Journal Updates - Cancer Epidemiology

    May 2000:

    1. No direct role for Epstein-Barr virus in oral carcinogenesis: A study at the DNA, RNA and protein levels
      Isabel Cruz, Adriaan J.C. Van Den Brule, Antoinette A.T.P. Brink, Peter J.F. Snijders, Jan M.M. Walboomers, Isaac Van Der Waal, Chris J.L.M. Meijer
      Int. J. Cancer 86:356-361, 2000
    2. Early and late deaths after elective end of therapies for childhood cancer in Italy
      Riccardo Haupt, M. Grazia Valsecchi, Daniela Silvestri, Paola De Lorenzo, Silvio Napoli, Giuseppe Masera, Benedetto Terracini, Momcilo Jankovic
      Int. J. Cancer 86:393-398, 2000
    3. Red meat intake and cancer risk: A study in Italy
      Alessandra Tavani, Carlo La Vecchia, Silvano Gallus, Pagona Lagiou, Dimitrios Trichopoulos, Fabio Levi, Eva Negri
      Int. J. Cancer 86:425-428, 2000
    4. International trends in incidence of cervical cancer: II. Squamous-cell carcinoma
      A. Paloma Vizcaino, Victor Moreno, F. Xavier Bosch, Nubia Muñoz, Xoan M. Barros-Dios, Joan Borras, D. Maxwell Parkin
      Int. J. Cancer 86:429-435, 2000
    5. CYP17 promotor polymorphism and ovarian cancer risk
      Amanda B. Spurdle, Xiaoqing Chen, Mohammed Abbazadegan, Nicholas Martin, Soo-Keat Khoo, Terry Hurst, Bruce Ward, Penelope M. Webb, Georgia Chenevix-Trench
      Int. J. Cancer 86:436-439, 2000
    6. BRCA2 protein expression in sporadic breast carcinoma with or without allelic loss of BRCA2
      Dominique Bernard-Gallon, Monique Peffault De Latour, Pascale Rio, David Favy, Candan Hizel, Cécile Vissac, Yves-Jean Bignon
      Int. J. Cancer 86:453-456, 2000
    7. Gene expression profiling of advanced lung cancer
      Simone Petersen, Cordula Heckert, Jacqueline Rudolf, Karsten Schlüns, Oleg I. Tchernitsa, Reinhold Schäfer, Manfred Dietel, Iver Petersen
      Int. J. Cancer 86:512-517, 2000
    8. Survival in operable non-small-cell lung cancer: Role of p53 mutations, tobacco smoking and asbestos exposure
      Thanos Sioris, Kirsti Husgafvel-Pursiainen, Antti Karjalainen, Sisko Anttila, Annamaria Kannio, Jarmo A. Salo, Vesa Perhoniemi, Lasse Heikkilä, Harri Vainio
      Int. J. Cancer 86:590-594, 2000
    9. Does gender of offspring modify the time-related effects of a pregnancy on breast cancer risk?
      Grethe Albrektsen, Ivar Heuch, Gunnar Kvåle
      Int. J. Cancer 86:595-597, 2000
    10. The standard of reporting of health-related quality of life in clinical cancer trials
      Christopher W. Lee, Kim N. Chi
      Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 53(5):451-458
      Table of Contents
    11. Occupation and Prostate Cancer Risk in Sweden
      Sangeeta Sharma-Wagner, MPH, Anand P. Chokkalingam, MS, Hans S. R. Malker, PhD, B. J. Stone, PhD, Joseph K. McLaughlin, PhD, and Ann W. Hsing, PhD
      Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 42(5):May 2000
      Table of Contents
    12. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Exposure to Benzene in a Multinational Cohort of More Than 308,000 Petroleum Workers, 1937 to 1996
      Otto Wong, ScD and Gerhard K. Raabe, DrPH
      Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 42(5):May 2000
      Table of Contents
    13. Breast Cancer Screening in the United States and Canada, 1994: Socioeconomic Gradients Persist
      S. J. Katz, J. K. Zemencuk, and T. P. Hofer
      American Journal of Public Health 90(5):799-803
      Table of Contents
    14. Glutathione S-Transferase Theta 1 Gene Deletion and Risk of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
      Casey Crump, Chu Chen, Frederick R. Appelbaum, Kenneth J. Kopecky, Stephen M. Schwartz, Cheryl L. Willman, Marilyn L. Slovak, and Noel S. Weiss
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9(5):457-460
    15. Cigarette Smoking, N-Acetyltransferase 2 Acetylation Status, and Bladder Cancer Risk: A Case-Series Meta-analysis of a Gene-Environment Interaction
      Pamela M. Marcus, Richard B. Hayes, Paolo Vineis, Montserrat Garcia-Closas, Neil E. Caporaso, Herman Autrup, Robert A. Branch, Jürgen Brockmöller, Takashi Ishizaki, Ali Esat Karakaya, Jose M. Ladero, Soren Mommsen, Henrik Okkels, Marjorie Romkes, Ivar Roots, and Nathaniel Rothman
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9(5):461-468
    16. Intakes of Fruits, Vegetables, and Related Nutrients and the Risk of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma among Women
      Shumin M. Zhang, David J. Hunter, Bernard A. Rosner, Edward L. Giovannucci, Graham A. Colditz, Frank E. Speizer, and Walter C. Willett
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9(5):477-486
    17. Organochlorines and Endometrial Cancer Risk
      Elisabete Weiderpass, Hans-Olov Adami, John A. Baron, Anders Wicklund-Glynn, Marie Aune, Samuel Atuma, and Ingemar Persson
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9(5):486-494
    18. BRCA1 Susceptibility Markers and Postmenopausal Breast Cancer: The Iowa Women's Health Study
      J. A. Thompson, P-L. Chen, R. A. King, S. S. Rich, W. S. Oetting, C. Armstrong, A. R. Folsom, and T. A. Sellers
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9(5):507-512
    19. Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening: Associations with Personal, Spouse's, and Combined Smoking Status
      Melissa A. Clark, William Rakowski, and Beverly Ehrich
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9(5):513-516
    20. Serum Dehydroepiandrosterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate and the Subsequent Risk of Developing Colon Cancer
      Anthony J. Alberg, Gary B. Gordon, Sandra C. Hoffman, George W. Comstock, and Kathy J. Helzlsouer
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9(5):517-522
    21. Male Pattern Baldness and Clinical Prostate Cancer in the Epidemiologic Follow-Up of the First National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
      Ernest Hawk, Rosalind A. Breslow, and Barry I. Graubard
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9(5):523-528
    22. Progesterone Receptor Gene Polymorphism Is Associated with Decreased Risk for Breast Cancer by Age 50
      Shan Wang-Gohrke, Jenny Chang-Claude, Heiko Becher, Dirk G. Kieback, and Ingo B. Runnebaum
      Cancer Research 60(9): 2348-2350
    23. Concentrations of Organochlorines Related to Titers to Epstein-Barr Virus Early Antigen IgG as Risk Factors for Hairy Cell Leukemia
      Marie Nordström, Lennart Hardell, Gunilla Lindström, Håkan Wingfors, Karin Hardell, and Annika Linde
      Environ Health Perspect 108:441-445 (2000)
    24. Lung cancer and exposure to man-made vitreous fibers: Results from a pooled case-control study in Germany
      Hermann Pohlabeln, Karl-Heinz Jöckel, Irene Brüske-Hohlfeld, Matthias Möhner, Wolfgang Ahrens, Ulrich Bolm-Audorff, Rolf Arhelger, Wolfgang Römer, Lothar Kreienbrock, Michaela Kreuzer, Ingeborg Jahn, Heinz-Erich Wichmann
      Am. J. Ind. Med. 37:469-477, 2000
    25. Recent geographic patterns of lung cancer and mesothelioma mortality rates in 49 shipyard counties in the United States, 1970-94
      A. Jemal, D. Grauman, S. Devesa
      Am. J. Ind. Med. 37:512-521, 2000
    26. Occupational exposure to chlorophenol and the risk of nasal and nasopharyngeal cancers among U.S. men aged 30 to 60
      Maria C. Mirabelli, Jane A. Hoppin, Paige E. Tolbert, Robert F. Herrick, Douglas R. Gnepp, Edward A. Brann
      Am. J. Ind. Med. 37:532-541, 2000
    27. Combined Analysis of Germline Polymorphisms of p53, GSTM1, GSTT1, CYP1A1, and CYP2E1: Relation to the Incidence Rate of Cervical Carcinoma
      Jin W. Kim, Chun G. Lee, Yong G. Park, Kyung S. Kim, In-K. Kim, Yeo W. Sohn, Hong K. Min, Joon M. Lee, and Sung E. Namkoong
      Cancer 88(9):2082-2091
    28. Long Term Survivors of Childhood Brain Cancer Have an Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease
      Janneke Heikens, Mathilde C. Ubbink, Heleen P. J. van der Pal, Piet J. M. Bakker, Eric Fliers, Tineke J. Smilde, John J. P. Kastelein, and Mieke D. Trip
      Cancer 88(9):2116-2121
    29. The Incidence of Lymphoma in First-Degree Relatives of Patients with Hodgkin Disease and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Results and Limitations of a Registry-Linked Study
      Ora Paltiel, Tal Schmit, Bella Adler, Eliezer A. Rachmilevitz, Aaron Polliack, Amos Cohen, Nissim Haim, Menachem Ben Shachar, Ron Epelbaum, Micha Barchana, Ronit Cohen, and Dina Ben Yehuda
      Cancer 88(10):2357-2366
    30. Physical Activity and Incidence of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
      Derek B. Moore, Aaron R. Folsom, Pamela J. Mink, Ching-Ping Hong, Kristin E. Anderson, and Lawrence H. Kushi
      Epidemiology 11(3):292-296
      Table of Contents
    31. Does Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer Explain the Observed Excess Risk of Colorectal Cancer Associated with Family History?
      Paul F. Pinsky
      Epidemiology 11(3):297-303
      Table of Contents
    32. Age at Menopause, Body Mass Index, and the Risk of Colorectal Cancer Mortality in the Dutch Diagnostisch Onderzoek Mammacarcinoom (DOM) Cohort
      Caroline A.M. van Wayenburg, Yvonne T. van der Schouw, Paulus A.H. van Noord, and Petra H.M. Peeters
      Epidemiology 11(3):304-308
      Table of Contents
    33. Familial Relationships in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin
      Kari Hemminki and Chuanhui Dong
      Epidemiology 11(3):309-314
      Table of Contents
    34. Differential Survival Related to Smoking Among Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma
      Carol Sweeney and Diana C. Farrow
      Epidemiology 11(3):344-346
      Table of Contents
    35. Cancer in Husbands of Cervical Cancer Patients
      Kari Hemminki and Chuanhui Dong
      Epidemiology 11(3):347-349
      Table of Contents
    36. Clinicopathologic Features of BRCA-Linked and Sporadic Ovarian Cancer
      Jeff Boyd; Yukio Sonoda; Mark G. Federici; Faina Bogomolniy; Esther Rhei; Diane L. Maresco; Patricia E. Saigo; Lois A. Almadrones; Richard R. Barakat; Carol L. Brown; Dennis S. Chi; John P. Curtin; Elizabeth A. Poynor; William J. Hoskins
      JAMA. 2000;283:2260-2265
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    37. Papillomaviruses Causing Cancer: Evasion From Host-Cell Control in Early Events in Carcinogenesis
      Harald zur Hausen
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 690-698
    38. Evidence for a Causal Association Between Human Papillomavirus and a Subset of Head and Neck Cancers
      Maura L. Gillison, Wayne M. Koch, Randolph B. Capone, Michael Spafford, William H. Westra, Li Wu, Marianna L. Zahurak, Richard W. Daniel, Michael Viglione, David E. Symer, Keerti V. Shah, and David Sidransky
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 709-720
    39. Joint Effect of Insulin-Like Growth Factors and Mutagen Sensitivity in Lung Cancer Risk
      Xifeng Wu, He Yu, Christopher I. Amos, Waun K. Hong, and Margaret R. Spitz
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 737-743
    40. Organochlorine Pesticide Content of Breast Adipose Tissue From Women With Breast Cancer and Control Subjects
      Dilprit Bagga, Karl H. Anders, He-Jing Wang, Erika Roberts, and John A. Glaspy
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 750-753
      Table of Contents
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    April 2000:

    1. Known variant DPYD alleles do not explain DPD deficiency in cancer patients
      E. S. R. Collie-Duguid, M. C. Etienne, G. Milano and H. L. McLeod
      Pharmacogenetics 10(3):217-224
      Table of Contents
    2. Outcome of Treatment in Children with Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
      Maurizio Arico, Maria Grazia Valsecchi, Bruce Camitta, Martin Schrappe, Judith Chessells, Andre Baruchel, Paul Gaynon, Lewis Silverman, Gritta Janka-Schaub, Willem Kamps, Ching-Hon Pui, Giuseppe Masera, V. Conter, H. Riehm, N. Heerema, S. Sallan, M.-F. Auclerc, J. Pullen, J. Shuster, A. Carroll, S. Raimondi, S. Richards
      N Engl J Med 2000;342:998-1006
    3. Adult psychosocial outcomes in long-term survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and Wilms' tumour: a controlled study
      Erica Mackie, Jonathan Hill, Helena Kondryn, Richard McNally
      Lancet 355(9212):15 April 2000
      Table of Contents
    4. Alternate Ranging Methods for Cancer Mortality Maps
      Dan J. Grauman, Robert E. Tarone, Susan S. Devesa, and Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr.
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 534-543
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    5. Tumor Characteristics and Clinical Outcome of Elderly Women With Breast Cancer
      Sami G. Diab, Richard M. Elledge, and Gary M. Clark
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 550-556
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    6. Endoscopic Colorectal Cancer Screening: a Cost-Saving Analysis
      Franka Loeve, Martin L. Brown, Rob Boer, Marjolein van Ballegooijen, Gerritt J. van Oortmarssen, and J. Dik F. Habbema
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 557-563
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    7. How many deaths have been avoided through improvements in cancer survival?
      M A Richards, D Stockton, P Babb, and M P Coleman
      BMJ 2000; 320: 895-898
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    8. Extracts from "Clinical Evidence": Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
      Peter C Gøtzsche
      BMJ 2000; 320: 1058-1061
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    9. A Prospective Longitudinal Study Examining the Quality of Life of Patients with Esophageal Carcinoma
      Jane M. Blazeby, John R. Farndon, Jenny Donovan, and Derek Alderson
      Cancer 88:1781-7, 2000
    10. Evaluation of the New International Union Against Cancer TNM Staging for Gastric Carcinoma
      Hitoshi Katai, Kimio Yoshimura, Keiichi Maruyama, Mitsuru Sasako, and Takeshi Sano
      Cancer 88:1796-800, 2000
    11. p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene Mutations Predict Decreased Survival of Patients with Sporadic Colorectal Carcinoma
      Morton S. Kahlenberg, Daniel L. Stoler, Miguel A. Rodriguez-Bigas, Thomas K. Weber, Deborah L. Driscoll, Garth R. Anderson, and Nicholas J. Petrelli
      Cancer 88:1814-9, 2000
    12. Adenocarcinoma of the Lung in Young Patients: The M. D. Anderson Experience
      Nina Shih Liu, Margaret R. Spitz, Bonnie L. Kemp, Catherine Cooksley, Frank V. Fossella, Jin S. Lee, Waun K. Hong, and Fadlo R. Khuri
      Cancer 88:1837-41, 2000
    13. Prognostic Factors after Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in Patients Infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Aquitaine Cohort, France, 1986-1997
      Frantz Thiessard, Philippe Morlat, Catherine Marimoutou, Eric Labouyrie, Jean-Marie Ragnaud, Jean-Luc Pellegrin, Michel Dupon, and François Dabis, for the Groupe d'Epidémiologie Clinique du SIDA en Aquitaine (GECSA)
      Cancer 88:1696-702, 2000
    14. Cancers of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract in Ontario, Canada, and the United States
      David P. Skarsgard, Patti A. Groome, William J. Mackillop, Sam Zhou, Deanna Rothwell, Peter F. Dixon, Brian O'Sullivan, Steven F. Hall, and Eric J. Holowaty
      Cancer 88:1728-38, 2000
    15. The Contribution of Benzene to Smoking-Induced Leukemia
      Jeffrey E. Korte, Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Mark R. Schulz, Louise M. Ball, and Eric J. Duell
      Environ Health Perspect 108:333-339 (2000)
    16. Breast cancer, heterocyclic aromatic amines from meat and N-acetyltransferase 2 genotype
      Ralph J. Delfino, Rashmi Sinha, Cynthia Smith, John West, Edward White, Henry J. Lin, Shu-Yuan Liao, Jason S.Y. Gim, Hoang L. Ma, John Butler, and Hoda Anton-Culver
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 607-615
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    17. Estrogen receptor a gene polymorphisms and endometrial cancer risk
      Elisabete Weiderpass, Ingemar Persson, Håkan Melhus, Sara Wedrén, Andreas Kindmark, and John A. Baron
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 623-627
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    18. Increased salivary acetaldehyde levels in heavy drinkers and smokers: a microbiological approach to oral cavity cancer
      Nils Homann, Jyrki Tillonen, Jukka H. Meurman, Hanna Rintamäki, Christian Lindqvist, Merja Rautio, Hannele Jousimies-Somer, and Mikko Salaspuro
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 663-668
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    19. Lack of Effect of a Low-Fat, High-Fiber Diet on the Recurrence of Colorectal Adenomas
      Arthur Schatzkin, Elaine Lanza, Donald Corle, Peter Lance, Frank Iber, Bette Caan, Moshe Shike, Joel Weissfeld, Randall Burt, M. Robert Cooper, J. Walter Kikendall, Jack Cahill, Laurence Freedman, James Marshall, Robert E. Schoen, Martha Slattery, the Polyp Prevention Trial Study Group
      N Engl J Med 2000;342:1149-55
    20. Lack of Effect of a High-Fiber Cereal Supplement on the Recurrence of Colorectal Adenomas
      David S. Alberts, Maria Elena Martinez, Denise J. Roe, Jose M. Guillen-Rodriguez, James R. Marshall, J. Barbara van Leeuwen, Mary E. Reid, Cheryl Ritenbaugh, Perla A. Vargas, A.B. Bhattacharyya, David L. Earnest, Richard E. Sampliner, Dianne Parish, Kris Koonce, Lianne Fales, the Phoenix Colon Cancer Prevention Physicians' Network
      N Engl J Med 2000;342:1156-62
    21. Diet, Colorectal Adenomas, and Colorectal Cancer
      N Engl J Med 2000;342: Editorial
    22. Elevated risk for male breast cancer after occupational exposure to gasoline and vehicular combustion products
      Johnni Hansen
      Am. J. Ind. Med. 37:349-352, 2000
    23. Antibodies to the Epstein-Barr virus transactivator protein (ZEBRA) as a valuable biomarker in young patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma
      R'kia Dardari, Meriem Khyatti, Abdellatif Benider, Hassan Jouhadi, Abdelouahad Kahlain, Chantal Cochet, Aziz Mansouri, Brahim El Gueddari, Abdellah Benslimane, Irène Joab
      Int. J. Cancer 86:71-75, 2000
    24. Case-control study in a subtropical Australian population to assess the relation between non-melanoma skin cancer and epidermodysplasia verruciformis human papillomavirus DNA in plucked eyebrow hairs
      Ingeborg L.A. Boxman, Anne Russell, Linda H.C. Mulder, Jan Nico Bouwes Bavinck, Jan ter Schegget, Adèle Green
      Int. J. Cancer 86:118-121, 2000
    25. Selected micronutrients and oral and pharyngeal cancer
      Eva Negri, Silvia Franceschi, Cristina Bosetti, Fabio Levi, Ettore Conti, Maria Parpinel, Carlo La Vecchia
      Int. J. Cancer 86:122-127, 2000
    26. Paan without tobacco: An independent risk factor for oral cancer
      Anwar Merchant, Syed S. M. Husain, Mervyn Hosain, Fariyal F. Fikree, Waranuch Pitiphat, Amna Rehana Siddiqui, Syed J. Hayder, Syed M. Haider, Mubashir Ikram, Sung-Kiang Chuang, Shaikh A. Saeed
      Int. J. Cancer 86:128-131, 2000
    27. Bladder-cancer incidence in relation to vegetable and fruit consumption: A prospective study of atomic-bomb survivors
      Jun Nagano, Suminori Kono, Dale L. Preston, Hiroko Moriwaki, Gerald B. Sharp, Kojiro Koyama, Kiyohiko Mabuchi
      Int. J. Cancer 86:132-138, 2000
    28. The role of nutritional habits during gestation and child life in pediatric brain tumor etiology
      Flora Lubin, Hanan Farbstein, Angela Chetrit, Moti Farbstein, Laurence Freedman, Esther Alfandary, Baruch Modan
      Int. J. Cancer 86:139-143, 2000
    29. Smoking, type of alcoholic beverage and squamous-cell oesophageal cancer in northern Italy
      Paola Zambon, Renato Talamini, Carlo La Vecchia, Luigino Dal Maso, Eva Negri, Sandro Tognazzo, Lorenzo Simonato, Silvia Franceschi
      Int. J. Cancer 86:144-149, 2000
    30. Cigarette smoking and bladder cancer in men: A pooled analysis of 11 case-control studies
      Paul Brennan, Olivier Bogillot, Sylvaine Cordier, Eberhard Greiser, Walter Schill, Paolo Vineis, Gonzalo Lopez-Abente, Anastasia Tzonou, Jenny Chang-Claude, Ulrich Bolm-Audorff, Karl-Heinz Jöckel, Francesco Donato, Consol Serra, Jorgen Wahrendorf, Martine Hours, Andrea T'Mannetje, Manolis Kogevinas, Paolo Boffetta
      Int. J. Cancer 86:289-294, 2000
    31. Declining Ovarian Cancer Rates in U.S. Women in Relation to Parity and Oral Contraceptive Use
      Susanne Gnagy, Eileen E. Ming, Susan S. Devesa, Patricia Hartge, and Alice S. Whittemore
      Epidemiology 11(2):102-105
      Table of Contents
    32. Beyond Ovulation: Oral Contraceptives and Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
      Victor Siskind, Adéle Green, Chris Bain, and David Purdie
      Epidemiology 11(2):106-110
      Table of Contents
    33. Factors Related to Inflammation of the Ovarian Epithelium and Risk of Ovarian Cancer
      Roberta B. Ness, Jeane Ann Grisso, Carrie Cottreau, Jennifer Klapper, Ron Vergona, James E. Wheeler, Mark Morgan, and James J. Schlesselman
      Epidemiology 11(2):111-118
      Table of Contents
    34. Radiofrequency Exposure and Mortality from Cancer of the Brain and Lymphatic/Hematopoietic Systems
      Robert W. Morgan, Michael A. Kelsh, Ke Zhao, K. Alex Exuzides, Shirley Heringer, and Wendy Negrete
      Epidemiology 11(2):118-127
      Table of Contents
    35. Pregnancy Outcomes in Females after Treatment for Childhood Cancer
      Anna M. Chiarelli, Loraine D. Marrett, and Gerarda A. Darlington
      Epidemiology 11(2):161-166
      Table of Contents
    36. Implications of Stage-Specific Survival Rates in Assessing Recent Declines in Prostate Cancer Mortality Rates
      Robert E. Tarone, Kenneth C. Chu, and Otis W. Brawley
      Epidemiology 11(2):167-170
      Table of Contents
    37. Induced Abortion in Relation to Breast Cancer among Parous Women: A Birth Certificate Registry Study
      Mei-Tzu C. Tang, Noel S. Weiss, and Kathleen E. Malone
      Epidemiology 11(2):177-180
      Table of Contents
    38. Left-Handedness in Relation to Breast Cancer Risk in Postmenopausal Women
      Linda Titus-Ernstoff, Polly A. Newcomb, Kathleen M. Egan, John A. Baron, E. Robert Greenberg, Dimitrios Trichopoulos, Walter C. Willett, and Meir J. Stampfer
      Epidemiology 11(2):181-184
      Table of Contents
    39. Cancer prevalence estimates based on tumour registry data in the surveillance, epidemiology, and end results (SEER) program
      RM Merrill, R Capocaccia, EJ Feuer and A Mariotto
      International Journal of Epidemiology, 29(2):197-207
    40. Anthropometric variables in relation to risk of breast cancer in middle-aged women
      CI Li, JL Stanford and JR Daling
      International Journal of Epidemiology 29(2):208-213
    41. Variation in the interaction between familial and reproductive factors on the risk of breast cancer according to age, menopausal status, and degree of familiality
      N Andrieu, T Prevost, TE Rohan, E Luporsi, MG Lê, M Gerber, DG Zardze, Y Lifanova, R Renaud, HP Lee and SW Duffy
      International Journal of Epidemiology, 29(2):214-223
    42. Lifetime environmental exposure to tobacco smoke and primary lung cancer of non-smoking Taiwanese women
      C-H Lee, Y-C Ko, W Goggins, J-J Huang, M-S Huang, E-L Kao and H-Z Wang
      International Journal of Epidemiology 29(2):224-231
    43. Prospective study on the relation of cigarette smoking with cancer of the liver and stomach in an endemic region
      T Mizoue, N Tokui, K Nishisaka, S-i Nishisaka, I Ogimoto, M Ikeda and T Yoshimura
      International Journal of Epidemiology 29(2):232-237
    44. Occupational risk factors for urothelial carcinoma: agent-specific results from a case-control study in Germany
      B Pesch, J Haerting, U Ranft, A Klimpel, B Oelschlägel, W Schill and MURC Study Group
      International Journal of Epidemiology 29(2):238-247

