Mark B. Kristal


Postdoctoral Trainee, The Jackson Laboratory, 1971-73, Behavior Genetics/Neuroendocrinology
Ph.D., Kansas State University, 12/1971, Psychology (Psychobiology)
M.S., Kansas State University, 1/1970, Psychology (Psychobiology)
B.A., Rutgers University, 8/1965, Psychology


            Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, 1/1/15 - present
           Affiliated Research Scientist, Clinical and Research Institute on Addictions, UB, 2014-present

          Chair, UB Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), 2006
           Director, Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Program, Dept. of Psychology, UB, 2004 - 2013

           Dean (Interim), UB School of Health Related Professions, 1999 - 2001

           Senior Advisor for Planning & Operations, UB College of Arts & Sciences, 1998 - 1999

           Dean (Interim), UB Faculty of Social Sciences, 1996-98

           Chair, UB Department of Psychology, 1995-96

           Associate Dean, UB Faculty of Social Sciences, 1989-96

           Professor, Department of Psychology, 1990
 - 12/31/14
           Interim Associate Dean, UB School of Health Related Professions, 1986-88
           Director, Behavioral Neuroscience Program, UB Department of Psychology, 1978-85
           Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, 1978

           Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology 1973


Physiological bases of motivated behavior (especially reproduction and ingestion); neural and endocrine bases of maternal behavior in mammals; functions of the hypothalamus; opioid systems and maternal behavior, parturition, and antinociception.

Research Grants:
        NIMH, MH-25747,  "Biological Control of Placentophagia", P.I.
        SUNY Faculty Research Fellowship,  "Avoidance of Placenta by Virgin Female
Rats", P.I.
        BRSG,  "Response of Primiparous and Nulliparous Rats to Placenta", P.I.
        BRSG,  "Control of Placentophagia:  Stimulus Cues", P.I.
        BRSG,  "Pregnancy and Conditionability", P.I.

        NSF, BNS76-04316,  "Psychobiology of Placentophagia", P.I.
        BRSG,  "Uterine Neural Activity and Maternal Behavior", P.I.
        BRSG,  "Hypothalamic Mechanisms of Maternal Behavior", P.I.

        BRSG,  "Immunological Consequences of Placentophagia", Co-P I.
        BRSG,  "Hypogastric Nerve Involvement in the Initiation of Maternal Behavior", P.I.
        BRSG,  "Trigeminal Deafferentation and Behavioral Correlates of Hyperalgesia", P.I.
        BRSG,  "Biobehavioral Consequences of Placentophagia", P.I.
        NSF, BNS 86-01818,  "Biobehavioral Consequences of Placentophagia", P.I.

        NIDA, 1 R01 DA04586-02,  "Characterization of Placental Opioid-enhancing Factor (POEF)", P.I.
        NSF, BNS 88-19837,  "Biobehavioral Consequences of Placentophagia", P.I.
        NSF, IBN-9123748,  "Biopsychology of Parturition", P.I.

        ACLAM,  "Analgesic Efficacy of Oral Buprenorphine in Rats",  P.I.
        NSF, IOB-0445679, "CNS Opioids and Maternal Behavior",  P.I.
        ACLAM, "
Developing a Metric for Comparing Analgesic Efficacy in Algesiometric Testing with Postsurgical Pain Relief", P.I.


Within the University at Buffalo: 

      Member, Assessment and Certification Committee,  Training Program for Laboratory Animal Medicine, Division of Comparative Medicine, 2005 - present
       Member, Interdisciplinary Graduate Degree Program in  Evolution, Ecology & Behavior,  2006 - 2014

Professional Affiliations and Service (professional and public):
llow: International Behavioral Neuroscience Society
     Chairman of the Scientific Council, Buffalo Zoological Society, 1977 - 1980

     Chair, Animal Use Committee, International Behavioral Neuroscience Society, 1995 - 1997
     Member, Education and Training Committee, International Behavioral Neuroscience Society, 1999 - 2001
     Chair, Education and Training Committee, International Behavioral Neuroscience Society, 2001 - 2002
     Editor, IBNS Newsletter, International Behavioral Neuroscience Society, 2002 - 2006
     Member, Membership Committee, International Behavioral Neuroscience Society, 2005 - 2007
     U.S. Councilor, Governing Council, International Behavioral Neuroscience Society, 2009-2012
     Member, Steering Committee, N.E.U.R.O.N. (Northeast Under/Graduate Research Organization for Neuroscience), 2009 - present
Member, Graduate Faculty of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, 2020 - present
     Council Member - Mental Health PEER Connection (an agency of Western New York Independent Living, Inc.), 2020 - 2021

Grant Reviewer For:
  New York State Health Research Council
  National Science Foundation
  Buffalo Zoological Society
  National Institutes of Health
  National Institute of Mental Health
            German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research & Development
United States Civilian Research and Development Foundation for the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (CRDF)
            Killam Research Fellowships (Canada)

            Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (Canada )

  NSF Review Panel Member (Physiology and Behavior), 1995
 Editorial Board: 
Physiology & Behavior, 1989 - 2005

        American Institutes for Research, 2014-present

        Science-Edit, 2020-present

Manuscript Reviewer for:  Eastern Psychological Association, American Psychological Society Physiology & Behavior; Animal Behaviour ;
           Zeitschrift fu
r Tierpsychologie; Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior; Experimental Neurology; Journal of
           Comparative Psychology
; Behavioral
Neuroscience (and JCPP); Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews;
           Behavioral and Neural Science; Behavioral and Brain Sciences; Developmental Psychobiology; Science and
           Technology Ethics; Hormones & Behavior; Animal Welfare; British Journal of Anaesthesia; Annals of Epidemiology;
           Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science; Advances in Therapy; Primates; Proceedings of
           the Royal Society (B. Biological Sciences); Nutrition Research; European Journal of Wildlife Research; Placenta;
           Evolution; Pain and Therapy; International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience; American Journal of
           Veterinary Research, Neuroscience Letters, Current Women's Health Reviews, Mammalia