Kathleen Stack


Current Grades

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The following is distribution of grades broken down by assignment:

Assignment                                                                                    Points

Syllabus Quiz (web based)                                                                12

Stats Quiz MathXL (4 @ 30 points)                                                 120

3 Tests @ 70  points                                                                                     210

Internet Research Assignment                                                           10

Microsoft PowerPoint Lab Assignment                                            14

Microsoft Word Lab Assignment                                                      10

Microsoft Excel Lab Assignment                                                     20

Lab Attendance/Assignments (9 @ 6 points)                                   54


                                                   Total Lab Points: 108

                                                   Total Lecture Points: 342

                                                   Total Points: 450

 The following is the rough point breakdown of grades:

                                                   425  or more            A

                                                   415 or more            A-

                                                   400 or more            B+

                                                   380 or more            B

                                                   370 or more            B-

                                                   355 or more            C+

                                                   340 or more            C

                                                   330 or more            C-

                                                   315 or more            D

                                                   Less than  315          F

                 There is no extra credit, and remember points are not “given” ….they are EARNED!