Kathleen Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MGQ 201?

MGQ 201 is an introduction to basic computer skills and statistics. The course description in the undergraduate catalog is as follows: "Familiarizes students with computers and computer software packages relevant to business and management, and introduces students to basic concepts in accounting (modeled around spreadsheets) and statistics (modeled around descriptive statistics). Word-processing, spreadsheet, and statistics packages form an important part of the course. For hands-on computer literacy, the course includes supervised homework sections at specific times and sites."

If you are a management student, this class will also prepare you for MGQ301, which is your next required statistics course.

Do I have to come to lab?

If you do not come to recitation, you will not get the points for that class. If you take a look at the Grading tab, you will see that recitation makes up over 33% of your grade.

Also worth noting is the fact that tests are given in class. Come to recitation if you wish to take them.

The TA’s will grade 10 recitations.  Each student can miss 1 recitations without penalty.  After a student misses 1 gradable recitations (days when we have class or when there is not a test), students will be penalized course points. 

Where are my grades posted?

All grades are posted on the School of Management Virtual Grading Office:

Virtual Grading Office Link

Log into your account using your ID, password, and Student Number.

Check your grades when instructed to do so, and whenever the opportunity arises. This will ensure that the grade you think you got for the assignment is the one you are getting.

Do I have to watch lecture?

Many students have been known to perform poorly on tests because they did not watch lecture. Yes the concepts seem easy, but there are things gone over in lecture that are only gone over there, that you should know. Also, I can not help you with assignments given by the Professor unless you have watched the lectures. It is usually pretty obvious if you have watched the lectures or not. If you have attempted to understand the concepts but still need assistance, I will gladly help.

I recommend finding an open time slot in your class schedule and consistently watching his lecture during that time. I also recommend speeding up the recording if you find you can still follow the material at the quickened pace. Try not to be distracted while watching, treat it as any normal lecture, but one that you can pause and come back to.

Can I attend any lab section?


How is attendance graded?

Attendance will be taken once at the beginning of recitation.  You have a 5 minute window to get to class and alert the TA that you have arrived.  After 5 minutes the TA reserves the right to award you zero points for attendance.  Remember each recitation is worth 6 points (2 for attendance and 4 for completing the “in-class assignment.”) 

The TA’s will grade 10 recitations but only 9 recitations are factored into your “labweekly” grade (9 recitations times 6 possible points per recitation).  Each student can miss up to 1 recitations for any reason without penalty.  After a student misses 1 recitation, course points will be deducted.  The TA’s will not take any excuses for missing a recitation.  Once you have missed recitation, then you can not make up the points (unless an extreme extenuating circumstance exists).  It is recommended that if you miss recitation, then you still complete the in-class assignment.  Some assignments span for 2 recitations so please pay attention to the calendar that has been laid out for each recitation day. 

What if I am absent on a day when homework is due?.

If you have homework due on a day you are absent be sure to email me the assignment with an attached message stating you will be absent that day. 

Be ready to present a note to the TA explaining why you were not able to attend recitation.  You will be asked to present that note either by the TA’s next office hours or by the next recitation. 

Example:  If you are sick the day an assignment is due, then email the assignment to the TA and have a note from a doctor ready to verify that you were truly sick.  You will submit your note in the TA’s office hours or at the beginning of the next recitation.  Prompt Communication is the key!

Also, whenever you are absent on the day homework is assigned, it is your responsibility to do it for the date it is due. The days on which assignments are to be gone over and are due are clearly stated on my syllabus. You will not be exempt from the late homework penalty if you are absent the day it is gone over.

Point Penalties:

Do not use the printers in the lab room during lab. This includes before lab that results in during lab printing. I do not want printers going off while I am trying to speak in recitation. If you want you can print after lab. If you do print during lab, I reserve the right to take a point off.

Any late assignments will receive a “0.”  Late means you did not turn in the lab homework assignment before recitation ended on the date that the assignment was due.  Late also means that your homework was not submitted digitally before a set time.  Exemptions include those who have a note indicating that he/she could not attend the recitation (Sick, death in family, unrecognized holiday, legitimate reason for travel, etc.)

Excessive interruption of the lab due to unrelated talking will result in my asking you to leave and you not being awarded any points for the day.

Surfing the internet during recitation when you are supposed to be paying attention may result in you not being awarded any points for the day.

Always read homework submission/formatting rules attached to each homework assignment. Many students lose points for not following simple homework submission/formatting rules. I usually wind up having to take off more points for not following the homework submission/formatting rules than for getting wrong answers.

What will I need to bring to lab?

Textbook: You will have to bring your workbook by Prentice Hall, Custom Program for CIS to every lab.