    45. Revisiting the Effect of the Pap Test on Cervical Cancer
      N. D. Holmquist
      American Journal of Public Health 90(4):620-623
      Table of Contents
    46. A meta-analysis of estrogen replacement therapy and risk of epithelial ovarian cancer
      Steven S. Coughlin, AnnGene Giustozzi, S.Jay Smith, Nancy C. Lee
      Jrnl of Clinical Epidemiology 53(4):367-375
      Table of Contents

    47. Hormone replacement therapy and endometrial cancer in Ontario, Canada
      Meera G. Jain, Thomas E. Rohan, Geoffrey R. Howe
      Jrnl of Clinical Epidemiology 53(4):385-391
      Table of Contents

    48. Colorectal cancer: still a major killer despite progress on many fronts
      F. Shanahan, G.C. O'Sullivan, and C. O'Leary
      QJM 2000 93: 131-134
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    49. A Prospective Study of Plasma Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 and Binding Protein-3 and Risk of Colorectal Neoplasia in Women
      Edward Giovannucci, Michael N. Pollak, Elizabeth A. Platz, Walter C. Willett, Meir J. Stampfer, Noreen Majeed, Graham A. Colditz, Frank E. Speizer, and Susan E. Hankinson
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 345-349, April 2000
    50. A Prospective Cohort Study on Antioxidant and Folate Intake and Male Lung Cancer Risk
      Laura E. Voorrips, R. Alexandra Goldbohm, Henny A. M. Brants, Geert A. F. C. van Poppel, Ferd Sturmans, Rudolph J. J. Hermus, and Piet A. van den Brandt
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 357-365, April 2000
    51. Spiritual Faith and Genetic Testing Decisions among High-Risk Breast Cancer Probands
      Marc D. Schwartz, Chanita Hughes, Joan Roth, David Main, Beth N. Peshkin, Claudine Isaacs, Carol Kavanagh, and Caryn Lerman
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 381-385, April 2000
    52. TA Repeat Polymorphism of the 5 a-Reductase Gene and Breast Cancer
      Bhupinder Bharaj, Andreas Scorilas, Maurizia Giai, and Eleftherios P. Diamandis
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 387-393, April 2000
    53. E2F-1: A Proliferative Marker of Breast Neoplasia
      Shi Yu Zhang, Shao Chen Liu, Luma F. Al-Saleem, Dana Holloran, James Babb, Xu Guo, and Andres J. P. Klein-Szanto
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 395-401, April 2000
    54. Lack of Association between the C677T MTHFR Polymorphism and Colorectal Hyperplastic Polyps
      Cornelia M. Ulrich, Ellen Kampman, Jeannette Bigler, Stephen M. Schwartz, Chu Chen, Roberd Bostick, Lisa Fosdick, Shirley A. A. Beresford, Yutaka Yasui, and John D. Potter
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 427-433, April 2000
    55. p53 Codon 72 Polymorphism Does Not Affect the Risk of Cervical Cancer in Patients from Northern Italy
      P. Tenti, N. Vesentini, M. Rondo Spaudo, R. Zappatore, P. Migliora, L. Carnevali, and G. N. Ranzani
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 435-438, April 2000
    56. The Polymorphic Exon 1 Androgen Receptor CAG Repeat in Men with a Potential Inherited Predisposition to Prostate Cancer
      Ethan M. Lange, Hong Chen, Kristin Brierley, Heather Livermore, Kirk J. Wojno, Carl D. Langefeld, Kenneth Lange, and Kathleen A. Cooney
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 439-442, April 2000
    57. A Case-Control Study of Use of Postmenopausal Female Hormone Supplements in Relation to the Risk of Large Bowel Cancer
      Nurhayati Prihartono, Julie R. Palmer, Carol Louik, Samuel Shapiro, and Lynn Rosenberg
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 443-447, April 2000
    58. Glutathione S-Transferase M1, T1, and P1 Polymorphisms as Risk Factors for Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Case-Control Study
      Carol Sweeney, Diana C. Farrow, Stephen M. Schwartz, David L. Eaton, Harvey Checkoway, and Thomas L. Vaughan
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 449-454, April 2000
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    March 2000:

    1. Is Occupation a Risk Factor for Thyroid Cancer?
      Shirley M. Fincham, PhD, Anne-Marie Ugnat, PhD, Gerry B. Hill, MB, PhD, Nancy Kreiger, PhD, Yang Mao, PhD, and the Canadian Cancer Registries Epidemiology Research Group
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 42(3); March 2000
      Table of Contents
    2. Identification of Occupational Cancer Risks in British Columbia: A Population-Based Case-Control Study of 995 Incident Breast Cancer Cases by Menopausal Status, Controlling for Confounding Factors
      Pierre R. Band, MD, Nhu D. Le, PhD, Raymond Fang, MSc, Michèle Deschamps, PhD, Richard P. Gallagher, MA, and Paul Yang, MD, PhD
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 42(3); March 2000
      Table of Contents
    3. Uranium Mining and Lung Cancer Among Navajo Men in New Mexico and Arizona, 1969 to 1993
      Frank D. Gilliland, MD, William C. Hunt, MS, Marla Pardilla, MSW, MPH, and Charles R. Key, MD, PhD
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 42(3); March 2000
      Table of Contents
    4. Medical Progress: Carcinoma of the Anal Canal
      David P. Ryan, Carolyn C. Compton, Robert J. Mayer
      New England Jrnl of Medicine 342(11): March 16, 2000
    5. Benign ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer: af cohort study with implications for screening
      Timothy J B Crayford, Stuart Campbell, Thomas H Bourne, Helen J Rawson, William P Collins
      Lancet 355(9209);25 March 2000
      Table of Contents
    6. High-dose chemotherapy for high-risk primary breast cancer: an on-site review of the Bezwoda study
      Raymond B Weiss, Robert M Rifkin, F Marc Stewart, Richard L Theriault, Lori A Williams, Allen A Herman, Roy A Beveridge
      Lancet 355(9208); 18 March 2000
      Table of Contents
    7. New Guidance on PSA Testing
      Rebecca Voelker
      JAMA Vol. 283 No. 12, March 22/29, 2000
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    8. Linkage analysis of 150 high-risk prostate cancer families at 1q24-25
      Ellen L. Goode, Janet L. Stanford, Lisa Chakrabarti, Mark Gibbs, Suzanne Kolb, Richard A. McIndoe, Valerie A. Buckley, Eugene F. Schuster, Cassandra L. Neal, Elizabeth L. Miller, Susan Brandzel, Leroy Hood, Elaine A. Ostrander, Gail P. Jarvik
      Genetic Epidemiology 18(3):251-275
    9. Genetics and Biology of Adult Human Male Germ Cell Tumors
      R. S. K. Chaganti and Jane Houldsworth
      Cancer Research 60, 1475-1482, March 15, 2000
    10. Novel Approaches to the Prevention of Colon Cancer by Nutritional Manipulation and Chemoprevention
      Bandaru S. Reddy
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 239-247, March 2000
    11. Risk of Breast Cancer and Organochlorine Exposure
      Mary S. Wolff, Anne Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, Neil Dubin, and Paolo Toniolo
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 271-277, March 2000
    12. Ki-ras Point Mutation and p53 Expression in Human Pancreatic Cancer: A Comparative Study among Chinese, Japanese, and Western Patients
      Ming Dong, Yoshinori Nio, Katsuhiro Tamura, Mao-Min Song, Ke-Jian Guo, Ren-Xuan Guo, and Yu-Ting Dong
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 279-284, March 2000
    13. Association of Surface Ultraviolet B Radiation Levels with Melanoma and Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer in United States Blacks
      Gene Pennello, Susan Devesa, and Mitchell Gail
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 291-297, March 2000
    14. Cimetidine Use and Risk of Prostate and Breast Cancer
      Mary Anne Rossing, Delia Scholes, Kara L. Cushing-Haugen, and Lynda F. Voigt
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 319-323, March 2000
    15. Early Onset Baldness and Prostate Cancer Risk
      Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Joellen M. Schildkraut, Denis Thompson, Samuel M. Lesko, Lauren McIntyre, Pamela Schwingl, David F. Paulson, Cary N. Robertson, E. Everett Anderson, and Philip J. Walther
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 325-328, March 2000
    16. a-Linolenic Acid and Risk of Prostate Cancer: A Case-Control Study in Uruguay
      Eduardo De Stéfani, Hugo Deneo-Pellegrini, Paolo Boffetta, Alvaro Ronco, and María Mendilaharsu
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 335-338, March 2000
    17. Can HER2 Status Predict Response to Cancer Therapy?
      Nancy J. Nelson
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 366-367
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    18. Randomized Trial of Postoperative Adjuvant Chemotherapy With or Without Radiotherapy for Carcinoma of the Rectum: National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project Protocol R-02
      Norman Wolmark, H. Samuel Wieand, David M. Hyams, Linda Colangelo, Nikolay V. Dimitrov, Edward H. Romond, Marvin Wexler, David Prager, Anatolio B. Cruz, Jr., Philip H. Gordon, Nicholas J. Petrelli, Melvin Deutsch, Eleftherios Mamounas, D. Lawrence Wickerham, Edwin R. Fisher, Howard Rockette, and Bernard Fisher
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 388-396
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    19. Human Papillomavirus Testing for Triage of Women With Cytologic Evidence of Low-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions: Baseline Data From a Randomized Trial
      The Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance/Low-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions Triage Study (ALTS) Group
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 397-402
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    20. Participation in the Cooperative Family Registry for Breast Cancer Studies: Issues of Informed Consent
      Mary B. Daly, Kenneth Offit, Frederick Li, Gord Glendon, Alice Yaker, Dee West, Barbara Koenig, Margaret McCredie, Vicki Venne, Susan Nayfield, and Daniela Seminara
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 452-456
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    21. Genetics of Risk Factors for Melanoma: an Adult Twin Study of Nevi and Freckles
      Veronique Bataille, Harold Snieder, Alex J. MacGregor, Peter Sasieni, and Tim D. Spector
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 457-463
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    22. Population-Based Study of Human Papillomavirus Infection and Cervical Neoplasia in Rural Costa Rica
      Rolando Herrero, Allan Hildesheim, Concepcion Bratti, Mark E. Sherman, Martha Hutchinson, Jorge Morales, Ileana Balmaceda, Mitchell D. Greenberg, Mario Alfaro, Robert D. Burk, Sholom Wacholder, Martyn Plummer, and Mark Schiffman
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 464-474
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    23. Cellular Retinol-Binding Protein Expression and Breast Cancer
      Yuvarani S. Kuppumbatti, Ira J. Bleiweiss, John P. Mandeli, Samuel Waxman, and Rafael Mira-y-Lopez
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 475-480
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    24. Association Between Thymoma and Second Neoplasms
      James S. Welsh; Kirsten Bass Wilkins; Rennae Green; Gregory Bulkley; Frederic Askin; Marie Diener-West; Steven P. Howard
      JAMA 2000; 283: Letters
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    25. Site-specific risk of cutaneous malignant melanoma and pattern of Sun exposure in New Zealand
      Jean-Luc Bulliard
      Int. J. Cancer 85:627-632, 2000
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    26. Cessation of alcohol drinking and risk of cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx
      Silvia Franceschi, Fabio Levi, Luigino Dal Maso, Renato Talamini, Ettore Conti, Eva Negri, Carlo La Vecchia
      Int. J. Cancer 85:787-790, 2000
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    27. Germline BRCA1 and HMLH1 mutations in a family with male and female breast carcinoma
      Åke Borg, Jorma Isola, Jindong Chen, Carlos Rubio, Ulla Johansson, Barbro Werelius, Annika Lindblom
      Int. J. Cancer 85:796-800, 2000
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    28. Directory of on-going research in cancer prevention
      R. Sankaranaryanan, E. Demaret, N. Becker, J. Wahrendorf
      Int. J. Cancer 85:899, 2000
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    29. BRCA1 and BRCA2 Have a Limited Role in Familial Prostate Cancer
      Colleen Schehl Sinclair, Rebecca Berry, Daniel Schaid, Stephen N. Thibodeau, and Fergus J. Couch
      Cancer Research 60, 1371-1375, March 1, 2000
    30. p53 Mutation Pattern in Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Workers Exposed to Vinyl Chloride
      Markus Weihrauch, Gerhard Lehnert, Ferdinand Köckerling, Christian Wittekind, and Andrea Tannapfel
      Cancer 88:1030-6, 2000
    31. ATM Gene Deletion in Patients with Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
      Mohammad A. Haidar, Hagop Kantarjian, Taghi Manshouri, Chin-Yung Chang, Susan O'Brien, Emil Freireich, Michael Keating, and Maher Albitar
      Cancer 88:1057-62, 2000
    32. Quality of Life in Survivors of Colorectal Carcinoma
      Scott D. Ramsey, M. Robyn Andersen, Ruth Etzioni, Carol Moinpour, Sue Peacock, Arnold Potosky, and Nicole Urban
      Cancer 88:1294-1303, 2000
    33. Frequency of BRCA1/BRCA2 Mutations in a Population-Based Sample of Young Breast Carcinoma Cases
      Kathleen E. Malone, Janet R. Daling, Cassandra Neal, Nicola M. Suter, Cecilia O'Brien, Kara Cushing-Haugen, Thora J. Jonasdottir, Jennifer D. Thompson, and Elaine A. Ostrander
      Cancer 88:1393-1402, 2000
    34. Prostate Carcinoma Trends in Three Counties in Sweden 1987-1996: Results from a Population-Based National Cancer Register
      Gabriel Sandblom, Monika Dufmats, Kerstin Nordenskjöld, and Eberhard Varenhorst, for the South-East Region Prostate Cancer Group
      Cancer 88:1445-53, 2000
    35. Quality-of-Life Outcomes for Men with Prostate Carcinoma Detected by Screening
      Deborah S. Smith, Gustavo F. Carvalhal, Kay Schneider, Julie Krygiel, Yan Yan, and William J. Catalona
      Cancer 88:1454-63, 2000
    36. Human Papillomavirus-Associated Carcinomas in Hawaii and the Mainland U.S.
      Morten Frisch and Marc T. Goodman
      Cancer 88:1464-9, 2000
    37. Inverse Association between Age at the Time of Radiation Exposure and Extent of Disease in Cases of Radiation-Induced Childhood Thyroid Carcinoma in Belarus
      Jamshid Farahati, Ewgeni P. Demidchik, Johannes Biko, and Christoph Reiners
      Cancer 88:1470-6, 2000
    38. Overview of carcinogenesis: past, present and future
      Stuart H.Yuspa
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 341-344
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    39. DNA methylation: past, present and future directions
      Keith D. Robertson and Peter A.Jones
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 461-467
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    40. Molecular epidemiology: recent advances and future directions
      Frederica P. Perera and I.Bernard Weinstein
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 517-524
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    41. Chemoprevention of cancer
      Michael B. Sporn and Nanjoo Suh
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 525-530
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    42. Metabolism of chemical carcinogens
      F. Peter Guengerich
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 345-351
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    43. Carcinogen macromolecular adducts and their measurement
      Miriam C. Poirier, Regina M. Santella, and Ainsley Weston
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 353-359
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    44. Oxyradicals and DNA damage
      Lawrence J. Marnett
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 361-370
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    45. Significance of multiple mutations in cancer
      Keith R. Loeb and Lawrence A. Loeb
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 379-385
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    46. Nutrition and dietary carcinogens
      Takashi Sugimura
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 387-395
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    47. Radiation carcinogenesis
      John B. Little
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 397-404
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    48. Viral carcinogenesis: revelation of molecular mechanisms and etiology of human disease
      Janet S. Butel
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 405-426
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    49. Hormonal carcinogenesis
      Brian E. Henderson and Heather Spencer Feigelson
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 427-433
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    50. Manipulating the germline: its impact on the study of carcinogenesis
      Alan R. Clarke
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 435-441
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    51. Sunscreens, Skin Photobiology, and Skin Cancer: The Need for UVA Protection and Evaluation of Efficacy
      Francis P. Gasparro
      Environ Health Perspect 108(suppl 1):71-78 (2000)
    52. A Case Control Study of Multiple Myeloma at Four Nuclear Facilities
      Steve Wing, David Richardson, Susanne Wolf, Gary Mihlan, Doug Crawford-Brown, Joy Wood
      Annals of Epidemiology 10(3):144-153
      Table of Contents
    53. A Study of Smoking, p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene Alterations and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
      Martin C. Tammemagi, John R. Mclaughlin, J.Brendan M. Mullen, Shelley B. Bull, Michael R. Johnston, Ming-Sound Tsao, Alan G. Casson
      Annals of Epidemiology 10(3):176-185
      Table of Contents
    54. Preventable Risk Factors for Nasal Cancer
      Lee S. Caplan, H.Irene Hall, Robert S. Levine, Kangmin Zhu
      Annals of Epidemiology 10(3):186-191
      Table of Contents
    55. A Comparison of Melanoma Mortality among WWII Veterans of the Pacific and European Theaters
      William F. Page, David Whiteman, Michael Murphy
      Annals of Epidemiology 10(3):192-195
      Table of Contents
    56. Mesothelioma and lung tumors attributable to asbestos among petroleum workers
      Valerio Gennaro, Murray M. Finkelstein, Marcello Ceppi, Vincenzo Fontana, Fabio Montanaro, Alessandra Perrotta, Riccardo Puntoni, Stefania Silvano
      Am. J. Ind. Med. 37:275-282, 2000
    57. Are Children Living Near High-Voltage Power Lines at Increased Risk of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia?
      Ruth A. Kleinerman, William T. Kaune, Elizabeth E. Hatch, Sholom Wacholder, Martha S. Linet, Leslie L. Robison, Shelley Niwa, and Robert E. Tarone
      Am J Epidemiol 2000;151:512-15
    58. Anthropometry in Relation to Prostate Cancer Risk in the Netherlands Cohort Study
      Agnes G. Schuurman, R. Alexandra Goldbohm, Elisabeth Dorant, and Piet A. van den Brandt
      Am J Epidemiol 151:541-49
    59. Invited Commentary: Do Anthropometric Measures Predict Risk of Prostate Cancer?
      Eugenia E. Calle
      Am J Epidemiol 151:550-53
    60. Respiratory Cancer in a Cohort of Copper Smelter Workers: Results from More Than 50 Years of Follow-up
      Jay H. Lubin, Linda M. Pottern, B. J. Stone, and Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr.
      Am J Epidemiol 2000;151:554-65
    61. Organochlorine exposure and breast cancer survival
      Annette Pernille Høyer, Torben Jørgensen, John W. Brock, Philippe Grandjean
      Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 53(3):323-330
      Table of Contents
    62. Risk of lung cancer in workers producing stainless steel and metallic alloys
      J. J. Moulin, T. Clavel, D. Roy, B. Dananché, N. Marquis, J. Févotte, J. M. Fontana
      Int Arch Occup Environ Health 73 (2000) 3, 171-180
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    February 2000:

