Hi, friends! Welcome to my website! I guess I should start off by saying that I'm a website design novice, so I'm a bit under construction. Besides that, I am a junior psychology major at UB! I've always enjoyed helping people, even as a kid. I bought my first SparkNotes Psychology book when I was ten years old and gravitated towards the mental disorders chapter. I realized then that I wanted to help counsel people, mainly kids.

In college, I shopped around the Psych department courses to really figure out what I wanted to do (we all know a BA in Psychology isn't exactly a lucrative degree) and decided on pediatric neurpsychology! My goal is to be accepted into the University of Houston's graduate school program!

I bet you're wondering "If she loves psychology so much, why is she building websites?" Well, it all started when I was 6. My grandfather saved up and brought me a HP desktop computer for Christmas, and I've loved computers ever since. If I wasn't so passionate about psychology, computer engineering would have been my next major of choice.

In addition to computers and psychology, I enjoy photography, poetry, and music. I also love to dance and sing (though I'm not too good at either. But, if I had to choose, my favorite hobby would be sleeping; Sleeping is great. Eating is a close second.

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