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Undergraduate Courses:

Fundamentals of Biological Chemistry (Bio 205)



Advanced Molecular Biology I (Bio 401)



Problem Sets/Supplemental Materials


Graduate Courses

Advanced Molecular Biology I (Bio 501)



Problem Sets/Supplemental Materials

Advanced Molecular Biology (Bio 504)

DNA Repair Material
                DNA Repair Slides (.ppt)

DNArepair_review (.pdf)

Prokaryotic Transcription

       Overview of transcription (.pdf)-Print & bring to class!
                    Review articles (read for 30 January)
                                        Core RNA polymerase
                                       RNA Polymerase Holoenzyme + DNA
      Promoter structure & recognition
                    Read for 30 January & 1 February
                                        Selection of -10 sequences
                                            -10 Recognition by sigma
    Initiation of transcription
                    Read for 1 & 3 February
                                        Up elements-a new promoter feature
                                        Promoter sequence & abortive initiation
                                        Characterization of closed & open promoter complexes
Regulation of initiation (activation)

                        Read for 6 February

                                        Activation of transcription by lambda repressor (lecture notes)

                                        Protein–Protein and Protein–DNA Interactions of sigma70 Region 4 Involved in Transcription Activation by  cI

                                       Region 4 of sigma70 as a target for transcription regulation (review) go to page then click on the .pdf link

Stalled elongation complexes & their resolution (insights into new classes of antibiotics)

Read for 8 February

                                    Bacterial transcription elongation factors: new insights into molecular mechanism of action (review) (pdf link at top of page)

                                    Microcin J25 Inhibits Transcription by Binding within the RNA Polymerase Secondary Channel


Lambda Lecture Material (2005)

           February 28 Lambda Lifestyles
                   Review article (read only pages 193-202)
                   Lambda life cycle summmary (Bring to class)
                   Lecture notes  (.ppt)(Bring to class)

          March 2 Activation of transcription by cI
                   Lecture Notes (.ppt-Bring to class)
                       Jain, et al. FYI only! (link is accessible only from IP addresses)

          March 4 Long distance cooperativity in gene regulation
                   Dodd et al. 2001
                   Dodd et al. 2004

Chemistry 412-Biochemistry
Lecture 1 (ppt)
Lecture 2&3 (ppt)
           Lecture 4 (ppt)
           Site-directed mutagenesis papers

Protein nucleic acid interactions (Bio/Mic 522)
Course page

Topics in Macromolecular Structure (Bio 608)