    1. Personal Exposure to Atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in a General Adult Population and Lung Cancer Risk Assessment
      Denis Zmirou, MD, ScD, Pierre Masclet, ScD, Céline Boudet, ScD, Frédéric Dor, PharmD, ScD, and Jacques Déchenaux, MS
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 42(2):February 2000
      Table of Contents
    2. Occurrence of primary cancers in association with multiple myeloma and Kaposi's sarcoma in the United States, 1973-1995
      Michael J. Cannon, W. Dana Flanders, Philip E. Pellett
      International Journal of Cancer 85(4):453-456
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    3. Detection of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in breast cancer families by a comprehensive two-stage screening procedure
      Eva Spitzer, Mohammad R. Abbaszadegan, Frank Schmidt, Andrea Hauser, Ute Buwitt, Frank-Roman Lauter, Kathrin Pötschick, Jutta Krocker, Dirk Elling, Richard Grosse
      International Journal of Cancer 85(4):474-481
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    4. Human papillomavirus infection and invasive cervical cancer in Paraguay
      Pedro A. Rolón, Jennifer S. Smith, Nubia Muñoz, Stefanie J. Klug, Rolando Herrero, Xavier Bosch, Fernando Llamosas, Chris J.L.M. Meijer, Jan M.M. Walboomers
      International Journal of Cancer 85(4):486-491
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    5. Tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption and their interaction in the causation of hepatocellular carcinoma
      Hannah Kuper, Anastasia Tzonou, Evangelia Kaklamani, Chung-Cheng Hsieh, Pagona Lagiou, Hans-Olov Adami, Dimitrios Trichopoulos, Sherri O. Stuver
      International Journal of Cancer 85(4):498-502
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    6. Are randomized trials of hormone replacement therapy in symptomatic women with breast cancer feasible?
      Jo Marsden, Malcolm Whitehead, Roger A'Hern, Mike Baum, Nigel Sacks
      Fertility and Sterility, 73:2 : 292-299
    7. Tea Consumption and Risk of Bladder and Kidney Cancers in a Population-based Case-Control Study
      Gregory D. Bianchi, James R. Cerhan, Alexander S. Parker, Shannon D. Putnam, William A. See, Charles F. Lynch, and Kenneth P. Cantor
      Am Journal of Epidemiology 151(4):377-383
    8. Occupational Lung Cancer Risk for Men in Germany: Results from a Pooled Case-Control Study
      Irene Brüske-Hohlfeld, Matthias Möhner, Hermann Pohlabeln, Wolfgang Ahrens, Ulrich Bolm-Audorff, Lothar Kreienbrock, Michaela Kreuzer, Ingeborg Jahn, Heinz-Erich Wichmann, and Karl-Heinz Jöckel
      Am Journal of Epidemiology 151(4):384-395
    9. Risk of Breast Cancer in Relation to the Use of Injectable Progestogen Contraceptives and Combined Estrogen/Progestogen Contraceptives
      Samuel Shapiro, Lynn Rosenberg, Margaret Hoffman, Hanneke Truter, Diane Cooper, Sowmya Rao, David Dent, Anne Gudgeon, Jakobus van Zyl, Judith Katzenellenbogen, and Ross Bailie
      Am Journal of Epidemiology 151(4):396-403
    10. Bias in Breast Cancer Analyses Due to Error in Age at Menopause
      Beverly Rockhill, Graham A. Colditz, and Bernard Rosner
      Am Journal of Epidemiology 151(4):404-408
    11. Differences in Socioeconomic Status and Survival among White and Black Men with Prostate Cancer
      Anthony S. Robbins, Alice S. Whittemore, and David H. Thom
      Am Journal of Epidemiology 151(4):409-416
    12. Primary Care: Assessing the Risk of Breast Cancer
      Katrina Armstrong, Andrea Eisen, Barbara Weber
      The New England Journal of Medicine 342(8): Review Article
    13. Incidence of Cervical Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions in HIV-Infected Women
      Tedd V. Ellerbrock; Mary Ann Chiasson; Timothy J. Bush; Xiao-Wei Sun; Dorothy Sawo; Karen Brudney; Thomas C. Wright, Jr
      JAMA. 2000;283:1031-1037
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    14. Susceptibility to Prostate Cancer: Interaction between Genotypes at the Androgen Receptor and Prostate-specific Antigen Loci
      Wenmei Xue, Ryan A. Irvine, Mimi C. Yu, Ronald K. Ross, Gerhard A. Coetzee, and Sue Ann Ingles
      Cancer Research 60(4): 839-841
    15. High Lactate Levels Predict Likelihood of Metastases, Tumor Recurrence, and Restricted Patient Survival in Human Cervical Cancers
      Stefan Walenta, Michael Wetterling, Michael Lehrke, Georg Schwickert, Kolbein Sundfør, Einar K. Rofstad, and Wolfgang Mueller-Klieser
      Cancer Research 60(4): 916-921
    16. Androgen Receptor Mutations in Prostate Cancer
      Marco Marcelli, Michael Ittmann, Stefania Mariani, Richard Sutherland, Rajni Nigam, Lata Murthy, Yali Zhao, Dino DiConcini, Efisio Puxeddu, Adel Esen, James Eastham, Nancy L. Weigel, and Dolores J. Lamb
      Cancer Research 60(4): 944-949
    17. Genetic Polymorphisms in Uridine Diphospho-Glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 and Association with Breast Cancer among African Americans
      Chantal Guillemette, Robert C. Millikan, Beth Newman, and David E. Housman
      Cancer Research 60(4):950-956
    18. Elevated Frequency and Functional Activity of a Specific Germ-Line p53 Intron Mutation in Familial Breast Cancer
      Teresa A. Lehman, Bruce G. Haffty, Christopher J. Carbone, Lisa R. Bishop, Andrew A. Gumbs, Shiva Krishnan, Peter G. Shields, Rama Modali, and Bruce C. Turner
      Cancer Research 60(4): 1062-1069
    19. Relating Genotype and Phenotype in Breast Cancer: An Analysis of the Prognostic Significance of Amplification at Eight Different Genes or Loci and of p53 Mutations
      Marguerite Cuny, Andrew Kramar, Frank Courjal, Vala Johannsdottir, Barry Iacopetta, Hélène Fontaine, Jean Grenier, Stéphane Culine, and Charles Theillet
      Cancer Research 60(4):1077-1083
    20. Transcriptional Regulation of Cyclooxygenase-2 Gene Expression: Novel Effects of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
      Chiun-Jye Yuan, Asim K. Mandal, Zhongjian Zhang, and Anil B. Mukherjee
    21. Cancer incidence and cause specific mortality among workers in two Norwegian aluminum reduction plants
      Pal Romundstad, Tor Haldorsen, Aage Andersen
      Am Jrnl of Industrial Medicine 37(2):175-183
    22. Measuring the Projected Public Health Impact of Lung Cancer Through Lifetime and Age-Conditional Risk Estimates
      Ray M. Merrill
      Annals of Epidemiology 10(2): 88 -- 96
      Table of Contents
    23. Endometrial Cancer in Olmsted County, MN. Trends in Incidence, Risk Factors and Survival
      C.Mary Beard, Lynn C. Hartmann, Gary L. Keeney, Cynthia S. Crowson, George D. Malkasian, Peter C. O'Brien, L.Joseph, III Melton
      Annals of Epidemiology 10(2):97-105
      Table of Contents
    24. Design of Physicians' Health Study II-A Randomized Trial of Beta-Carotene, Vitamins E and C, and Multivitamins, in Prevention of Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Eye Disease, and Review of Results of Completed Trials
      William G. Christen, J.Michael Gaziano, Charles H. Hennekens, For the Steering Committee of Physicians' Health Study II
      Annals of Epidemiology 19(2):125-134
      Table of Contents
    25. Factors influencing the effect of age on prognosis in breast cancer: population based study • Commentary: much still to learn about relations between tumour biology, prognosis, and treatment outcome in early breast cancer
      Niels Kroman, Maj-Britt Jensen, Jan Wohlfahrt, Henning T Mouridsen, Per Kragh Andersen, Mads Melbye, Andrew Tutt, and Gillian Ross
      BMJ 2000; 320: 474-479
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    26. Reanalysis of epidemiological evidence on lung cancer and passive smoking
      J B Copas and J Q Shi
      BMJ 2000; 320: 417-418
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    27. Vitamins, Carotenoids, Dietary Fiber, and the Risk of Gastric Carcinoma: Results from a Prospective Study after 6.3 Years of Follow-Up
      Anita A. M. Botterweck, Piet A. van den Brandt, and R. Alexandra Goldbohm
      Cancer 88:737-48, 2000
    28. National Cancer Data Base Survey of Breast Cancer Management for Patients from Low Income Zip Codes
      LaMar S. McGinnis, Herman R. Menck, Harmon J. Eyre, Kirby I. Bland, Carol E. H. Scott-Conner, Monica Morrow, and David P. Winchester
      Cancer 88:933-45, 2000
    29. Consensus Conference on the Treatment of In Situ Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast, April 22-25, 1999
      Gordon F. Schwartz, Lawrence J. Solin, Ivo A. Olivotto, Virginia L. Ernster, Peter I. Pressman, and the Consensus Conference Committee
      Cancer 88:946-54, 2000
    30. Report on Prostate Cancer Tumor Marker Workshop 1999
      Alan W. Partin, Gerald P. Murphy, and Michael K. Brawer
      Cancer 88:955-63, 2000
    31. Cancer and Comorbidity: Redefining Chronic Diseases
      Karen S. Ogle, G. Marie Swanson, Nancy Woods, and Faouzi Azzouz
      Cancer 88:653-63, 2000
    32. Current Health Behaviors and Readiness to Pursue Life-Style Changes among Men and Women Diagnosed with Early Stage Prostate and Breast Carcinomas
      Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Bercedis Peterson, Colleen McBride, Isaac Lipkus, and Elizabeth Clipp
      Cancer 88:674-84, 2000
    33. Is Cadmium a Cause of Human Pancreatic Cancer?
      Gary G. Schwartz and Isildinha M. Reis
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 139-145, February 2000
    34. Genetic Polymorphism of Cytochrome P450-1B1 and Risk of Breast Cancer
      Wei Zheng, Da-Wen Xie, Fan Jin, Jia-Rong Cheng, Qi Dai, Wan-Qing Wen, Xiao-Ou Shu, and Yu-Tang Gao
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 147-150, February 2000
    35. Association of Diet and Mammographic Breast Density in the Minnesota Breast Cancer Family Cohort
      Celine M. Vachon, Lawrence H. Kushi, James R. Cerhan, Christopher C. Kuni, and Thomas A. Sellers
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,151-160, February 2000
    36. Risk and Aggressiveness of Breast Cancer in Relation to Plasma Organochlorine Concentrations
      Alain Demers, Pierre Ayotte, Jacques Brisson, Sylvie Dodin, Jean Robert, and Éric Dewailly
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,161-166, February 2000
    37. Risk of Female Breast Cancer Associated with Serum Polychlorinated Biphenyls and 1,1-Dichloro-2,2'-bis(p-chlorophenyl)ethylene
      Tongzhang Zheng, Theodore R. Holford, Susan Taylor Mayne, John Tessari, Barbara Ward, Darryl Carter, Patricia Hansen Owens, Peter Boyle, Robert Dubrow, Shannon Archibeque-Engle, Omar Dawood, and Shelia Hoar Zahm
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9, 167-174, February 2000
    38. Association of the Myeloperoxidase -463G A Polymorphism with Lung Cancer Risk
      Loïc Le Marchand, Ann Seifried, Annette Lum, and Lynne R. Wilkens
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,181-184, February 2000
    39. GSTM1, GSTT1, GSTP1, CYP1A1, and NAT1 Polymorphisms, Tobacco Use, and the Risk of Head and Neck Cancer
      Andrew F. Olshan, Mark C. Weissler, Mary A. Watson, and Douglas A. Bell
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,185-191, February 2000
    40. Blood Levels of Organochlorines before and after Chemotherapy among Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patients
      Dalsu Baris, Larry W. Kwak, Nathaniel Rothman, Wyndham Wilson, Angela Manns, Robert E. Tarone, and Patricia Hartge
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,193-197, February 2000
    41. Pancreatic Cancer and Serum Organochlorine Levels
      Jane A. Hoppin, Paige E. Tolbert, Elizabeth A. Holly, John W. Brock, Susan A. Korrick, Larisa M. Altshul, Rebecca H. Zhang, Paige M. Bracci, Virlyn W. Burse, and Larry L. Needham
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,199-205, February 2000
    42. Etiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Italian Patients with and without Cirrhosis
      Roberta Chiesa, Francesco Donato, Alessandro Tagger, Maurizio Favret, Maria Lisa Ribero, Giuseppe Nardi, Umberto Gelatti, Elena Bucella, Enrica Tomasi, Nazario Portolani, Mariafausta Bonetti, Lanberto Bettini, Giovanni Pelizzari, Andrea Salmi, Antonella Savio, Marco Garatti, and Francesco Callea
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,213-216, February 2000
    43. NAT1*10 and NAT1*11 Polymorphisms and Breast Cancer Risk
      Robert C. Millikan
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,217-219, February 2000
    44. Duration of Gestation and Prostate Cancer Risk in Offspring
      Anders Ekbom, Joanne Wuu, Hans-Olov Adami, Chih-Ming Lu, Pagona Lagiou, Dimitrios Trichopoulos, and Chung-cheng Hsieh
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,221-223, February 2000
    45. The p53 Arg72Pro Polymorphism, Human Papillomavirus, and Invasive Squamous Cell Cervical Cancer
      Margaret M. Madeleine, Katherine Shera, Stephen M. Schwartz, Janet R. Daling, Denise A Galloway, Gregory C. Wipf, Joseph J. Carter, Barbara McKnight, and James K. McDougall
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,225-227, February 2000
    46. Validity of Self-Reported Colorectal Cancer Screening Behavior
      Monika Baier, Ned Calonge, Gary Cutter, Maureen McClatchey, Sarah Schoentgen, Steve Hines, Al Marcus, and Dennis Ahnen
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 9,229-232, February 2000
    47. Differences in Estrogen Receptor a-Variant Messenger RNAs between Normal Human Breast Tissue and Primary Breast Carcinomas
      Mariska A. J. van Dijk, Augustinus A. M. Hart, and Laura J. van't Veer
      Cancer Research 60, 530-533, February 1, 2000
    48. Down-Regulation of HER2/neu Expression Induces Apoptosis in Human Cancer Cells That Overexpress HER2/neu
      Haeri Roh, James Pippin, and Jeffrey A. Drebin
      Cancer Research 60,560-565, February 1, 2000
    49. Substantially Reduced Risk of Cancer of the Aerodigestive Tract in Subjects with Variant -463A of the Myeloperoxidase Gene
      Ingolf Cascorbi, Stefan Henning, Jürgen Brockmöller, Jürgen Gephart, Christian Meisel, Joachim M. Müller, Robert Loddenkemper, and Ivar Roots
      Cancer Research 60,644-649, February 1, 2000
    50. Frequent Methylation of Estrogen Receptor in Prostate Cancer: Correlation with Tumor Progression
      Long-Cheng Li, Richard Chui, Koichi Nakajima, Bong Ryoul Oh, Harry C. Au, and Rajvir Dahiya
      Cancer Research 60,702-706, February 1, 2000
    51. Life Expectancy Gains From Cancer Prevention Strategies for Women With Breast Cancer and BRCA1 or BRCA2 Mutations
      Deborah Schrag; Karen M. Kuntz; Judy E. Garber; Jane C. Weeks
      JAMA. 2000;283:617-624
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    52. Height and risk of death among men and women: aetiological implications of associations with cardiorespiratory disease and cancer mortality
      G Davey Smith, C Hart, M Upton, D Hole, C Gillis, G Watt, V Hawthorne
      Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 54(2): 97-103
      Table of Contents
    53. History of Breast-Feeding in Relation to Breast Cancer Risk: a Review of the Epidemiologic Literature
      Loren Lipworth, L. Renee Bailey, and Dimitrios Trichopoulos
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 302-312
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    54. Effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Breast Cancer Risk: Estrogen Versus Estrogen Plus Progestin
      Ronald K. Ross, Annlia Paganini-Hill, Peggy C. Wan, and Malcolm C. Pike
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 328-332
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    55. Cigar Smoking in Men and Risk of Death From Tobacco-Related Cancers
      Jean A. Shapiro, Eric J. Jacobs, and Michael J. Thun
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 333-337
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    56. Prospective Study of Talc Use and Ovarian Cancer
      Dorota M. Gertig, David J. Hunter, Daniel W. Cramer, Graham A. Colditz, Frank E. Speizer, Walter C. Willett, and Susan E. Hankinson
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 249-252
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)

    57. Twinship and Risk of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
      James R. Cerhan, Lawrence H. Kushi, Janet E. Olson, Stephen S. Rich, Wei Zheng, Aaron R. Folsom, and Thomas A. Sellers
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 261-265
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    58. Dietary Folate Consumption and Breast Cancer Risk
      Thomas E. Rohan, Meera G. Jain, Geoffrey R. Howe, and Anthony B. Miller
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 266-269
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    59. Symptoms and Suffering at the End of Life in Children with Cancer
      Joanne Wolfe, Holcombe E. Grier, Neil Klar, Sarah B. Levin, Jeffrey M. Ellenbogen, Susanne Salem-Schatz, Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Jane C. Weeks
      N Engl J Med 2000;342:326-33
    60. Care of Children Who Are Dying of Cancer
      New England Journal of Medicine 342(5): Editorial
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    61. Expression analysis of the group IIA secretory phospholipase A2 in mice with differential susceptibility to azoxymethane-induced colon tumorigenesis
      Alexandros Papanikolaou, Qian-Shu Wang, Rita Mulherkar, Andrew Bolt, and Daniel W. Rosenberg
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 133-138
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    62. White blood cell DNA adducts and fruit and vegetable consumption in bladder cancer
      Marco Peluso, Luisa Airoldi, Cinzia Magagnotti, Laura Fiorini, Armelle Munnia, Agnès Hautefeuille, Christian Malaveille, and Paolo Vineis
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 183-187
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    63. Polymorphisms in the human aromatase cytochrome P450 gene (CYP19) and breast cancer risk
      Catherine S. Healey, Alison M. Dunning, Francine Durocher, Dawn Teare, Paul D.P. Pharoah, Robert N. Luben, Douglas F. Easton, and Bruce A.J. Ponder
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 189-193
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
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    January 2000:

