Kathleen Stack

Word Assignment (10 points)

This assignment requires you to find a job/internship posting on “Bulls eye” and then make a cover letter and resume appropriate for that posting.  A last resort is to find another suitable job posting off a website such as monster.com.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU FIND A JOB THAT FITS YOUR CURRENT INTERESTS AND QUALIFICATIONS.  This will make the assignment easier and more meaningful.  The resume and cover letter must fit the posting you use. If your current resume matches the position, you still need to update it so that it is current.

It is required for this assignment that you follow the CRC guidelines for writing your resume and cover letter and use the templates provided (and keep them looking very much like the templates), which are linked below.

What you will be graded on:

     Use CRC templates for Resume and Cover Letter

Format - any small error will result in a 1 point deduction

*Resumes and Cover Letters should be formatted perfectly when submitted

*Example of errors: different fonts, spelling errors, grammar errors, space errors,

 inconsistencies with bolding, date format, bulleting, not signing the bottom of the

 cover letter, etc.

Appropriate Content

Full page length Resume and Cover Letter

Hand in four items: 1 - Resume, 1 - Cover Letter, 1– Thank you letter and 1 - Job posting 

Useful Links:

CRC Resume

CRC Cover Letter

Career Services Job Postings Login (Bulls Eye)

What needs to be handed in, in this order:

A copy of your cover letter (signed, with your recitation section next to it)

A copy of your resume (one page only)

A copy of the job posting (only one page front and back)

If there are any questions about this assignment e-mail me and I will respond ASAP.

The assignment must be done in Microsoft Word 2010.  There will be a 1 point deduction for any assignments submitted in anything other than Microsoft Word 2010.