These are names (roughly in chronological order) of students who have worked in my research program since 1973 -
  some as undergraduates (Independent Study, Honors), some as graduate students (Graduate Work, Thesis Guidance),
some as postdocs, some for only a semester, and some for many years.
Please let me know if I have left out anyone. My apologies if I have.
                                                                                                -- Mark B. Kristal

Andrew Padgug (now MD)

Marcy Pasternak

Ira Licht

Gary C. Graber (PhD from M.B.K. lab)

Douglas B. Engwall (PhD from M.B.K. lab)
Lloyd Wilson

Rosemary Dagostino  (now PhD)

Robert Gelb (now MD)

Teresa Labuszewski (now PhD, DVM)

Michael S. Eison (now PhD)

Frank A. Bergevin

Elizabeth Chapin (PhD from  M.B.K. lab)

Michael Noonan  (now PhD)

John Lamancuso (now MD)

Harriet Warne (deceased)

Leonore Levy

Judith Marber (now JD)

Eliot Ostrow

Michael T. Ross (now MD)

Dena Goldstein

Jack Reingold (now MD)

Jamie Kerr (now MD)

Pamela Bryan (now MD)

Lawrence C. Peters  (PhD from M.B.K. lab, then MD)

Kennette Carlson (MBA, RD, CDN)

Iris Cohn (now DPM)

Sandra Eckhert  (now MD)

Gary Gorski

Michael Sherman

Melissa A. Steuer (MA from M.B.K. lab)

Jonathan R. Franz  (PhD from M.B.K. lab)

Stephen M. Bauer  (now PhD)

William Darrall (now RN)

Diane DeGregory

Hope Exiner

Robert Lenza

Carol O'Connor (now MSW)

Donna Vardaro

Lynne Elberson

David McCarthy
Mark Hatfield (now PhD)

Jeffrey F. Whitney (now PhD)

Andrea Sue Colvin

Ann Porteous

Gary Wolfe

Anita Wierzba (now EdM)

J. Ken Nishita  (now PhD)

Vinita Bahl (now DMD and MPP)

Ernest Kornmehl  (now MD)

Marvin Kornmehl  (now DDS)

Richard Lynch (now DDS)

Behzad B. Gilani  (MD)

Marie Fazzary (now MD)

Glen M. Heaney

Marianne Perret

Eric Rabinowitz

Andrea Rudner

Gail Boruszewski

Michael Forness

Alexis C. Thompson  (PhD from M.B.K. lab)

Michele Youakim  (now PhD)

Bonnie Fader (now PhD, LCSW)
Nikita Dave (now MD)

Thomas Harte

Roxanne Reger (now MS)

Cynthia Colavecchia (now MD)

Amybeth Taublieb  (now PhD)

Robert Brenner
Stephanie Fried (as a high school student)

Cheryl Zink

Susan Prattis  (now DVM, PhD)

Linda C. Band  (now PhD)

Jean C. Doerr  (PhD from M.B.K. lab)

Thomas C. Sist  (DDS; deceased)

Michele Cappello

Graeme Lowther

Amy B. Silver

Holly L. Grishkat  (now PhD)

Pamela Hughes

Cynde Kibler

Raphael J. Leo  (now MD)

Patricia L. Abbott  (PhD from M.B.K. lab)

Robert A. Bochiechio  (now DDS)

Gabrielle Schmidt

Debra Barton (MA from M.B.K. lab)

Jean M. DiPirro  (PhD from M.B.K. lab)

Elizabeth J. Ferguson

Elissa Josephson

Bryan Kaarlsen

Margaret Uhl

John Tarapacki

Mary Ellen Dutka  (deceased)

Joel D. Feuerman

John Bruschetti

Jessica Parness

Teri Ann Vigars

Cheryl Dickerson (now MS)

Robert E. Friedman (now DDS)

Deborah Janus

James W. Corpening (PhD from M.B.K. lab)

Michael Buszuwski (now MLS)

Jon V. Riolo  (now PhD)

Joshua A. Levy (now DO)
Tiffany Robinson Vanderwerf (MA from M.B.K. lab)

Haluk Kelestimur (MD)
Gregory Mudge
Colleen Specht  (now PhD)

Jian Hu

Linda Le Roux

Cindy Kong

Gabriel Balo

Andrew Witsil

Michael Piech

Judith Pielecha Horowitz (now PhD)

Aileen Park (now MD)
Russell Gullekson (now PhD candidate)

Erich Wiegand

Deborah Dombrowski

Sherrine Huff

Alexander E. Weaver

Kimberly Doldan

Ashley Acheson (now PhD)

Jandra Lubovich (MA from M.B.K. lab)

Faith Gorski
Patricia Leach

Karen Fitting
Lisa B.E. Martin (DVM)

Abdullah Sallaj (now MD)
Ahmad Sylvester (now PhD)

Inna Kuperman (MA from M.B.K. lab)

Amy Chan
Anne Neumann (PhD from M.B.K. lab)
Ksenia Kastanenka (with Alexis Thompson)(now PhD)
Robert Hoey (PhD from M.B.K. lab)
Kimberly Bernosky (with Alexis Thompson)(now PhD)
Emi Sakamoto
Reema Cheema (now RN, MSN)
Danielle Baritot
Krista Boyler
Eric Hillery
Lindsey Daigler Barrett (MA from M.B.K. lab)
Seth Hurley (now PhD)
Leslie Curtin (DVM)

 Carolyn Hite (high school student) (now JD)
Thomas P. Smith
Caroline Chin
Casey Feeney (MA from M.B.K. lab)
Kelsea Redmond
Renae Hesse Knapp
Lindsey Chatmon (now PsyD)
Kunal Turakhia (now RN)
Caitlin Sprole (now PA)
Dillon Fink


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