    1. Incidence of Cancer Among Welders and Other Shipyard Workers With Information on Previous Work History
      Tor Erik Danielsen, MD, Sverre Langård, MD, and Aage Andersen
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 42(1):January 2000
      Table of Contents
    2. Lung Cancer Mortality Among a Cohort of Men in a Silicotic Register
      Chi Kuen Chan, MB, MSc, Chi Chiu Leung, MB, Cheuk Ming Tam, MB, MSc, Tak Sun Yu, MB, MPH, and Tze Wai Wong, MB, MSc
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 42(1):January 2000
      Table of Contents
    3. Circulating Natural Killer Cells in Retired Asbestos Cement Workers
      Paul Froom, MD, MOccH, Nitza Lahat, PhD, Estela Kristal-Boneh, PhD, Chaim Cohen MD, MOccH, Yehuda Lerman MD, MPH, and Joseph Ribak MD, MPH
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 42(1):January 2000
      Table of Contents
    4. The Epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer. A Population-Based Study in Olmsted County, Minnesota, 1935-1991
      C.Mary Beard, Lynn C. Hartmann, Elizabeth J. Atkinson, Peter C. O'Brien, George D. Malkasian, Gary L. Keeney, L.Joseph, III Melton
      Annals of Epidemiology 10(1):14-23
      Table of Contents
    5. Primary Malignancies of the Thyroid. Epidemiologic Analysis of the Florida Cancer Data System Registry
      Zuber D. Mulla, Curtis E. Margo
      Annals of Epidemiology 10(1):24-30
      Table of Contents
    6. Breast Cancer and Electromagnetic Fields-A Review
      Lee S. Caplan, Elinor R. Schoenfeld, Erin S. O'Leary, M.Cristina Leske
      Annals of Epidemiology 10(1):31-44
      Table of Contents
    7. Prevalence of antibody to human T cell leukaemia/lymphoma virus in women attending antenatal clinic in southeast London: retrospective study
      Matthew Donati, Habib Seyedzadeh, Teresa Leung, Maggie Blott, and Mark Zuckerman
      BMJ 2000; 320: 92-93
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    8. Racial Differences in Breast Carcinoma Survival
      Sue A. Joslyn and Michele M. West
      Cancer 88(1):114-123
    9. Tumor Markers at the Time of Recurrence in Patients with Germ Cell Tumors
      José M. Trigo, José M. Tabernero, Luis Paz-Ares, José L. García-Llano, José Mora, Pilar Lianes, Emilio Esteban, Ramón Salazar, Juan J. López-López, and Hernán Cortés-Funes
      Cancer 88(1):162-167
    10. Individual and Joint Contribution of Family History and Helicobacter pylori Infection to the Risk of Gastric Carcinoma
      Hermann Brenner, Volker Arndt, Til Stürmer, Christa Stegmaier, Hartwig Ziegler, and Georg Dhom
      Cancer 88(2):274-279
    11. Age-Related Variation in the Treatment and Outcomes of Patients with Breast Carcinoma
      Jonathan Golledge, Joan E. Wiggins, and Michael J. Callam
      Cancer 88(2):369-374
    12. Genetic Polymorphism of CYP Genes, Alone or in Combination, as a Risk Modifier of Tobacco-related Cancers
      Helmut Bartsch, Urmila Nair, Angela Risch, Margarita Rojas, Harriet Wikman, and Kroum Alexandrov
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 9(1):3-28
    13. Molecular Genetics and Epidemiology of the NAT1 and NAT2 Acetylation Polymorphisms
      David W. Hein, Mark A. Doll, Adrian J. Fretland, Matthew A. Leff, Stephanie J. Webb, Gong H. Xiao, Udaya-Sankar Devanaboyina, Norma A. Nangju, and Yi Feng
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 9(1):29-42
    14. Breast Adipose Tissue Concentrations of Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Other Organochlorines and Breast Cancer Risk
      Kristan J. Aronson, Anthony B. Miller, Christy G. Woolcott, Ernest E. Sterns, David R. McCready, Lavina A. Lickley, Edward B. Fish, George Y. Hiraki, Claire Holloway, Ted Ross, Wedad M. Hanna, Sandip K. SenGupta, and Jean-Phillipe Weber
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 9(1):55-64
    15. Risk of Breast Cancer According to the Status of HER-2/neu Oncogene Amplification
      Wen-Yi Huang, Beth Newman, Robert C. Millikan, Kathleen Conway, Barbara S. Hulka, Michael J. Schell, and Edison T. Liu
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 9(1):65-71
    16. GSTT1 and GSTM1 Null Genotypes and the Risk of Gastric Cancer: A Case-Control Study in a Chinese Population
      Veronica Wendy Setiawan, Zuo-Feng Zhang, Guo-Pei Yu, Yong-Liang Li, Ming-Lan Lu, Chiao-Jung Tsai, Derek Cordova, Ming-Rong Wang, Chun Hua Guo, Shun-Zhang Yu, and Robert C Kurtz
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 9(1):73-80
    17. A Case-Control Study of Galactose Consumption and Metabolism in Relation to Ovarian Cancer
      Daniel W. Cramer, E. Robert Greenberg, Linda Titus-Ernstoff, Rebecca F. Liberman, William R. Welch, Evelyn Li, and Won G. Ng
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 9(1):95-102
    18. Cancer Risk Estimates for Family Members of a Population-based Family Registry for Breast and Ovarian Cancer
      Argyrios Ziogas, Maureen Gildea, Patricia Cohen, Deborah Bringman, Thomas H. Taylor, Daniela Seminara, David Barker, Graham Casey, Robert Haile, Shu-Yuan Liao, Duncan Thomas, Barbara Noble, Tom Kurosaki, and Hoda Anton-Culver
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 9(1):103-111
    19. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Risk of Digestive Cancers at Sites Other Than the Large Bowel
      Patricia F. Coogan, Lynn Rosenberg, Julie R. Palmer, Brian L. Strom, Ann G. Zauber, Paul D. Stolley, and Samuel Shapiro
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 9(1):119-123
    20. Prostate Cancer and Dietary Carotenoids
      Alan E. Norrish, Rodney T. Jackson, Susan J. Sharpe, and C. Murray Skeaff
      Am Jrnl of Epidemiology 151(2):119-123
      (no link available)
    21. Invited Commentary: Tomatoes, Lycophene, and Prostate Cancer. How Strong Is the Evidence?
      Alan R. Kristal and Jennifer H. Cohen
      Am Jrnl of Epidemiology 151(2):124-127
      (no link available)
    22. Freeman and Meydani Respond to Drs. Kristal and Cohen
      Vincent L. Freeman and Mohsen Meydani
      Am Jrnl of Epidemiology 151(2):128
      (no link available)
    23. Norrish et al. Respond to Drs. Kristal and Cohen
      Alan E. Norrish, Rodney T. JAckson, Susan J. Sharpe, and C. Murray Skeaff
      Am Jrnl of Epidemiology 151(2):129-130
      (no link available)
    24. Prospective Study of Hepatitis B and C Viral Infections, Cigarette Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, and Other Factors Associated with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Risk in Japan
      Mitsuru Mori, Megumi Hara, Ikuko Wada, Toshiya Hara, Kyosuke Yamamoto, Morisada Honda, and Junichi Naramoto
      Am Jrnl of Epidemiology 151(2):131-139
      (no link available)
    25. Chinese Food Cooking and Lung Cancer in Women Nonsmokers
      Ying-Chin Ko, Li Shu-Chuan Cheng, Chien-Hung Lee, Jhi-Jhu Huang, Ming-Shyan Huang, Eing-Long Kao, Hwei-Zu Wang, and Hsiang-Ju Lin
      Am Jrnl of Epidemiology 151(2):140-147
      (no link available)
    26. Polymorphic variation within the glutathione S-transferase genes and risk of adult acute leukaemia
      Sara Rollinson, Philippa Roddam, Eleanor Kane, Eve Roman, Ray Cartwright, Andrew Jack, and Gareth J. Morgan
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 43-47
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    27. GSTM1 and NAT2 polymorphisms in operable and non-operable lung cancer patients
      Sai-Mei Hou, David Ryberg, Susann Fält, An Deverill, Toril Tefre, Anne-Lise Børresen, Aage Haugen, and Bo Lambert
      Carcinogenesis 2000 21: 49-54
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    28. Cancer Mortality and Environmental Exposure to DDE in the United States
      Pierluigi Cocco, Neely Kazerouni, and Shelia Hoar Zahm
      Environ Health Perspect 108:1-4 (2000)
    29. Risk of Childhood Cancer and Adult Lung Cancer after Childhood Exposure to Passive Smoke: A Meta-Analysis
      Paolo Boffetta, Jean Trédaniel, and Antonia Greco
      Environ Health Perspect 108:73-82 (2000)
    30. Assessing changes in ages at onset over successive generation: An application to breast cancer
      Li Hsu, Lue Ping Zhao, Kathleen E. Malone, Janet R. Daling
      Genetic Epidemiology 18:1-16
    31. Genetic epidemiology of breast cancer: Segregation analysis of 389 Icelandic pedigrees
      Agnes B. Baffoe-Bonnie, Terri H. Beaty, Joan E. Bailey-Wilson, Lambertus A.L.M. Kiemeney, Helgi Sigvaldason, Gudridur Ólafsdóttir, Laufey Tryggvadóttir, Hrafn Tulinius
      Genetic Epidemiology 18:81-94
    32. Cancer incidence in the African population of Harare, Zimbabwe: Second results from the cancer registry 1993-1995
      E. Chokunonga, L.M. Levy, M.T. Bassett, B.G. Mauchaza, D.B. Thomas, D.M. Parkin
      Int. J. Cancer 85:54-59
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    33. International trends and patterns of prostate cancer incidence and mortality
      Ann W. Hsing, Lilian Tsao, Susan S. Devesa
      Int. J. Cancer 85:60-67
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    34. Primary brain tumours as second primary: A novel association between meningioma and colorectal cancer
      Beatrice Malmer, Björn Tavelin, Roger Henriksson, Henrik Grönberg
      Int. J. Cancer 85:78-81
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    35. HPV-based cervical cancer screening in a population at high risk for HIV infection
      Sharita D. Womack, Z. Michael Chirenje, Lynne Gaffikin, Paul D. Blumenthal, John A. McGrath, Thomas Chipato, Stephen Ngwalle, Marshall Munjoma, Keerti V. Shah
      Int. J. Cancer 85:206-210
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    36. A study of HTLV-I infection and breast cancers in Trinidad and Tobago
      Noreen Jack, Jeffrey Edwards, William Dhanessar, Hess Benjamin, Courtenay Bartholomew
      Int. J. Cancer 85:298-299
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    37. Menopausal Estrogen and Estrogen-Progestin Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk
      Catherine Schairer, PhD; Jay Lubin, PhD; Rebecca Troisi, ScD; Susan Sturgeon, DrPH; Louise Brinton, PhD; Robert Hoover, MD
      JAMA. 2000;283:485-491
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    38. Urinary and Sexual Function After Radical Prostatectomy for Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer The Prostate Cancer Outcomes Study
      Janet L. Stanford; Ziding Feng; Ann S. Hamilton; Frank D. Gilliland; Robert A. Stephenson; J. William Eley; Peter C. Albertsen; Linda C. Harlan; Arnold L. Potosky
      JAMA. 2000;283:354-360
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    39. HPV DNA Testing of Self-collected Vaginal Samples Compared With Cytologic Screening to Detect Cervical Cancer
      Thomas C. Wright, Jr; Lynette Denny; Louise Kuhn; Amy Pollack; Attila Lorincz
      JAMA. 2000;283:81-86
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    40. Doses of Nicotine and Lung Carcinogens Delivered to Cigarette Smokers
      Mirjana V. Djordjevic, Steven D. Stellman, and Edith Zang
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 106-111
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    41. Bcar1/p130Cas Protein and Primary Breast Cancer: Prognosis and Response to Tamoxifen Treatment
      Silvia van der Flier, Arend Brinkman, Maxime P. Look, Elisabath M. Kok, Marion E. Meijer-van Gelder, Jan G. M. Klijn, Lambert C. J. Dorssers, and John A. Foekens
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 120-127
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    42. BCAR1, a Human Homologue of the Adapter Protein p130Cas, and Antiestrogen Resistance in Breast Cancer Cells
      Arend Brinkman, Silvia van der Flier, Elisabeth M. Kok, and Lambert C. J. Dorssers
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 112-120
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    43. Physical Activity and Breast Cancer Risk in Women Aged 20-54 Years
      Janneke Verloop, Matti A. Rookus, Karin van der Kooy, and Flora E. van Leeuwen
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 128-135
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    44. Intake of Flavonoids and Lung Cancer
      Loïc Le Marchand, Suzanne P. Murphy, Jean H. Hankin, Lynne R. Wilkens, and Laurence N. Kolonel
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 154-160
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    45. Alternative Therapies Used by Women With Breast Cancer in Four Ethnic Populations
      Marion M. Lee, Scarlett S. Lin, Margaret R. Wrensch, Shelley R. Adler, and David Eisenberg
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 42-47
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    46. Fruit and Vegetable Intakes and Prostate Cancer Risk
      Jennifer H. Cohen, Alan R. Kristal, and Janet L. Stanford
      J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92: 61-68
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    47. Risks of leukaemia and solid tumours in individuals with Down's syndrome
      Henrik Hasle, Inge Haunstrup Clemmensen, Margareta Mikkelsen
      Lancet 355(9199): 15 January 2000
      Table of Contents
    48. Hormone replacement therapy and accuracy of mammographic screening
      Anne M Kavanagh, Heather Mitchell, Graham G Giles
      Lancet 355(9200): 22 January 2000
      Table of Contents
    49. Tumor Microsatellite Instability and Clinical Outcome in Young Patients with Colorectal Cancer
      Robert Gryfe, Hyeja Kim, Eugene T.K. Hsieh, Melyssa D. Aronson, Eric J. Holowaty, Shelley B. Bull, Mark Redston, Steven Gallinger
      N Engl J Med 2000;342:69-77
    50. Prenatal ultrasound examinations and risk of childhood leukaemia: case-control study
      Estelle Naumburg, Rino Bellocco, Sven Cnattingius, Per Hall, and Anders Ekbom
      BMJ 2000; 320: 282-283
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    51. Effects of Cyclin D1 Polymorphism on Age of Onset of Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer
      Shouming Kong, Christopher I. Amos, Rajyalakshmi Luthra, Patrick M. Lynch, Bernard Levin, and Marsha L. Frazier
      Cancer Research 60(2):249-252
    52. The HRAS1 Minisatellite Locus and Risk of Ovarian Cancer
      Jeffrey N. Weitzel, Shaofeng Ding, Garry P. Larson, Rebecca A. Nelson, Annekathryn Goodman, Edward C. Grendys, Harrison G. Ball, and Theodore G. Krontiris
      Cancer Research 60(2):259-261
    53. Association of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphism with Prostate Cancer and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in a Japanese Population
      Tomonori Habuchi, Takehiro Suzuki, Ryusei Sasaki, Lizhong Wang, Kazunari Sato, Shigeru Satoh, Toshiya Akao, Norihiko Tsuchiya, Naotake Shimoda, Yasuhiko Wada, Akio Koizumi, Junichi Chihara, Osamu Ogawa, and Tetsuro Kato
      Cancer Research 60(2):305-308
    54. Occupational and Residential Magnetic Field Exposure and Breast Cancer in Females
      Ulla M. Forssén, Maria Feychting, Lars Erik Rutqvist, Birgitta Floderus, and Anders Ahlbom
      Epidemiology 11(1):24ff
      Table of Contents
    55. Risk of Papillary Thyroid Cancer in Women in Relation to Smoking and Alcohol Consumption
      Mary Anne Rossing, Kara L. Cushing, Lynda F. Voigt, Kristine G. Wicklund, and Janet R. Daling
      Epidemiology 11(1):49ff
      Table of Contents
    56. Fetal Antigen Hypothesis and Ovarian Cancer: Is There an Immunogenic Explanation for the Reduction in Risk Associated with Parity?
      Emily J. Mockett, Mary Anne Rossing, and Noel S. Weiss
      Epidemiology 11(1):55ff
      Table of Contents
    57. Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk
      DeAnn Lazovich, Julie A. Thompson, Pamela J. Mink, Thomas A. Sellers, and Kristin E. Anderson
      Epidemiology 11(1):76ff
      Table of Contents
    58. A Review of the Relation of Active and Passive Smoking to Breast Cancer
      Alfredo Morabia, M.D., Ph.D. and Martine Bernstein, M.D.
      Journal of Women’s Cancer, Vol. 2 Number 1:1-9, 2000
      abstract (Previously Published Articles)

    59. Previously published articles 1998 and 1999

    60. Genistein: Mammary Cancer Chemoprevention, In-Vivo Mechanisms of Action, Potential for Toxicity, and Bioavailability in Rats
      Coral A. Lamartiniere, Ph.D.
      Journal of Women’s Cancer, Vol. 2 Number 1:11-19, 2000
      abstract (Previously Published Articles)

    61. Previously published articles 1998 and 1999

    62. Estrogen, Estrogen Receptors and Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators in Human Breast Cancer
      Suzanne A.W. Fuqua, Ph.D., Jose Russo, M.D., Stanley E, Shackney, M.D., and Mark E. Stearns, Ph.D., Suzanne A.W. Fuqua, Ph.D.
      Journal of Women’s Cancer, Vol. 2 Number 1:21-32, 2000
      abstract (Previously Published Articles)

    63. Previously published articles 1998 and 1999

    64. ErbB2 Overexpression in Breast Cancer: Biology and Clinical Translation
      Chris Benz, M.D. and Debu Tripathy, M.D.
      Journal of Women’s Cancer, Vol. 2 Number 1:33-40, 2000
      abstract (Previously Published Articles)

    65. Previously published articles 1998 and 1999

    66. Insulin-like Growth Factors in Breast Cancer
      Farideh Garmroudi, Ph.D. and Kevin J. Cullen, MD
      Journal of Women’s Cancer, Vol. 2 Number 1:41-52, 2000
      abstract (Previously Published Articles)

    67. Previously published articles 1998 and 1999

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    December 1999:

