Some Recent Media Coverage

Interview - WIVB-TV (Buffalo) and WSAV-TV (Savannah) - "Placenta: To Eat or Not to Eat"

Interview - NPR - "Texas defends a woman's right to take her placenta home."

Discussion - HuffPost Live - "Does eating placenta have health benefits?"

Interview - NPR Online - "Placenta pills gain fans among new moms, but benefits are elusive."

Interview - Houston Public Media - "Moms fighting hospitals for placentas could find relief in Texas legislature."

Interview - - "Hospital regulations are forcing women to steal their own placentas."

Interview - The Washington Post
- "Are you going to eat that?" (reprinted in the Chicago Tribune and the Bangor Daily News)

Interview - The Guardian - "I ate my wife's placenta raw in a smoothie and cooked in a taco."

Coverage - Business Insider (Australia) - "Here's why some women are eating there own placentas."

Interview - Salt Lake Tribune - "Eat placenta? Utah moms swear by after-birth boost."

Interview - Chicago Tribune - "Some new moms swear by consuming baby's placenta"
(Reprinted in the Hartford Courant 8/13/14)

Interview - Sun Media - (CHealth-MediResource) -  "Is there a benefit to eating one's placenta?"

Interview - CBC Radio (Halifax) - "Placenta encapsulation"

Interview - National Post (Toronto) - "New moms eating their placentas in attempt to beat post-partum depression"

Invited article - The Huffington Post - "Placenta: To eat or not to eat?"

Interview - Omaha World Herald - "Mothers explore benefits of eating their placentas"

Interview - South China Morning Post - "Placenta smoothie, anyone?"

Covered in Huffington Post article - "Local placenta-eating moms look for energy-boosting health benefits"

Interview in Buffalo Spree - "The Psychology of Eating Right in Buffalo"

Interview - LA Times - "How to parent like a celebrity"

Interview - Allparenting.Com - "Eating Your Placenta"

Interview - Global TV, Edmonton, Alberta - "Placenta Pills"

Interview - Washington Post - "Some mothers see health benefits in eating their placenta after giving birth."

Interview - WBFO - "Could eating placenta have medical benefits?"

Interview - Buffalo News - "Ingesting placenta may benefit humans."

Interview - UB Reporter - "Human benefits from ingesting placenta?"

Interview - Oregon Public Broadcasting - "Think Out Loud"

Interview - Crescer (Brazil) - "Placenta, organic waste or natural remedy?"

Interview - New York Magazine - "The placenta cookbook"

Interview - Fox 21 News (TV), Colorado Springs - "Would you eat your own placenta?"

POEF research covered in "La placenta humana" by S.L. Sánchez Suárez. Gen-T, June 2008.

Interview - USA Today - "Ingesting the placenta: Is it healthy for new moms?"

Interview - The Scientist - "Behavior in Action: Tools and techniques for tracking mammalian behavior."

Interview - - "Psychologist explains the neurochemistry behind romance."

Interview - Gelf Magazine - "Placentophagy"

Interview - - "Why this woman won't be eating her placenta again."

Interview - Furthermore Magazine - "Don't take placenta pills."

Interview - RadioLIVE (Auckland, NZ) - "Drinking placenta shows no objective benefits."


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