Wicked Weather!

Buffalo was held captive by frigid weather over this past winter.
Temperatures were minus 12, with a wind chill of minus 25.
On top of the freezing weather, there was heavy snowfall, and thick ice, and side walks that took a long time to get cleared.


It was extremely difficult for people to travel due to the thick ice and heavy snow.
Every time you turn around people are slipping and falling, or sliding.

The city had a late attempt in cleaning up after Mother Nature's mess.
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There's No Snow Like Buffalo

Buffalo is a city that is best known for it's snow.
Buffalo has had some recording breaking snowfall over the past 20 years
This past November, surrounding cities such as Cheektowaga, Orchard Park, and Amherst
were hit with over 5 feet of snow.

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Happier Days are are soon to come!

The weather is finally beginning to warm up and the weather is starting
to break. During the past 2 weeks, weather has been in the 40's.
The snow is melting, and you can see some green on the lawn. Summer
Is soon to approach us

Blissful Activities

Some activities that many people enjoy during the Summer in
Buffalo are going to the Taste of Buffalo, Italian Festival,Niagara County Fair and the local amusement park Darien Lake.