    1. Regular review: Management of Crohn's disease
      David S Rampton
      BMJ 1999; 319: 1480-1485
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    2. How to Improve the Present TNM Staging System
      Paul Hermanek, Leslie H. Sobin, and Christian Wittekind
      Cancer 86(11): 2189ff
      Table of Contents
    3. Determinants of Long Term Survival after Surgery for Cancer of the Lung: A Population-Based Study
      Christine Bouchardy, Gérald Fioretta, Marc De Perrot, Mirjana Obradovic, and Anastase Spiliopoulos
      Cancer 86(11):2229
      Table of Contents
    4. Chemotherapy for Breast Carcinoma during Pregnancy: A French National Survey
      Pierre-Ludovic Giacalone, Francois Laffargue, and Paul Bénos
      Cancer 86(11):2266ff
      Table of Contents
    5. Equitable Access to Cancer Services: A Review of Barriers to Quality Care
      Jeanne S. Mandelblatt, K. Robin Yabroff, and Jon F. Kerner
      Cancer 86(11):2378ff
      Table of Contents
    6. Spousal Concordance for Cancer Incidence: A Cohort Study
      Gary D. Friedman and Charles P. Quesenberry, Jr.
      Cancer 86(11):2413ff
      Table of Contents
    7. American Joint Committee on Cancer Prognostic Factors Consensus Conference
      John W. Yarbro, David L. Page, L. Peter Fielding, Edward E. Partridge, and Gerald P. Murphy
      Cancer 86(11):2413ff
      Table of Contents
    8. Molecular epidemiology, pathogenesis and prevention of gastric cancer
      Christian T.K.-H. Stadtländer and John W. Waterbor
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 2195-2208
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    9. Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids and cancers of the breast and colorectum: emerging evidence for their role as risk modifiers
      Helmut Bartsch, Jagadeesan Nair, and Robert Wyn Owen
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 2209-2218
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    10. Effect of increased vegetable and fruit consumption on markers of oxidative cellular damage
      Henry J. Thompson, Jerianne Heimendinger, Albert Haegele, Scot M. Sedlacek, Cynthia Gillette, Caitlin O'neill, Pamela Wolfe, and Colleen Conry
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 2261-2266
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    11. DNA Adducts in Normal Tissue Adjacent to Breast Cancer: A Review
      Donghui Li, PhD,Weiqing Zhang, MD, Aysegul A. Sahin, MD, and Walter N. Hittelman, PhD
      Cancer Detection and Prevention 1999; 23(6):454-462
    12. Genetic Cancer Susceptibility and DNA Adducts: Studies in Smokers, Tobacco Chewers, and Coke Oven Workers
      Helmut Bartsch, Ph.D., Margarita Rojas, Ph.D., Urmila Nair, Ph.D., Jagadeesan Nair, Ph.D., and Kroum Alexandrov, Ph.D.
      Cancer Detection and Prevention 1999; 23(6):445-453
    13. Colon Polyp Registries and Colorectal Cancer Control
      Robert Lev, M.D., and Janice Healey, O.S.A.
      Cancer Detection and Prevention 1999; 23(6):474-478
    14. Survival Differences in Breast Cancer among Racial/Ethnic Groups: A Population-Based Study
      Agnes Bayer-Chammard, M.D., Thomas H. Taylor, Ph.D., and Hoda Anton-Culver, Ph.D.
      Cancer Detection and Prevention 1999; 23(6):463-473
    15. Lung cancer risk in families of nonsmoking probands: Heterogeneity by age at diagnosis
      P. Yang, A.G. Schwartz, A.E. McAllister, G.M. Swanson, C.E. Aston
      Genetic Epidemiology 17(4):253-273
    16. Familial aggregation of breast cancer with early onset lung cancer
      Ann G. Schwartz, Jill M. Siegfried, Linda Weiss
      Genetic Epidemiology 17(4):274-284
    17. Favorable clinical outcome of cervical cancers infected with human papilloma virus type 58 and related types
      Hung-Cheng Lai, Chien-An Sun, Mu-Hsien Yu, Huey-Jung Chen, Hang-Seng Liu, Tang-Yuan Chu
      International Journal of Cancer 84(6):553-557
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    18. Variation in the provision of chemotherapy for colorectal cancer
      A McLeod
      Jrnl of Epidemiology and Community Health, December 1999: 775
      Table of Contents
    19. Adenocarcinoma of the Small Bowel: Review of the National Cancer Data Base, 1985-1995
      James R. Howe, Lucy H. Karnell, Herman R. Menck, and Carol Scott-Conner
      Cancer 86(12):2693ff
    20. Occupational Exposures and Risk of Gastric Cancer in a Population-based Case-Control Study
      Anna Mia Ekström, Mikael Eriksson, Lars-Erik Hansson, Anders Lindgren, Lisa Beth Signorello, Olof Nyrén, and Lennart Hardell
      Cancer Research 59(23):5932ff
    21. Environmental Tobacco Smoke, Genetic Susceptibility, and Risk of Lung Cancer in Never-Smoking Women
      William P. Bennett, Michael C. R. Alavanja, Brunhilde Blomeke, Kirsi H. Vähäkangas, Katariina Castrén, Judith A. Welsh, Elise D. Bowman, Mohammed A. Khan, Douglas B. Flieder, and Curtis C. Harris
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 2009-2014
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    22. Breast Tumor Characteristics as Predictors of Mammographic Detection: Comparison of Interval- and Screen-Detected Cancers
      Peggy L. Porter, Amira Y. El-Bastawissi, Margaret T. Mandelson, Ming Gang Lin, Najma Khalid, Elizabeth A. Watney, Laura Cousens, Donna White, Stephen Taplin, and Emily White
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 2020-2028
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    23. Implications and Prognostic Value of K-ras Mutation for Early-Stage Lung Cancer in Women
      Heather H. Nelson, David C. Christiani, Eugene J. Mark, John K. Wiencke, John C. Wain, and Karl T. Kelsey
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 2032-2038
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    24. Heterocyclic Amine Content of Cooked Meat and Risk of Prostate Cancer
      Alan E. Norrish, Lynnette R. Ferguson, Mark G. Knize, James S. Felton, Susan J. Sharpe, and Rodney T. Jackson
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 2038-2044
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    25. A Meta-Analysis of Risk Estimates for Prostate Cancer Related to Tire and Rubber Manufacturing Operations
      Ronald E. Stewart, MS, Leslie K. Dennis, PhD, Deborah V. Dawson, PhD, and Martin I. Resnick, MD
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 41(12); December 1999
      Table of Contents
    26. A Case-Control Study of Lung Cancer Among Refinery Workers
      Kim Rosamilia, PhD, Otto Wong, ScD, and Gerhard K. Raabe, DrPH
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 41(12); December 1999
      Table of Contents
    27. Radiation-induced acute myeloid leukaemia and other cancers in commercial jet cockpit crew: a population-based cohort study
      Maryanne Gundestrup, Hans H Storm
      Lancet 354(9195); Dec 11 1999
      Table of Contents
    28. Exposure to power-frequency magnetic fields and the risk of childhood cancer
      UK Childhood Cancer Study Investigators
      Lancet 354(9194); Dec 4 1999
      Table of Contents
    29. Electromagnetic field exposures and childhood leukaemia in New Zealand
      John D Dockerty, J Mark Elwood, David C G Skegg, G Peter Herbison
      Lancet 354(9194); Dec 4 1999
      Table of Contents
    30. Screening for cervical neoplasia by self-assessment for human papillomavirus DNA
      Peter Hillemanns, Rainer Kimmig, Ulrike Hüttemann, Christian Dannecker, Christian J Thaler
      Lancet 354(9194); Dec 4 1999
      Table of Contents
    31. Fifty-year Follow-Up of Cancer Incidence in a Historical Cohort of Minnesota Breast Cancer Families
      Thomas A. Sellers, Richard A. King, James R. Cerhan, Ping-Ling Chen, Dawn M. Grabrick, Larry H. Kushi, William S. Oetting, Robert A. Vierkant, Celine M. Vachon, Fergus J. Couch, Terry M. Therneau, Janet E. Olson, V. Shane Pankratz, Lynn C. Hartmann, and V. Elving Anderson
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(12):1051-1057
    32. Familial Cancer History and Lung Cancer Risk in United States Nonsmoking Men and Women
      Susan T. Mayne, Joan Buenconsejo, and Dwight T. Janerich
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(12):1065-1069
    33. Marijuana Use and Increased Risk of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck
      Zuo-Feng Zhang, Hal Morgenstern, Margaret R. Spitz, Donald P. Tashkin, Guo-Pei Yu, James R. Marshall, T. C. Hsu, and Stimson P. Schantz
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(12):1071-1078
    34. Oral Contraceptives as Risk Factors for Cervical Adenocarcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas
      James V. Lacey, Jr., Louise A. Brinton, Fouad M. Abbas, Willard A. Barnes, Patti E. Gravitt, Mitchell D. Greenberg, Sarah M. Greene, Olympia C. Hadjimichael, Larry McGowan, Rodrigue Mortel, Peter E. Schwartz, Steven G. Silverberg, and Allan Hildesheim
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(12):1079-1085
    35. Salivary Gland Cancer in the United States
      Eric Chung Sun, Rochelle Curtis, Mads Melbye, and James J. Goedert
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(12):1095-1100
    36. Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinomas Arising in Patients from a High-Risk Area of North China Lack An Association with Epstein-Barr Virus
      Jiang Wang, Amy Noffsinger, Grant Stemmermann, and Cecilia Fenoglio-Preiser
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(12):1111-1114
    37. Serum concentrations of organochlorine compounds and K-ras mutations in exocrine pancreatic cancer
      Miquel Porta, Núria Malats, Manuel Jariod, Joan O Grimalt, Juli Rifà, Alfredo Carrato, Luisa Guarner, Antonio Salas, Mary Santiago-Silva, Josep M Corominas, Montserrat Andreu, Francisco X Real, for the PANKRAS II Study Group
      Lancet 354(9196; Dec 18 1999
      Table of Contents
    38. Underrepresentation of Patients 65 Years of Age or Older in Cancer-Treatment Trials
      Laura F. Hutchins, Joseph M. Unger, John J. Crowley, Charles A. Coltman, Jr., Kathy S. Albain
      The New England Journal of Medicine 341(27); Dec 30 1999: 2061-2067
    39. Lung cancer, tobacco, and environmental factors in the African population of the Northern Province, South Africa
      Olga Mzileni, Freddy Sitas, Krisela Steyn, Henri Carrara, and Pieter Bekker
      Tobacco Control 1999; 8: 398-401
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
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    November 1999:

    1. Low oestrogen receptor SUB_SC_LC_ALPHA expression in normal breast tissue underlies low breast cancer incidence in Japan
      J S Lawson, A S Field, S Champion, D Tran, H Ishikura, D Trichopoulos
      Lancet 354(9192): 20 November 1999
      Table of Contents
    2. Helicobacter pylori Infection on the Risk of Stomach Cancer and Chronic Atrophic Gastritis
      Zuo-Feng Zhang, M.D, Ph.D., Robert C. Kurtz, M.D., David S. Klimstra, M.D., Guo-Pei Yu, M.D., M.P.H.,e Ming Sun, M.S., Susan Harlap, M.B., B.S. and James R. Marshall, Ph.D.
      Cancer Detection and Prevention 23(5):357-367
    3. Secondary Tumors in Bone Sarcomas After Treatment with Chemotherapy
      C. Ferrari, M.S., T. Bohling, M.D., M. S. Benassi, M.S., A. Ferraro, M.D., G. Gamberi, M.S., G. Bacci, M.D., A. Brach del Prever, M.D., L. Sangiorgi, M.D., P. Ragazzini, M.S., M. B. Sollazzo, M.S., A. Balladelli, B.A., and P. Picci, M.D.
      Cancer Detection and Prevention 23(5):368-374
    4. Preeclampsia and Breast Cancer Risk
      Kim E. Innes and Tim E. Byers
      Epidemiology 10(6): 722ff
      Table of Contents (abstract)
    5. The Additional Risk of Endometrial Cancer Associated with Unopposed Estrogen Use in Women with Other Risk Factors
      Tammy S. Shields, Noel S. Weiss, Lynda F. Voigt, and Shirley A. A. Beresford
      Epidemiology 10(6): 733ff
      Table of Contents (abstract)
    6. Modeling Effects of Age at and Time Since Delivery on Subsequent Risk of Cancer
      Ivar Heuch, Grethe Albrektsen, and Gunnar Kvåle
      Epidemiology 10(6): 739ff
      Table of Contents (abstract)
    7. Parental Age and Risk of Sporadic and Familial Cancer in Offspring: Implications for Germ Cell Mutagenesis
      Kari Hemminki and Pentti Kyyrönen
      Epidemiology 10(6): 747ff
      Table of Contents (abstract)
    8. Reproductive Risk Factors for Mucinous and Non-Mucinous Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
      Linda Wittenberg, Linda S. Cook, Mary Anne Rossing, and Noel S. Weiss
      Epidemiology 10(6): 761ff
      Table of Contents (abstract)
    9. Association between coffee drinking and K- ras mutations in exocrine pancreatic cancer
      M Porta, N Malats, L Guarner, A Carrato, J Rifà, A Salas, J M Corominas, M Andreu, F X Real for the PANKRAS II Study Group
      Jrnl Epidemiology and Community Health; November 1999:702
      Table of Contents
    10. Risk/Benefit Assessment of Tamoxifen to Prevent Breast Cancer—Still a Work in Progress?
      Anne L. Taylor, Lucile L. Adams-Campbell, and Jackson T. Wright Jr.
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1792-1793
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    11. Vitamin A Analogue for Breast Cancer Prevention: a Grade of F or Incomplete?
      Steven Piantadosi
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1794
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    12. Tamoxifen Prevention of Breast Cancer: an Instance of the Fingerpost
      Scott M. Lippman and Powel H. Brown
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1809-1819
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    13. Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Tamoxifen Treatment for Preventing Breast Cancer
      Mitchell H. Gail, Joseph P. Costantino, John Bryant, Robert Croyle, Laurence Freedman, Kathy Helzlsouer, and Victor Vogel
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1829-1846
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    14. Randomized Trial of Fenretinide to Prevent Second Breast Malignancy in Women With Early Breast Cancer
      Umberto Veronesi, Giuseppe De Palo, Ettore Marubini, Alberto Costa, Franca Formelli, Luigi Mariani, Andrea Decensi, Tiziana Camerini, Marco Rosselli Del Turco, Maria Gaetana Di Mauro, Maria Grazia Muraca, Marcella Del Vecchio, Carmine Pinto, Giuseppe D'Aiuto, Corrado Boni, Tiziana Campa, Andrea Magni, Rosalba Miceli, Marjorie Perloff, Winfred F. Malone, and Michael B. Sporn
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1847-1856
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    15. Type-Specific Persistence of Human Papillomavirus DNA before the Development of Invasive Cervical Cancer
      Keng-Ling Wallin, Fredrik Wiklund, Tord Angstrom, Frank Bergman, Ulf Stendahl, Goran Wadell, Goran Hallmans, Joakim Dillner
      New England Journal of Medicine 341(21): November 18, 1999
      Table of Contents
    16. Pregnancy and risk of early breast cancer in carriers of BRCA1 and BRCA2
      H Jernström, C Lerman , P Ghadirian, H T Lynch, B Weber, J Garber, M Daly, O I Olopade, W D Foulkes, E Warner, J-S Brunet, S A Narod
      Lancet 1999; 354: 1846-50
      Table of Contents
    17. Suicide among patients with cancer cared for at home by palliative-care teams
      Carla Ripamonti, Antonio Filiberti, Amadio Totis, Franco De Conno, Marcello Tamburini
      Lancet 354(9193); November 27, 1999
      Table of Contents
    18. Improving Cancer Incidence Estimates for American Indians in Minnesota
      M. R. Partin, S. J. Rith-Najarian, J. S. Slater, J. E. Korn, N. Cobb, and J. T. Soler
      Am Jrnl Public Health 89(11):1673
      Table of Contents
    19. Mechanisms of Disease: Cellular Origin of Human B-Cell Lymphomas
      Ralf Kuppers, Ulf Klein, Martin-Leo Hansmann, Klaus Rajewsky
      New England Journal of Medicine 341(20): November 11, 1999
    20. Long Term Follow-Up of Women with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Treated with Breast-Conserving Surgery: The Effect of Age
      Kimberly J. Van Zee, Laura Liberman, Billur Samli, Katherine N. Tran, Beryl McCormick, Jeanne A. Petrek, P. Peter Rosen, and Patrick I. Borgen
      Cancer 86:1757-67, 1999
    21. Age-Related Differences in the Quality of Life of Breast Carcinoma Patients after Treatment
      Lari B. Wenzel, Diane L. Fairclough, Marianne J. Brady, David Cella, Kathleen M. Garrett, Brenda C. Kluhsman, Lori A. Crane, and Alfred C. Marcus
      Cancer 86:1768-74, 1999
    22. b-Carotene Supplementation for Patients with Low Baseline Levels and Decreased Risks of Total and Prostate Carcinoma
      Nancy R. Cook, Meir J. Stampfer, Jing Ma, JoAnn E. Manson, Frank M. Sacks, Julie E. Buring, and Charles H. Hennekens
      Cancer 86:1783-92, 1999
    23. A Survey of Oncologists regarding Sperm Cryopreservation and Assisted Reproductive Techniques for Male Cancer Patients
      Daniel M. Zapzalka, J. Bruce Redmon, and Jon L. Pryor
      Cancer 86:1812-7, 1999
    24. Prognostic Factors in 677 Patients in Singapore with Nondisseminated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
      Derrick M. K. Heng, Joseph Wee, Kam-Weng Fong, Lay-Geok Lian, V. K. Sethi, Eu-Tiong Chua, Tuck-Loong Yang, Hoon-Seng Khoo Tan, Kim-Shang Lee, Khai-Mun Lee, Terence Tan, and Eu-Jin Chua
      Cancer 86:1912-20, 1999
    25. Outcomes of Patients Receiving Radiation for Carcinoma of the Rectum: Results of the 1988-1989 Patterns of Care Study
      Lawrence R. Coia, Leonard L. Gunderson, Daniel Haller, John Hoffman, Mohammed Mohiuddin, Joel E. Tepper, Brian Berkey, Jean B. Owen, and Gerald E. Hanks
      Cancer 86:1952-8, 1999
    26. Second Primary Tumors in Patients with Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma
      Smita Bhatia, Lilian Estrada-Batres, Tamara Maryon, Monica Bogue, and David Chu
      Cancer 86:2014-20, 1999
    27. Survival of Premenopausal Breast Carcinoma Patients in Relation to Menstrual Cycle Timing of Surgery and Estrogen Receptor/Progesterone Receptor Status of the Primary Tumor
      Lucienne S. Cooper, Cheryl E. Gillett, Neera K. Patel, Diana M. Barnes, and Ian S. Fentiman
      Cancer 86:2053-8, 1999
    28. Estrogen Receptor Status, Determined by Immunohistochemistry, as a Predictor of the Recurrence of Stage I Endometrial Carcinoma
      Paola A. Gehrig, Linda Van Le, Babatunde Olatidoye, and Joseph Geradts
      Cancer 86:2083-9, 1999
    29. Population-Based Study of Relationships Between Hospital Volume of Prostatectomies, Patient Outcomes, and Length of Hospital Stay
      Siu-Long Yao and Grace Lu-Yao
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1950-1956
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    30. Glutathione S-Transferase Mu and Theta Polymorphisms and Breast Cancer Susceptibility
      Montserrat García-Closas, Karl T. Kelsey, Susan E. Hankinson, Donna Spiegelman, Kathryn Springer, Walter C. Willett, Frank E. Speizer, and David J. Hunter
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1960-1964
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    31. Insulin-Like Growth Factor-Binding Protein-1 and Prostate Cancer
      Lisa B. Signorello, Kerstin Brismar, Reinhold Bergstrom, Swen-Olof Andersson, Alicja Wolk, Dimitrios Trichopoulos, and Hans-Olov Adami
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1965-1967
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    32. Serum Soluble CD23 Level Correlates with Subsequent Development of AIDS-related Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
      Jennifer R. Schroeder, Alfred J. Saah, Donald R. Hoover, Joseph B. Margolick, Richard F. Ambinder, Otoniel Martinez-Maza, Elizabeth Crabb Breen, Lisa P. Jacobson, Daina Variakojis, David T. Rowe, and Haroutune K. Armenian
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8:979-984, Nov 1999
    33. Elevation of Serum Riboflavin Carrier Protein in Breast Cancer
      Prakash N. Rao, Edward Levine, Michael O. Myers, Veena Prakash, James Watson, Alan Stolier, Jeffrey J. Kopicko, Patricia Kissinger, Shailaja G. Raj, and Madhwa H. G. Raj
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8:985-990, Nov 1999
    34. Reproductive and Hormonal Risk Factors for Thyroid Cancer in Los Angeles County Females
      Wendy J. Mack, Susan Preston-Martin, Leslie Bernstein, Dajun Qian, and Min Xiang
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8:991-997, Nov 1999
    35. Increased Risk of Renal Cell Carcinoma Subsequent to Hysterectomy
      Manuela Gago-Dominguez, J. Esteban Castelao, Jian-Min Yuan, Ronald K. Ross, and Mimi C. Yu
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8:999-1003, Nov 1999
    36. Endometrial Cancer in the Family-Cancer Database
      Kari Hemminki, Pauli Vaittinen, and Chuanhui Dong
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8:1005-1010, Nov 1999
    37. Alcohol Consumption in Relation to Breast Cancer Risk in a Cohort of United States Women 25-42 Years of Age
      Miriam Garland, David J. Hunter, Graham A. Colditz, Donna L. Spiegelman, JoAnn E. Manson, Meir J. Stampfer, and Walter C. Willett
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8:1017-1021, Nov 1999
    38. Genetic Polymorphisms and Risk of Breast Cancer
      Steven S. Coughlin and Margaret Piper
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8:Review, Nov 1999
      Table of Contents
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    October 1999:

