Project Link)
  • [IIT-ISFG] Energy Efficiency Research for Large-Scale Internet Data Centers, Illinois Institute of Technology, Interdisciplinary Seed Funding Grants (ISFG) (03/2011-02/2012)
  • [AirForce] Exploiting Pairing-based ZKP for Tactical Network Authentication, Air Force Research Laboratory (08/2011-09/2011)
  • [IIT-ISFG] Privacy-aware Secure User Communication for Metropolitan Wireless Mesh Networks, Illinois Institute of Technology, Educational and Research Initiative Fund (ERIF) (01/2008-12/2008)