    1. Lung cancer risk in male workers occupationally exposed to diesel motor emissions in Germany
      Irene Brüske-Hohlfeld, Matthias Möhner, Wolfgang Ahrens, Hermann Pohlabeln, Joachim Heinrich, Michaela Kreuzer, Karl-Heinz Jöckel, Heinz-Erich Wichmann
      Am Jrnl of Industrial Medicine 36(4):405-414
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    2. Diesel exhaust and lung cancer mortality in potash mining
      Robert Säverin, Antina Bräunlich, Dirk Dahmann, Gottfried Enderlein, Gerd Heuchert
      Am Jrnl of Industrial Medicine 36(4):415-422
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    3. Chemical Exposures of Rocket-Engine Test-Stand Personnel and Cancer Mortality in a Cohort of Aerospace Workers
      Beate Ritz, PhD, Hal Morgenstern, PhD, John Froines, PhD, and José Moncau, PhD
      Jrnl of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 41(10); October 1999
      Table of Contents
    4. Antiangiogenic Activity of Prostate-Specific Antigen
      Anne H. Fortier, Barbara J. Nelson, Davida K. Grella, and John W. Holaday
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1635-1640
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    5. Diagnostic Testing Following Fecal Occult Blood Screening in the Elderly
      Jon D. Lurie and H. Gilbert Welch
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1641-1646
      Full Text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    6. Tamoxifen Therapy for Breast Cancer and Endometrial Cancer Risk
      Leslie Bernstein, Dennis Deapen, James R. Cerhan, Stephen M. Schwartz, Jonathan Liff, Erin McGann-Maloney, Jeffrey A. Perlman, and Leslie Ford
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1654-1662
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    7. Editorial: Two stages of cancer prevention with green tea
      Hirota Fujiki
      J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 125 (1999) 11, 589-597
    8. The Relationship Between Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression and Colorectal Cancer
      Katherine M. Sheehan; Kieran Sheahan; Diarmuid P. O'Donoghue; Fergus MacSweeney; Ronan M. Conroy; Desmond J. Fitzgerald; Frank E. Murray
      JAMA. 1999;282:1254-1257
      Full Text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    9. Dietary Fat and Risk of Breast Cancer
      Harold Newmark; Knut M. Wittkowski; Steven J. Shiff; Jules Hirsch; Michelle D. Holmes; Bernard Rosner; Walter C. Willett
      JAMA 1999; 282(13):Letters
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    10. Screening Mammography for Women Younger Than 50 Years
      Daniel B. Kopans; Karen Antman; Steven Shea
      JAMA 1999; 282(13): Letters
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    11. Review: Critical review of the epidemiology literature on the potential cancer risks of methylene chloride
      Linda D. Dell, Kenneth A. Mundt, Margaret McDonald, Joseph P. Tritschler II, Diane J. Mundt
      Int Arch Occup Environ Health 72 (1999) 7, 429-442
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    12. Urinary cotinine concentration in flight attendants, in relation to exposure to environmental tobacco smoke during intercontinental flights
      T. Lindgren, S. Willers, G. Skarping, D. Norbäck
      Int Arch Occup Environ Health 72 (1999) 7, 475-479
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    13. Androgen receptor polymorphisms: Association with prostate cancer risk, relapse and overall survival
      Stephen M. Edwards, Mike D. Badzioch, Ralph Minter, Rifat Hamoudi, Nadine Collins, Audrey Ardern-Jones, Anna Dowe, Simon Osborne, Jo Kelly, Robert Shearer, Doug F. Easton, Grady F. Saunders, David P. Dearnaley, Rosalind A. Eeles
      International Journal of Cancer 84(5):458-465
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    14. p53 Induction as a Genotoxic Test for Twenty-Five Chemicals Undergoing in Vivo Carcinogenicity Testing
      Penelope J. Duerksen-Hughes, Jun Yang, and Ozan Ozcan
      Environ Health Perspect 107:805-812 (1999).
    15. Miki Sato, Takayuki Sato, Toshiyuki Izumo, and Teruo Amagasa
      Genetic polymorphism of drug-metabolizing enzymes and susceptibility to oral cancer
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1927-1931
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    16. Prevention of Cancer in the Next Millennium: Report of the Chemoprevention Working Group to the American Association for Cancer Research
      Cancer Research 59(19):4743
      Table of Contents
    17. Application of Complementary DNA Microarray Technology to Carcinogen Identification, Toxicology, and Drug Safety Evaluation.
      Cynthia A. Afshari, Emile F. Nuwaysir, and J. Carl Barrett
      Cancer Research 59(19):4759-60
    18. Loss of Fhit Is Frequent in Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and in the Lungs of Chronic Smokers
      Jennifer E. Tseng, Bonnie L. Kemp, Fadlo R. Khuri, Jonathan M. Kurie, Jin Soo Lee, Xiao Zhou, Diane Liu, Waun Ki Hong, and Li Mao
      Cancer Research 59(19):4798-4803
    19. Breast Cancer Risk Associated with Genotype Polymorphism of the Estrogen-metabolizing Genes CYP17, CYP1A1, and COMT: A Multigenic Study on Cancer Susceptibility
      Chiun-Sheng Huang, Herng-Der Chern, King-Jen Chang, Chun-Wen Cheng, Su-Ming Hsu, and Chen-Yang Shen
      Cancer Research 59(19):4870-4875
    20. Age, Gender, and Local Geographic Variations of Viral Etiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Hyperendemic Area for Hepatitis B Virus Infection
      Chuan-Mo Lee, Sheng-Nan Lu, Chi-Sin Changchien, Chau-Ting Yeh, Tsung-Teng Hsu, Jui-Hsiang Tang, Jing-Houng Wang, Deng-Yn Lin, Chao-Long Chen, and Wei-Jen Chen
      Cancer 86(7):1143
    21. Testicular neoplasia in cryptorchid boys at primary surgery: case series
      Dina Cortes, Jakob Visfeldt, Henrik Møller, and Jørgen Thorup
      MJ 1999; 319: 888-889
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    22. Stressful life events and difficulties and onset of breast cancer: case-control study
      David Protheroe, Kim Turvey, Kieran Horgan, Eddie Benson, David Bowers, and Allan House
      BMJ 1999; 319: 1027-1030
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
      Sample size calculation (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    23. Does publicity about cancer screening raise fear of cancer? Randomised trial of the psychological effect of information about cancer screening
      Jane Wardle, Tamara Taylor, Stephen Sutton, and Wendy Atkin
      BMJ 1999; 319: 1037-1038
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    24. What lessons can be learned for cancer registration quality assurance from data users? Skin cancer as an example
      G Maudsley and EMI Williams
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(5):809-815
    25. Breast cancer risk in young women and history of selected medical conditions
      HA Weiss, LA Brinton, NA Potischman, D Brogan, RJ Coates, MD Gammon, KE Malone and JB Schoenberg
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(5):816-823
    26. Effects of husbands' smoking on the incidence of lung cancer in Korean women
      SH Jee, H Ohrr and IS Kim
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(5):824-828
    27. GSTM1, smoking and lung cancer: a case-control study
      I Stücker, I de Waziers, S Cenée, J Bignon, A Depierre, B Milleron, P Beaune and D Hémon
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(5):829-835
    28. Associations between stomach cancer incidence and drinking water contamination with atrazine and nitrate in Ontario (Canada) agroecosystems, 1987-1991
      JA Van Leeuwen, D Waltner-Toews, T Abernathy, B Smit and M Shoukri
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(5):836-840
    29. Influence of Perinatal Factors on the Onset of Puberty in Boys and Girls: Implications for Interpretation of Link with Risk of Long Term Diseases
      Ingemar Persson, Fredik Ahlsson, Uwe Ewald, Torsten Tuvemo, Meng Qingyuan, Dietrich von Rosen, and Lemm Proos
      Am J Epidemiol 1999;150:747-55
    30. Risk of Breast Cancer According to Use of Antidepressants, Phenothiazines, and Antihistamines
      Judith P. Kelly, Lynn Rosenberg, Julie R. Palmer, R. Sowmya Rao, Brian L. Strom, Paul D. Stolley, Ann G. Zauber, and Samuel Shapiro
      Am J Epidemiol 1999;150:861-68
    31. Lifestyle and Colon Cancer: An Assessment of Factors Associated with Risk
      Martha L. Slattery, Sandra L. Edwards, Kenneth M. Boucher, Kristin Anderson, and Bette J. Caan
      Am J Epidemiol 1999;150:869-77
    32. Prevention of Human Breast Cancer
      Yun Fu Hu, Ph.D., Irma H. Russo, M.D., Jose Russo, M.D.
      Women and Cancer 1(4); 1999
      Table of Contents
    33. Green Tea and Cancer Prevention
      Hirohiko Matsumoto, Ph.D., Tetsuro Yamane
      Women and Cancer 1(4); 1999
      Table of Contents
    34. Smoking and Cancer in Women
      Judson A. Wells, Ph.D.
      Table of Contents
    35. Racial Differences in the Treatment of Early-Stage Lung Cancer
      Peter B. Bach, Laura D. Cramer, Joan L. Warren, Colin B. Begg
      New England Jrnl Medicine; Oct 14, 1999; (341)16:Special Article
    36. Influence of psychological response on survival in breast cancer: a population-based cohort study
      M Watson, J S Haviland, S Greer, J Davidson, J M Bliss
      Lancet 1354(9187); October 16,1999
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    37. Prostate Cancer Practice Patterns and Quality of Life: the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Study
      Arnold L. Potosky, Linda C. Harlan, Janet L. Stanford, Frank D. Gilliland, Ann S. Hamilton, Peter C. Albertsen, J. William Eley, Jonathan M. Liff, Dennis Deapen, Robert A. Stephenson, Julie Legler, Carol E. Ferrans, James A. Talcott, and Mark S. Litwin
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1719-1724
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    38. Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing of Older Men
      H. Ballentine Carter, Patricia K. Landis, E. Jeffrey Metter, Lee A. Fleisher, and Jay D. Pearson
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1733-1737
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    39. Serum a-Tocopherol and Subsequent Risk of Lung Cancer Among Male Smokers
      Karen Woodson, Joseph A. Tangrea, Michael J. Barrett, Jarmo Virtamo, Philip R. Taylor, and Demetrius Albanes
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1738-1743
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)

    40. Dietary Fat and Protein in Relation to Risk of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Among Women
      Shumin Zhang, David J. Hunter, Bernard A. Rosner, Graham A. Colditz, Charlie S. Fuchs, Frank E. Speizer, and Walter C. Willett
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1751-1758
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    41. Breast-Feeding and Risk of Childhood Acute Leukemia
      Xiao Ou Shu, Martha S. Linet, Michael Steinbuch, Wan Qing Wen, Jonathan D. Buckley, Joseph P. Neglia, John D. Potter, Gregory H. Reaman, and Leslie L. Robison
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1765-1772
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    42. Risk Factors for Ki-ras Protooncogene Mutation in Sporadic Colorectal Adenomas
      María Elena Martínez, Terese Maltzman, James R. Marshall, Janine Einspahr, Mary E. Reid, Richard Sampliner, Dennis J. Ahnen, Stanley R. Hamilton, and David S. Alberts
      Cancer Research 59(20):5181-5185
    43. Factors Associated with Axillary Lymph Node Metastasis from Breast Carcinoma: Descriptive and Predictive Analyses
      Peter H. Gann, Susan A. Colilla, Susan M. Gapstur, David J. Winchester, and David P. Winchester
      Cancer 86:1511-9, 1999
    44. Second Primary Tumors after Prostate Carcinoma
      Fabio Levi, Lalao Randimbison, Van-Cong Te, Georges Erler, and Carlo La Vecchia
      Cancer 86:1567-70, 1999
    45. Medical Progress: Biliary Tract Cancers
      Piet C. de Groen, Gregory J. Gores, Nicholas F. LaRusso, Leonard L. Gunderson, David M. Nagorney
      The New England Journal of Medicine 341(18); October 28, 1999
    46. A Systematic Review Of Genetic Polymorphisms and Breast Cancer Risk
      Alison M. Dunning, Catherine S. Healey, Paul D. P. Pharoah, M. Dawn Teare, Bruce A. J. Ponder, and Douglas F. Easton
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10): 843-854
    47. Epidemiology of Contralateral Breast Cancer
      Yue Chen, Wendy Thompson, Robert Semenciw, and Yang Mao
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10): 855-861
    48. Mammographic Patterns as a Predictive Biomarker of Breast Cancer Risk: Effect of Tamoxifen
      Charlotte Atkinson, Ruth Warren, Sheila A. Bingham, and Nicholas E. Day
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10): 863-866
    49. The Normal Breast Epithelium of Women with Breast Cancer Displays an Aberrant Response to Estradiol
      Seema A. Khan, Amar Sachdeva, Saira Naim, Michael M. Meguid, William Marx, Howard Simon, John D. Halverson, and Patricia J. Numann
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10): 867-872
    50. Association of Age and Reproductive Factors with Benign Breast Tissue Composition
      Dorota M. Gertig, Isaac E. Stillman, Celia Byrne, Donna Spiegelman, Stuart J. Schnitt, James L. Connolly, Graham A. Colditz, and David J. Hunter
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10):873-879
    51. Vasectomy and Risk of Prostate Cancer
      Janet L. Stanford, Kristine G. Wicklund, Barbara McKnight, Janet R. Daling, and Michael K. Brawer
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10):881-886
    52. Association between a CYP3A4 Genetic Variant and Clinical Presentation in African-American Prostate Cancer Patients
      Pamela L. Paris, Patrick A. Kupelian, Jeffrey M. Hall, Teri L. Williams, Howard Levin, Eric A. Klein, Graham Casey, and John S. Witte
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10):901-905
    53. Risk for Non-smoking-related Cancer in Atherosclerotic Patients
      Lene Dreyer and Jørgen H. Olsen
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10):915-918
    54. Leukemia, Lymphomas, and Myeloma Mortality in the Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Fuel Facilities in Spain
      Gonzalo López-Abente, Nuria Aragonés, Marina Pollán, María Ruiz, and Ana Gandarillas
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10):925-934
    55. Serum Antibodies to Human Papillomavirus 16 Proteins in Women from Brazil with Invasive Cervical Carcinoma
      Yeping Sun, José Eluf-Neto, F. Xavier Bosch, Nubia Muñoz, Jan M. M. Walboomers, Chris J. L. M. Meijer, Keerti V. Shah, Barbara Clayman, and Raphael P. Viscidi
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(10):935-940
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    September 1999:

    1. Cancer registry data based estimation of regional cancer incidence: application to breast and colorectal cancer in French administrative regions
      M Colonna, P Grosclaude, J Faivre, A Revzani, P Arveux, G Chaplain, B Tretarre, G Launoy, J M Lesec'h, N Raverdy, P Schaffer, A Buemi, F Menegoz, R J Black
      Jrnl of Epidemiology Community Health; September 1999: 558
      Table of Contents
    2. Medical Progress: Acute Myeloid Leukemia
      Bob Lowenberg, James R. Downing, Alan Burnett
      New England Journal of Medicine 341(14); September 30, 1999
    3. Bad News/Good News: Information About Breast Cancer Risk Following Prophylactic Oophorectomy
      Kathy J. Helzlsouer
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1442-1443
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    4. Possible Role of Ovarian Epithelial Inflammation in Ovarian Cancer
      Roberta B. Ness and Carrie Cottreau
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1459-1467
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    5. Breast Cancer Risk After Bilateral Prophylactic Oophorectomy in BRCA1 Mutation Carriers
      Timothy R. Rebbeck, Albert M. Levin, Andrea Eisen, Carrie Snyder, Patrice Watson, Lisa Cannon-Albright, Claudine Isaacs, Olofunmilayo Olopade, Judy E. Garber, Andrew K. Godwin, Mary B. Daly, Steven A. Narod, Susan L. Neuhausen, Henry T. Lynch, and Barbara L. Weber
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1475-1479
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    6. Maria Hewitt, Nancy Breen, and Susan Devesa
      Cancer Prevalence and Survivorship Issues: Analyses of the 1992 National Health Interview Survey
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1480-1486
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    7. Race and Differences in Breast Cancer Survival in a Managed Care Population
      Marianne Ulcickas Yood, Christine Cole Johnson, Angela Blount, Judith Abrams, Eric Wolman, Bruce D. McCarthy, Usha Raju, David S. Nathanson, Maria Worsham, and Sandra R. Wolman
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1487-1491
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    8. Arsenic Concentrations in Well Water and Risk of Bladder and Kidney Cancer in Finland
      Päivi Kurttio, Eero Pukkala, Hanna Kahelin, Anssi Auvinen, and Juha Pekkanen
      Environmental Health Perspectives 107(9):705
    9. Population-based Estimate of the Average Age-specific Cumulative Risk of Breast Cancer for a Defined Set of Protein-truncating Mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2
      John L. Hopper, Melissa C. Southey, Gillian S. Dite, Damien J. Jolley, Graham G. Giles, Margaret R. E. McCredie, Douglas F. Easton, Deon J. Venter, and the Australian Breast Cancer Family Study
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(9):741
    10. Prognosis in Women with a Carcinoma in Situ of the Breast: A Population-based Study in Sweden
      Fredrik Wärnberg, Jonas Bergh, and Lars Holmberg
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(9):769
    11. Expression of Folate Receptor Type a in Relation to Cell Type, Malignancy, and Differentiation in Ovary, Uterus, and Cervix
      Marietta Wu, William Gunning, and Manohar Ratnam
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(9):775
    12. Parental Occupational Exposure to Hydrocarbons and Risk of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in Offspring
      Xiao Ou Shu, Patricia Stewart, Wan-Qing Wen, Dehui Han, John D. Potter, Jonathan D. Buckley, Ellen Heineman, and Leslie L. Robison
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(9):783
    13. Associations between Childhood Cancer and Ionizing Radiation: Results of a Population-based Case-Control Study in Germany
      Rolf Meinert, Uwe Kaletsch, Peter Kaatsch, Joachim Schüz, and Jörg Michaelis
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(9):793
    14. Cyclin D1, Glutathione S-Transferase, and Cytochrome P450 Genotypes and Outcome in Patients with Upper Aerodigestive Tract Cancers: Assessment of the Importance of Individual Genes Using Multivariate Analysis
      Christoph Matthias, Volker Jahnke, Peter W. Jones, Paul R. Hoban, Julie E. Alldersea, Stephen F. Worrall, Anthony A. Fryer, and Richard C. Strange
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(9):815
    15. A Polymorphism of the Methionine Synthase Gene: Association with Plasma Folate, Vitamin B12, Homocyst(e)ine, and Colorectal Cancer Risk
      Jing Ma, Meir J. Stampfer, Benedicte Christensen, Edward Giovannucci, David J. Hunter, Jia Chen, Walter C. Willett, Jacob Selhub, Charles H. Hennekens, Roy Gravel, and Rima Rozen
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(9):825
    16. Association between Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism and Smoking among Japanese Males
      Hajime Ishikawa, Tsuyuka Ohtsuki, Hiroki Ishiguro, Kimiko Yamakawa-Kobayashi, Kazue Endo, Yu-Lin Lin, Hisako Yanagi, Shigeru Tsuchiya, Ken-ichi Kawata, Hideo Hamaguchi, and Tadao Arinami
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(9):831
    17. What Is the Significance of Race to Prostate Carcinoma?
      David G. Bostwick
      Cancer 86(5):735
    18. The Genetic Epidemiology of Male Breast Carcinoma
      Henry T. Lynch, Patrice Watson, and Steven A. Narod
      Cancer 86(5):744
    19. Diet and Breast Carcinoma Survival: An Abundance of Hope, a Dearth of Evidence
      James R. Marshall
      Cancer 86(5):751
    20. Diet and Breast Carcinoma Survival: An Abundance of Hope, a Dearth of Evidence-Reply
      Michelle D. Holmes and Walter C. Willett
      Cancer 86(5):754
    21. Dietary Factors and the Survival of Women with Breast Carcinoma
      Michelle D. Holmes, Meir J. Stampfer, Graham A. Colditz, Bernard Rosner, David J. Hunter, and Walter C. Willett
      Cancer 86(5):826
    22. A Prospective Study of the Serum Prostate Specific Antigen Concentrations and Gleason Histologic Scores of Black and White Men with Prostate Carcinoma
      Jackson E. Fowler, Jr., and Steven A. Bigler
      Cancer 86(5):836
    23. Expression of the Steroid Receptor RNA Activator in Human Breast Tumors
      Etienne Leygue, Helmut Dotzlaw, Peter H. Watson, and Leigh C. Murphy
      Cancer Research 59(17):4190
    24. Well-done, Grilled Red Meat Increases the Risk of Colorectal Adenomas
      Rashmi Sinha, Wong Ho Chow, Martin Kulldorff, John Denobile, James Butler, Montserrat Garcia-Closas, Rusty Weil, Robert N. Hoover, and Nathaniel Rothman
      Cancer Research 59(17):4320
    25. Increased Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression in Human Pancreatic Carcinomas and Cell Lines: Growth Inhibition by Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
      Miguel A. Molina, Marta Sitja-Arnau, Michael G. Lemoine, Marsha L. Frazier, and Frank A. Sinicrope
      Cancer Research 59(17):4356
    26. Selenium metabolism, selenoproteins and mechanisms of cancer prevention: complexities with thioredoxin reductase
      Howard E. Ganther
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1657-1666
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    27. Prostate cancer risk and polymorphism in 17 hydroxylase (CYP17) and steroid reductase (SRD5A2)
      Ruth M. Lunn, Douglas A. Bell, James L. Mohler, and Jack A. Taylor
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1727-1731
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    28. Codon 72 polymorphism of p53 as a risk factor for patients with human papillomavirus-associated squamous intraepithelial lesions and invasive cancer of the uterine cervix
      Tsuyoshi Yamashita, Yuji Yaginuma, Yuji Saitoh, Kiitirou Kawai, Toshiyuki Kurakane, Hiroaki Hayashi, and Mutsuo Ishikawa
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1733-1736
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    29. NAT2 slow acetylator genotype is associated with increased risk of lung cancer among non-smoking Chinese women in Singapore
      Adeline Seow, Bin Zhao, Wee-Teng Poh, Ming Teh, Philip Eng, Yee-Tang Wang, Wan-Cheng Tan, Edmund J.D. Lee, and Hin-Peng Lee
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1877-1881
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    30. A study of lung cancer mortality in asbestos workers: Doll, 1955
      Morris Greenberg
      Am Jrnl Industrial Medicine 36(3):331-347
      abstract (requires free registration)
    31. Glutathione S-Transferase M1 Genotypes and the Risk of Vulvar Cancer: A Population-based Case-Control Study
      Chu Chen, Margaret M. Madeleine, Noel S. Weiss, and Janet R. Daling
      American Journal of Epidemiology 150(5): 437
    32. Mutagenic Drinking Water and Risk of Male Esophageal Cancer: A Population-based Case-Control Study.
      Xuguang Tao, Huigang Zhu, and Genevieve M. Matanoski
      American Journal of Epidemiology 150(5): 443
    33. DDE and DDT in Breast Adipose Tissue and Risk of Female Breast Cancer.
      Tongzhang Zheng, Theodore R. Holford, Susan T. Mayne, Barbara Ward, Darryl Carter, Patricia H. Owens, Robert Dubrow, Shiela H. Zahm, Peter Boyle, Shannon Archibeque, and John Tessari
      American Journal of Epidemiology 150(5): 453
    34. Risk Factors for Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Skin in Men: Results from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study.
      Rob M. van Dam, Zhiping Huang, Eric B. Rimm, Martin A. Weinstock, Donna Spiegelman, Graham A. Colditz, Walter C. Willett, and Edward Giovannucci
      American Journal of Epidemiology 150(5):459
    35. Risk of Childhood Leukemia Associated with Exposure to Pesticides and with Gene Polymorphisms
      Claire Infante-Rivard, Damian Labuda, Maja Krajinovic, and Daniel Sinnett
      Epidemiology 10(5):481
      Table of Contents
    36. Lung Cancer and Indoor Air Pollution Arising from Chinese-Style Cooking among Nonsmoking Women Living in Shanghai, China
      Lijie Zhong, Mark S. Goldberg, Yu-Tang Gao, and Fan Jin
      Epidemiology 10(5):488
      Table of Contents
    37. Adult Glioma in Relation to Residential Power Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposures in the San Francisco Bay Area
      Margaret Wrensch, Michael Yost, Rei Miike, Geraldine Lee, and Jennifer Touchstone
      Epidemiology 10(5):523
      Table of Contents
    38. Menstrual and Reproductive Factors for Salivary Gland Cancer Risk in Women
      Pamela L. Horn-Ross, Merrilee Morrow, and Britt-Marie Ljung
      Epidemiology 10(5):528
      Table of Contents
    39. Radiation Exposure and Cancer Mortality in Uranium Processing Workers
      Beate Ritz
      Epidemiology 10(5):531
      Table of Contents
    40. Lactation and Breast Carcinoma Risk in a South African Population
      Patricia F. Coogan, Lynn Rosenberg, Samuel Shapiro, and Margaret Hoffman
      Cancer 86(6):982
    41. Estrogen Replacement Therapy for Ovarian Carcinoma Survivors: A Randomized Controlled Trial
      Franco Guidozzi and Alexandros Daponte
      Cancer 86(6):1013
    42. Association of Energy and Fat Intake with Prostate Carcinoma Risk: Results from the Netherlands Cohort Study
      Agnes G. Schuurman, Piet A. van den Brandt, Elisabeth Dorant, Henny A. M. Brants, and R. Alexandra Goldbohm
      Cancer 86(6):1019
    43. Cancer among Hispanic Children in California, 1988-1994: Comparison with Non-Hispanic White Children
      Eva R. Glazer, Carin I. Perkins, John L. Young, Jr., Robert D. Schlag, Sharan L. Campleman, and William E. Wright
      Cancer 86(6):1070
    44. Breast and Cervical Carcinoma: The Correlation of Activity Limitations and Rurality with Screening, Disease Incidence, and Mortality
      Mario Schootman and Laurence J. Fuortes
      Cancer 86(6):1087
    45. Validation Studies for Models Projecting the Risk of Invasive and Total Breast Cancer Incidence
      Joseph P. Costantino, Mitchell H. Gail, David Pee, Stewart Anderson, Carol K. Redmond, Jacques Benichou, and H. Samuel Wieand
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1541-1548
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    46. Drinking Water Source and Chlorination Byproducts in Iowa. III. Risk of Brain Cancer.
      Kenneth P. Cantor, Charles F. Lynch, Mariana E. Hildesheim, Mustafa Dosemeci, Jay Lubin, Michael Alavanja, and Gunther Craun
      Am Jrnl Epidemiology 150(6):552
    47. Breast Cancer and Oral Contraceptive Use in Asian-American Women
      Giske Ursin, Anna H. Wu, Robert N. Hoover, Dee W. West, Abraham M. Y. Nomura, Laurence N. Kolonel, Malcolm C. Pike, and Regina G. Ziegler
      Am Jrnl Epidemiology 150(6):561
    48. Glutathione S-Transferase M1 Genotypes and the Risk of Squamous Carcinoma of the Cervix: A Population-based Case-Control Study
      Chu Chen, Margaret M. Madeleine, Noel S. Weiss, and Janet R. Daling
      Am Jrnl Epidemiology 150(6):568
    49. Comparison of Self-Reported Fecal Occult Blood Testing with Automated Laboratory Records among Older Women in a Health Maintenance Organization
      Margaret T. Mandelson, Andrea Z. LaCroix, Lynda A. Anderson, Marion R. Nadel, and Nancy C. Lee
      Am Jrnl Epidemiology 150(6): 617
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    August 1999:

    1. Early Menopause and Infertility in Females after Treatment for Childhood Cancer Diagnosed in 1964-1988 in Ontario, Canada.
      Anna M. Chiarelli, Loraine D. Marrett, and Gerarda Darlington
      American Journal of Epidemiology 150(3):245
    2. Occupational risk factors for pancreatic cancer: A case-control study based on death certificates from 24 U.S. states
      Gabriela J. Kernan, Bu-Tian Ji, Mustafa Dosemeci, Debra T. Silverman, John Balbus, Shelia Hoar Zahm
      American Journal of Industrial Medicine 36(2):260-270
      abstract (requires free registration)
    3. Cancer in California school employees, 1988-1992
      Peggy Reynolds, Eric P. Elkin, Michael E. Layefsky, Geraldine M. Lee
      American Journal of Industrial Medicine 36(2):271-278
      abstract (requires free registration)
    4. Occupational physical activity and breast cancer risk in the upper Cape Cod cancer incidence study
      Patricia F. Coogan, Ann Aschengrau
      American Journal of Industrial Medicine 36(2):279-285
      abstract (requires free registration)
    5. Maintenance work and asbestos-related cancers in the refinery and petrochemical sector
      Murray M. Finkelstein
      American Journal of Industrial Medicine 36(2):326
      references (requires free registration)
    6. Cancer and the Internet
      Donald Earl Henson
      Cancer 86(3):373
    7. Evaluation of Cancer Information on the Internet
      J. Sybil Biermann, Gregory J. Golladay, Mary Lou V. H. Greenfield, and Laurence H. Baker
      Cancer 86(3):381
    8. In Colorectal Carcinoma Patients, Serum Vitamin D Levels Vary According to Stage of the Carcinoma
      Yaron Niv, Ami D. Sperber, Arie Figer, Dror Igael, Shraga Shany, Gerald Fraser, and Betti Schwartz
      Cancer 86(3):391
    9. The Natural History of Breast Carcinoma: What Have We Learned from Screening?
      László Tabár, Stephen W. Duffy, Bedrich Vitak, Hsiu-Hsi Chen, and Teresa C. Prevost
      Cancer 86(3):449
    10. Observations of Prostate Specific Antigen Doubling Time in Japanese Patients with Nonmetastatic Prostate Carcinoma
      Shin Egawa, Kazumasa Matsumoto, Kazuho Suyama, Masatsugu Iwamura, Sadahito Kuwao, and Shiro Baba
      Cancer 86(3):463
    11. Age Specific Risks of Familial Prostate Carcinoma: A Basis for Screening Recommendations in High Risk Populations
      Henrik Grönberg, Fredrik Wiklund, and Jan-Erik Damber
      Cancer 86(3):477
    12. Risk Factors for Prostate Carcinoma in Taiwan: A Case-Control Study in a Chinese Population
      John F. C. Sung, Ruey S. Lin, Yeong-Shiau Pu, Yi-Chun Chen, Hong C. Chang, and Ming-Kuen Lai
      Cancer 86(3):484
    13. Breast Conservation Therapy in the United States following the 1990 National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference on the Treatment of Patients with Early Stage Invasive Breast Carcinoma
      DeAnn Lazovich, Cam C. Solomon, David B. Thomas, Roger E. Moe, and Emily White
      Cancer 86(4):628
    14. The Cost-Effectiveness of Nationwide Breast Carcinoma Screening in Finland, 1987-1992
      Tiina Leivo, Harri Sintonen, Risto Tuominen, Matti Hakama, Eero Pukkala, and Olli-Pertti Heinonen
      Cancer 86(4):638
    15. Ethical Ramifications of Alternative Means of Recruiting Research Participants from Cancer Registries
      Jeremy Sugarman, Katie Regan, Barbara Parker, Leslie G. Bluman, and Joellen Schildkraut
      Cancer 86(4):647
    16. Dedifferentiation in the Metastatic Progression of Prostate Carcinoma
      Liang Cheng, Jeff Slezak, Erik J. Bergstralh, John C. Cheville, Susan Sweat, Horst Zincke, and David G. Bostwick
      Cancer 86(4):657
    17. Having Children after Cancer: A Pilot Survey of Survivors' Attitudes and Experiences
      Leslie R. Schover, Lisa A. Rybicki, Beth Anne Martin, and Karen A. Bringelsen
      Cancer 86(4):697
    18. The American Cancer Society Challenge Goals: How Far Can Cancer Rates Decline in the U.S. by the Year 2015?
      Tim Byers, Judy Mouchawar, James Marks, Blake Cady, Nancy Lins, G. Marie Swanson, Dileep G. Bal, and Harmon Eyre, for the ACS Reduction in Cancer Incidence and Mortality Committee
      Cancer 86(4):715
    19. Genetically Tailored Preventive Strategies: an Effective Plan for the Twenty-first Century?
      Alice S. Whittemore
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(8):649
    20. Colorectal Adenomas and the C677T MTHFR Polymorphism: Evidence for Gene-Environment Interaction?
      Cornelia M. Ulrich, Ellen Kampman, Jeannette Bigler, Stephen M. Schwartz, Chu Chen, Roberd Bostick, Lisa Fosdick, Shirley A. A. Beresford, Yutaka Yasui, and John D. Potter
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(8):659
    21. hOGG1 Ser326Cys Polymorphism and Lung Cancer Susceptibility
      Haruhiko Sugimura, Takashi Kohno, Kenji Wakai, Kiyoko Nagura, Keiichiro Genka, Hisaki Igarashi, Brian J. Morris, Satoshi Baba, Yoshiyuki Ohno, ChangMing Gao, ZhongYou Li, JianDong Wang, Toshiro Takezaki, Kazuo Tajima, Tibor Varga, Toshiko Sawaguchi, J. Koji Lum, Jeremy J. Martinson, Shoichiro Tsugane, Teruo Iwamasa, Kazuya Shinmura, and Jun Yokota
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(8):669
    22. Glutathione S-Transferase M1 Status and Lung Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis
      R. S. Houlston
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(8):675
    23. Familial Occurrence of Carcinoid Tumors and Association with Other Malignant Neoplasms
      Dusica Babovic-Vuksanovic, Costas L. Constantinou, Joseph Rubin, Charles M. Rowland, Daniel J. Schaid, and Pamela S. Karnes
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(8):715
    24. Validity of Short Food Frequency Questionnaires Used in Cancer Chemoprevention Trials: Results from the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial
      Marian L. Neuhouser, Alan R. Kristal, Dale McLerran, Ruth E. Patterson, and Jonnae Atkinson
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(8):721
    25. Specific p53 Gene Mutations in Urinary Bladder Epithelium after the Chernobyl Accident.
      Shinji Yamamoto, Alina Romanenko, Min Wei, Chikayoshi Masuda, Wadim Zaparin, Wladimir Vinnichenko, Alexander Vozianov, Chyi Chia R. Lee, Keiichirou Morimura, Hideki Wanibuchi, Mitsuhiro Tada, and Shoji Fukushima.
      Cancer Research 59(15):3606
    26. Reproductive Factors of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Risk in a High Fertility Population in Mexico.
      Eduardo Salazar-Martinez, Eduardo Cesar Lazcano-Ponce, Guillermo Gonzalez Lira-Lira, Pedro Escudero-De los Rios, Jorge Salmeron-Castro, and Mauricio Hernandez-Avila
      Cancer Research 59(15):3658
    27. Concurrent DNA Hypermethylation of Multiple Genes in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
      John R. Melki, Paul C. Vincent, and Susan J. Clark
      Cancer Research 59(15):3730
    28. Expression of glutathione S-transferase q class isoenzymes in human colorectal and gastric cancers
      W.C.C. de Bruin, M.J.M. Wagenmans, P.G. Board, and W.H.M. Peters
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1453-1458
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB Users only)
    29. Ethnic differences in poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase pseudogene genotype distribution and association with lung cancer risk
      Jun Gu, Margaret R. Spitz, Fang Yang, and Xifeng Wu
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1465-1470
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB Users only)
    30. Hematopoietic cancer and peptic ulcer: a multicenter case-control study
      Paolo Vineis, Paolo Crosignani, Carlotta Sacerdote, Arabella Fontana, Giovanna Masala, Lucia Miligi, Oriana Nanni, Valerio Ramazzotti, Stefania Rodella, Emanuele Stagnaro, Rosario Tumino, Clotilde Viganò, Carla Vindigni, and Adele Seniori Costantini
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1459-1464
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB Users only)
    31. Michael Huncharek, Joshua Muscat, and Jean-Francois Geschwind
      K-ras oncogene mutation as a prognostic marker in non-small cell lung cancer: a combined analysis of 881 cases
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1507-1510
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB Users only)
    32. Sex hormone-induced mammary carcinogenesis in female Noble rats: the role of androgens
      B. Xie, S.W. Tsao, and Y.C. Wong
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1597-1606
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    33. Interactions of familial and hormonal risk factors for large bowel cancer in women
      PA Newcomb, JO Taylor and A Trentham-Dietz
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(4):603-608
    34. Ulcerative colitis and colorectal cancer; a follow-up study in Fukuoka, Japan
      N Ishibashi, Y Hirota, M Ikeda and T Hirohata
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(4):609-613
    35. Cigarette smoking and male lung cancer risk with special regard to type of tobacco
      L Armadans-Gil, J Vaqué-Rafart, J Rosselló, M Olona and M Alsedà
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(4):614-619
    36. Physical activity and risk of lung cancer
      I-M Lee, HD Sesso and RS Paffenbarger Jr
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(4):620-625
    37. Case-control study of thyroid cancer in Northern Italy: attributable risk
      F Fioretti, A Tavani, S Gallus, S Franceschi, E Negri and C La Vecchhia
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(4):626-630
    38. Association of childhood cancer with factors related to pregnancy and birth
      J Schüz, P Kaatsch, U Kaletsch, R Meinert and J Michaelis
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(4):631-639
    39. Molecular Markers of Prognosis in Colorectal Cancer
      Iain D. Nicholl and Malcolm G. Dunlop
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1267-1269
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    40. Cancer Risks in BRCA2 Mutation Carriers
      The Breast Cancer Linkage Consortium
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1310-1316
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only
    41. Association between CYP17 gene polymorphism and risk of breast cancer in young women
      Malin Bergman-Jungeström, Massimiliano Gentile, Anna-Carin Lundin, Sten Wingren
      International Journal of Cancer 84(4):350-353
      abstract (requires free registration)
    42. Effect of c-erbB2 and estrogen receptor status on survival of women with primary breast cancer treated with adjuvant cyclophosphamide/methotrexate/fluorouracil
      David W. Miles, William H. Harris, Cheryl E. Gillett, Paul Smith, Diana M. Barnes
      International Journal of Cancer 84(4): 354-359
    43. Expression of the HMGI(Y) gene in human colorectal cancer
      Duck-Hwan Kim,, Young-Suk Park, Chul J. Park, Kyu C. Son, Eun S. Nam, Hyung S. Shin, Jin-Woo Ryu, Dae S. Kim, Cheol K. Park, Young E. Park
      International Journal of Cancer 84(4):376-380
    44. Correlation of numerical and structural status of chromosome 16 with histological type and grade of non-invasive and invasive breast carcinomas
      Hitoshi Tsuda, Teruko Takarabe, Setsuo Hirohashi
      International Journal of Cancer 84(4): 381-387
    45. Elevated serum levels of transforming growth factor b1 in Epstein-Barr virus-associated nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients
      Jingwu Xu, José Menezes, U. Prasad, Ali Ahmad
      International Journal of Cancer 84(4):396-399
    46. Overexpression of cyclooxygenase-2 protein is less frequent in gastric cancers with microsatellite instability
      Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Fumio Itoh, Hiroshi Fukushima, Yuji Hinoda, Kohzoh Imai
      International Journal of Cancer 84(4): 400-403
    47. Genomic instability and alterations in Apc, Mcc and Dcc in Hong Kong patients with colorectal carcinoma
      Josephine Mun-Yee Ko, Michael Ho-Yin Cheung, Ming-Wa Kwan, Chow-Ming Wong, Kwok-Wai Lau, Cecilia Man-Ching Tang, Maria Li Lung
      International Journal of Cancer 84(4):404-409
    48. Prognostic value of immunohistochemical expression of the c-erbB-2 oncoprotein in metastasic prostate cancer
      Joan Morote, Inés de Torres, Carme Caceres, Carlos Vallejo, Simó Schwartz Jr., Jaume Reventos
      International Journal of Cancer 84(4):421-425
    49. Detection of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) genomes in the serum of patients with EBV-associated Hodgkin's disease
      Alice Gallagher, Alison A. Armstrong, Jane MacKenzie, Lesley Shield, Gulfaraz Khan, Annette Lake, Stephen Proctor, Penny Taylor, Geoffrey B. Clements, Ruth F. Jarrett
      International Journal of Cancer 84(4):442-448
    50. Case-referent study on occupational risk factors for bladder cancer in southern Israel
      R. Carel, A. Levitas-Langman, E. Kordysh, J. Goldsmith, M. Friger
      Int Arch Occup Environ Health 72 (1999) 5, 304-308
    51. Daily sunscreen application and betacarotene supplementation in prevention of basal-cell and squamous-cell carcinomas of the skin: a randomised controlled trial
      Adèle Green, Gail Williams, Rachel Neale, Veronica Hart, David Leslie, Peter Parsons, Geoffrey C Marks, Philip Gaffney, Diana Battistutta, Christine Frost, Carolyn Lang, Anne Russell
      Lancet 354(9180); August 28, 1999
    52. Trends in mortality from cancer in the European Union, 1955-94
      Fabio Levi, Franca Lucchini, Carlo La Vecchia, Eva Negri
      Lancet 354(9180); August 28, 1999
    53. Cancer in the developing world: a call to action
      Sinéad B Jones
      BMJ 1999; 319: 505-508.
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    54. Breast Cancer: a New Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Disease?
      Ian Magrath and Kishor Bhatia
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1349-1350
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    55. Detection of Epstein-Barr Virus in Invasive Breast Cancers

    56. Mathilde Bonnet, Jean-Marc Guinebretiere, Elisabeth Kremmer, Virginie Grunewald, Ellen Benhamou, Genevieve Contesso, and Irene Joab

      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1376-1381
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)

    57. Brain and Other Central Nervous System Cancers: Recent Trends in Incidence and Mortality
      Julie M. Legler, Lynn A. Gloeckler Ries, Malcolm A. Smith, Joan L. Warren, Ellen F. Heineman, Richard S. Kaplan, and Martha S. Linet
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1382-1390
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    58. Mammographic Densities and Risk of Breast Cancer Among Subjects With a Family History of This Disease
      Norman F. Boyd, Gina A. Lockwood, Lisa J. Martin, Julia A. Knight, Roberta A. Jong, Eve Fishell, Jeff W. Byng, Martin J. Yaffe, and David L. Tritchler
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1404-1408
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    59. Effects of Health Insurance and Race on Early Detection of Cancer
      Richard G. Roetzheim, Naazneen Pal, Colleen Tennant, Lydia Voti, John Z. Ayanian, Annette Schwabe, and Jeffrey P. Krischer
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1409-1415
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    60. Cancer prevention among urban Southwestern American Indian women: Comparison to selected year 2000 National Health objectives
      Risendal, Giuliano
      Annals of Epidemiology 9(6):383-390
      Table of Contents
    61. Supplement to the Carcinogenic Potency Database (CPDB): Results of Animal Bioassays Published in the General Literature in 1993 to 1994 and by the National Toxicology Program in 1995 to 1996
      Lois Swirsky Gold, Neela B. Manley, Thomas H. Slone, and Lars Rohrbach
      Environmental Health Perspectives 107(Suppl 4):527
    62. Introduction--Workshop on Characterizing the Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Human Health at Environmental Exposure Levels
      Ronald L. Melnick
      Environmental Health Perspectives 107(Suppl. 4):603
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    63. New Approaches for Estimating Risk from Exposure to Diethylstilbestrol
      Gerald R. Cunha, John-Gunnar Forsberg, Robert Golden, Arthur Haney, Taisen Iguchi, Retha Newbold, Shanna Swan, and Wade Welshons
      Environmental Health Perspectives 107(Suppl 4):625
    64. Characterization of Potential Endocrine-Related Health Effects at Low-Dose Levels of Exposure to PCBs
      Abraham Brouwer, Matthew P. Longnecker, Linda S. Birnbaum, Jim Cogliano, Paul Kostyniak, Jack Moore, Suzan Schantz, and Gerhard Winneke
      Environmental Health Perspectives 107(Suppl. 4):639
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    July 1999:

    1. Antioxidant enzyme activities and lipid peroxides in the plasma of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer are not predictive
      Semra Dogru-Abbasoglu, Gülçin Aykaç-Toker, Taner Koçak, Erdinç Ünlüer, Müjdat Uysal
      Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 125 (1999) 7, 402-404
      Table of Contents
    2. Are we really dying for a tan?
      Andrew R Ness, Stephen J Frankel, David J Gunnell, and George Davey Smith
      BMJ 1999; 319: 114-116
      Full text (Roswell Park or UB users)
    3. Finally, Good News about Prostate Carcinoma in African American Men
      Mack Roach III
      Cancer 86(1): 1
      Table of Contents
    4. The Effects of Supplementation with a-Tocopherol and B-Carotene on the Incidence and Mortality of Carcinoma of the Pancreas in a Randomized, Controlled Trial
      Matti T. Rautalahti, Jarmo R. K. Virtamo, Philip R. Taylor, Olli P. Heinonen, Demetrius Albanes, Jari K. Haukka, Brenda K. Edwards, Päivi A. Kärkkäinen, Rachael Z. Stolzenberg-Solomon, and Jussi Huttunen
      Cancer 86(1):37
    5. Adherence by African American Men to Prostate Cancer Education and Early Detection
      Ronald E. Myers, Gerald W. Chodak, Thomas A. Wolf, Desiree Y. Burgh, Gene T. McGrory, Sue M. Marcus, Julie A. Diehl, and Melissa Williams
      Cancer 86(1):88
    6. Nutritional Status of Children with Solid Tumors
      Ronit Elhasid, Arie Laor, Sophie Lischinsky, Sergey Postovsky, and Myriam Weyl Ben Arush
      Cancer 86(1):119
    7. Thyroid Carcinoma in Children and Adolescents in Ukraine after the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident: Statistical Data and Clinicomorphologic Characteristics
      Mykola D. Tronko, Tetyana I. Bogdanova, Igor V. Komissarenko, Ovsiy V. Epstein, V. Oliynyk, A. Kovalenko, Ilya A. Likhtarev, I. Kairo, Sara B. Peters, and Virginia A. LiVolsi
      Cancer 86(1):149
    8. Second Primary Cancers in Patients with Lung Carcinoma
      Fabio Levi, Lalao Randimbison, Van-Cong Te, and Carlo La Vecchia
      Cancer 86(1):186
    9. The tamoxifen dilemma
      Ian N.H. White
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 1153-1160
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    10. Participation in Breast Cancer Risk Counseling Among Women With a Family History
      Deborah Bowen, Anne McTiernan, Wylie Burke, Diane Powers, Jana Pruski, Sharon Durfy, Julie Gralow, and Kathleen Malone
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(7):581
    11. Physician Intention to Recommend Complete Diagnostic Evaluation in Colorectal Cancer Screening
      Ronald E. Myers, Terry Hyslop, Martha Gerrity, Neil Schlackman, Nick Hanchak, James Grana, Barbara J. Turner, David Weinberg, and Walter W. Hauck
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(7):587
    12. Patterns and Characteristics of Repeat Mammography among Women 50 Years and Older
      Marianne Ulcickas Yood, Bruce D. McCarthy, Nancy C. Lee, Gordon Jacobsen, and Christine Cole Johnson
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(7):595
    13. Risk Factors for High-Risk Type Human Papillomavirus Infection among Mexican-American Women
      Anna R. Giuliano, Mary Papenfuss, Achim Schneider, Magdy Nour, and Kenneth Hatch
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(7):615
    14. Underreporting of Family History of Colon Cancer: Correlates and Implications
      Karen Glanz, John Grove, Loïc Le Marchand, and Carolyn Gotay
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(7):635
    15. Serum Testosterone and Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin Concentrations and the Risk of Prostate Carcinoma: A Longitudinal Study
      Ritva Heikkilä, Kimmo Aho, Markku Heliövaara, Matti Hakama, Jukka Marniemi, Antti Reunanen, and Paul Knekt
      Cancer 86(2):312
      abstract (requires free registration)
    16. Sex Differences in Lung CYP1A1 Expression and DNA Adduct Levels among Lung Cancer Patients.
      Steen Mollerup, David Ryberg, Allan Hewer, David H. Phillips, and Aage Haugen.
      Cancer Research 59(4):3317
    17. Relation of human papillomavirus status to cervical lesions and consequences for cervical-cancer screening: a prospective study
      Mariëlle A E Nobbenhuis, Jan M M Walboomers, Theo J M Helmerhorst, Lawrence Rozendaal, Ans J Remmink, Elle K J Risse, Hans C van der Linden, Feja J Voorhorst, Peter Kenemans, Chris J L M Meijer
      Lancet 1354(9172) July 3
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only - requires free registration)
    18. Early Lung Cancer Action Project: overall design and findings from baseline screening
      Claudia I Henschke, Dorothy I McCauley, David F Yankelevitz, David P Naidich, Georgeann McGuinness, Olli S Miettinen, Daniel M Libby, Mark W Pasmantier, June Koizumi, Nasser K Altorki, James P Smith
      Lancet 1354(9173) July 10
    19. Long-Term Survival and Late Deaths after Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation
      Gerard Socie, Judith Veum Stone, John R. Wingard, Daniel Weisdorf, P. Jean Henslee-Downey, Christopher Bredeson, Jean-Yves Cahn, Jakob R. Passweg, Philip A. Rowlings, Harry C. Schouten, Hans-Jochem Kolb, John P. Klein, Christine Bender-Gotze, Bruce M. Camitta, Kamar Godder, Mary M. Horowitz, Alan S. Wayne, for the Late Effects Working Committee of the International Bone Marrow Transplant Registry
      The New England Journal of Medicine 341(1) July 1
    20. Trends in cervical cancer mortality
      F X Bosch
      Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health July 1999: 392
      Table of Contents
    21. Increase in cervical cancer mortality in Spain, 1951-1991
      J Llorca, M D Prieto, M Delgado-Rodríguez
      Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health July 1999: 408
      Table of Contents
    22. Genetics of Smoking-Related Cancer and Mutagen Sensitivity
      Neil Caporaso
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1097-1098
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    23. Risk of Endometrial Cancer Following Estrogen Replacement With and Without Progestins
      Elisabete Weiderpass, Hans-Olov Adami, John A. Baron, Cecilia Magnusson, Reinhold Bergström, Anders Lindgren, Nestor Correia, and Ingemar Persson
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1131-1137
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    24. Increased Blood Glucose and Insulin, Body Size, and Incident Colorectal Cancer
      Robert E. Schoen, Catherine M. Tangen, Lewis H. Kuller, Gregory L. Burke, Mary Cushman, Russell P. Tracy, Adrian Dobs, and Peter J. Savage
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1147-1154.
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    25. Cancer Mortality Among Workers Exposed to Chemicals During Uranium Processing
      Beate Ritz, MD, PhD
      Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 41(7)
      Table of Contents
    26. Possible Mechanisms by Which Pro- and Prebiotics Influence Colon Carcinogenesis and Tumor Growth
      Bandaru S. Reddy
      J. Nutr. 1999 129: 1478S-1478S.
    27. Farming and Prostate Cancer
      John F. Acquavella
      Epidemiology 10(4) July 1999
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    28. Application of the Case-Specular Method to Two Studies of Wire Codes and Childhood Cancers
      Kristie L. Ebi, Luciano E. Zaffanella, and Sander Greenland
      Epidemiology 10(4): July 1999
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    29. Synergy between Asbestos and Smoking on Lung Cancer Risks
      Thomas C. Erren, Michael Jacobsen, and Claus Piekarski
      Epidemiology 10(4): July 1999
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    30. Maternal Risk of Breast Cancer and Birth Characteristics of Offspring by Time Since Birth
      Jan Wohlfahrt and Mads Melbye
      Epidemiology 10(4): July 1999
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    31. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Colon Cancer among Members of a Health Maintenance Organization
      Eric J. Jacobs, Emily White, Noel S. Weiss, Susan R. Heckbert, Andrea LaCroix, and William E. Barlow
      Epidemiology 10(4): July 1999
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    32. A Cohort Study of Farming and Risk of Prostate Cancer in Iowa
      Alex S. Parker, James R. Cerhan, Shannon D. Putnam, Kenneth P. Cantor, and Charles F. Lynch
      Epidemiology 10(4): July 1999
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    33. Childhood Leukemia and Electrical Appliances
      David E. Jeffers; Elizabeth E. Hatch, Jay H. Lubin, Robert E. Tarone, Sholom Wacholder, Ruth A. Kleinerman, Martha S. Linet, and William T. Kaune
      Epidemiology 10(4): July 1999
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    34. Adjustment for Age at First Birth in Etiologic Studies of Breast Cancer Involving Exposures That May Affect Age at First Birth
      Mads Melbye, Jan Wohlfahrt, and Per Kragh Andersen
      Epidemiology 10(4): July 1999
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    35. Interpretation of Genetic Test Results for Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer: Implications for Clinical Predisposition Testing
      S. Syngal, E. A. Fox, C. Li, M. Dovidio, C. Eng, R. D. Kolodner, J. E. Garber
      JAMA 282(3): 247-253
    36. Mechanisms of Disease: Glucose Transporters and Insulin Action -- Implications for Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Mellitus
      Peter R. Shepherd, Barbara B. Kahn
      The New England Journal of Medicine 341(4)
      Table of Contents
    37. Outcome of primary-breast-cancer patients with micrometastases: a long-term follow-up study
      Janine L Mansi, Helen Gogas, Judith M Bliss, Jean-Claude Gazet, Uta Berger, R Charles Coombes
      Lancet 1999; 354: 195-200
      Table of Contents
    38. Codon 72 polymorphism of p53 and its association with cervical cancer
      Ingeborg Zehbe, Gianfranco Voglino, Erik Wilander, Franco Genta, Massimo Tommasino
      Lancet 1999; 354
      Table of Contents
    39. Breast feeding and obesity: cross sectional study
      Rüdiger von Kries, Berthold Koletzko, Thorsten Sauerwald, Erika von Mutius, Dietmar Barnert, Veit Grunert, and Hubertus von Voss
      BMJ 1999; 319: 147-150
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    40. Tobacco Smoke Carcinogens and Lung Cancer
      Stephen S. Hecht
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1194-1210
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    41. Frequent Microsatellite Instability and Mismatch Repair Gene Mutations in Young Chinese Patients With Colorectal Cancer
      Tsun Leung Chan, Siu Tsan Yuen, Lap Ping Chung, Judy W. C. Ho, Kedo Y. M. Kwan, Annie S. Y. Chan, Joanna C. Y. Ho, Suet Yi Leung, and Andrew H. Wyllie
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1221-1226
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    42. Prevalence and Penetrance of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Gene Mutations in Unselected Ashkenazi Jewish Women With Breast Cancer
      Ellen Warner, William Foulkes, Pamela Goodwin, Wendy Meschino, John Blondal, Colleen Paterson, Hilmi Ozcelik, Paul Goss, Diane Allingham-Hawkins, Nancy Hamel, Lisa Di Prospero, Velita Contiga, Corinne Serruya, Meri Klein, Roxana Moslehi, Joanne Honeyford, Alexander Liede, Gordon Glendon, Jean-Sébastien Brunet, and Steven Narod
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1241-1247
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    43. Re: Effect of BRCA1 and BRCA2 on the Association Between Breast Cancer Risk and Family History
      David J. Kaufman and Jeffery P. Struewing
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1250-1251
      Full text (Roswell and UB users only)
    44. Evaluation of an Intervention to Reduce Sun Exposure in Children: Design and Baseline Results.
      Elizabeth Milne, Dallas R. English, Donna Cross, Billie Corti, Christine Costa, and Robyn Johnston
      Am J Epidemiol 1999;150:164-73
    45. Lactation in Relation to Postmenopausal Breast Cancer.
      Polly A. Newcomb, Kathleen M. Egan, Linda Titus-Ernstoff, Amy Trentham-Dietz, E. R. Greenberg, John Baron, Walter C. Willett, and Meir J. Stampfer
      Am J Epidemiol 1999;150:174-82
    46. Lactose Absorption in Patients with Ovarian Cancer.
      Gian Franco Meloni, Carla Colombo, Carlo La Vecchia, Giuseppina Ruggiu, Maria Chiara Mannazzu, Guido Ambrosini, and Pier Luigi Cherchi
      Am J Epidemiol 1999;150:183-6
    47. Does isolated rectal bleeding suggest colorectal cancer?
      M Douek, M Wickramasinghe, M A Clifton
      Lancet 354, 31 July
      Table of Contents
    48. Metastatic cancer in the Jurassic
      Bruce M Rothschild, Brian J Witzke, Israel Hershkovitz
      Lancet 354, 31 July
      Table of Contents
    49. Medical Progress: Common Musculoskeletal Tumors of Childhood and Adolescence
      Carola A.S. Arndt, William M. Crist
      The New England Journal of Medicine 341(5)
      Table of Contents
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    June 1999:
    1. A Randomized Trial of Breast Cancer Risk Counseling: The Impact on Self-Reported Mammography Use
      M. D. Schwartz, B. K. Rimer, M. Daly, C. Sands, and C. Lerman
      American Journal of Public Health 89(6): 924ff
      Table of Contents
    2. Changes in Canadian Women's Mammography Rates Since the Implementation of Mass Screening Programs
      C. E. De Grasse, A. M. O'Connor, J. Boulet, N. Edwards, H. Bryant, and K. Breithaupt
      American Journal of Public Health 89(6): 927ff
      Table of Contents
    3. Primary Liver Cancer, Other Malignancies, and Mortality Risks following Porphyria: A Cohort Study in Denmark and Sweden.
      Martha S. Linet, Gloria Gridley, Olof Nyrén, Lene Mellemkjaer, Jorgen H. Olsen, Shannon Keehn, Hans-Olov Adami, and Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr.
      American Journal of Epidemiology 149(11):1010
    4. Genes, Cancer and Ethics in the Work Environment
      Paul A. Schulte
      American Journal of Industrial Medicine 35(6):662-663
      abstract (requires free guest registration)
    5. Pregnancy after Breast Carcinoma: The Ultimate Medical Challenge
      Hervy E. Averette, Ramin Mirhashemi, and Frederick L. Moffat
      Cancer 85(11):2301ff
      Table of Contents
    6. Multiple Myeloma and Family History of Cancer among Blacks and Whites in the U.S.
      Linda Morris Brown, Martha S. Linet, Raymond S. Greenberg, Debra T. Silverman, Richard B. Hayes, G. Marie Swanson, Ann G. Schwartz, Janet B. Schoenberg, Linda M. Pottern, and Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr.
      Cancer 85(11): 2385ff
      Table of Contents
    7. Adolescence and Breast Carcinoma Risk
      Catherine S. Berkey, A. Lindsay Frazier, Jane D. Gardner, and Graham A. Colditz
      Cancer 85(11): 2400ff
      Table of Contents
    8. Pregnancy after Breast Carcinoma: Outcomes and Influence on Mortality
      Priscilla Velentgas, Janet R. Daling, Kathleen E. Malone, Noel S. Weiss, Michelle A. Williams, Steven G. Self, and Beth A. Mueller
      Cancer 85(11): 2424ff
      Table of Contents
    9. Does a Family History of Cancer Increase the Risk for Postmenopausal Endometrial Carcinoma? A Prospective Cohort Study and a Nested Case-Control Family Study of Older Women
      Janet E. Olson, Thomas A. Sellers, Kristin E. Anderson, and Aaron R. Folsom
      Cancer 85(11): 2444ff
      Table of Contents
    10. Genetic Alterations in Bronchial Lavage as a Potential Marker for Individuals with a High Risk of Developing Lung Cancer.
      John K. Field, Triantafillos Liloglou, George Xinarianos, Wendy Prime, Patricia Fielding, Martin J. Walshaw, and Lesley Turnbull.
      Cancer Research 59(11):2690ff
    11. Expression of CYP1A1 and CYP1B1 depends on cell-specific factors in human breast cancer cell lines: role of estrogen receptor status
      William G.R. Angus, Michele C. Larsen, and Colin R. Jefcoate
      Carcinogenesis 1999 20: 947-955
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    12. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Risk of Breast Cancer With a Favorable Histology: Results of the Iowa Women's Health Study
      S. M. Gapstur, M. Morrow, T. A. Sellers
      JAMA 281(22): 2091-2097
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    13. (n-3) Fatty Acid Supplementation in Moderately Hypertriglyceridemic Adults Changes Postprandial Lipid and Apolipoprotein B Responses to a Standardized Test Meal
      Lesley F. Tinker, Elizabeth J Parks, Stephen R. Behr, Barbara O. Schneeman, and Paul A. Davis
      J. Nutr. 1999 129: 1126-1134
    14. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and nitrate in drinking water: a study in Yorkshire, United Kingdom
      G Law, R Parslow, P McKinney, R Cartwright
      Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 53(6):383ff
      Table of Contents
    15. Hormonal Manipulations May Also Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
      Nancy J. Nelson
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 910-911.
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    16. Colorectal Cancer: Molecules and Populations
      John D. Potter
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 916-932.
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    17. Prevalence of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Gene Mutations in Patients With Early-Onset Breast Cancer
      Julian Peto, Nadine Collins, Rita Barfoot, Sheila Seal, William Warren, Nazneen Rahman, Douglas F. Easton, Christopher Evans, Judith Deacon, and Michael R. Stratton
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 943-949
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    18. Physical Activity, Body Mass Index, and Prostaglandin E2 Levels in Rectal Mucosa
      María Elena Martínez, David Heddens, David L. Earnest, Cheryl L. Bogert, Denise Roe, Janine Einspahr, James R. Marshall, and David S. Alberts
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 950-953
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    19. Detection of Human Papillomavirus DNA in Cytologically Normal Women and Subsequent Cervical Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions
      Kai-Li Liaw, Andrew G. Glass, M. Michele Manos, Catherine E. Greer, David R. Scott, Mark Sherman, Robert D. Burk, Robert J. Kurman, Sholom Wacholder, Brenda B. Rush, Diane M. Cadell, Patti Lawler, David Tabor, and Mark Schiffman
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 954-960
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    20. Androgen Receptor Exon 1 CAG Repeat Length and Breast Cancer in Women Before Age Forty Years
      Amanda B. Spurdle, Gillian S. Dite, Xiaoqing Chen, Carol J. Mayne, Melissa C. Southey, Leigh E. Batten, Hun Chy, Lynne Trute, Margaret R. E. McCredie, Graham G. Giles, Jane Armes, Deon J. Venter, John L. Hopper, and Georgia Chenevix-Trench
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 961-966
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    21. Effect of Cigar Smoking on the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Cancer in Men
      Carlos Iribarren, Irene S. Tekawa, Stephen Sidney, Gary D. Friedman
      New England Journal of Medicine 340(23)
    22. The One-in-Nine Risk of Breast Cancer
      New England Journal of Medicine 340(23)
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    23. Use of Alternative Medicine by Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer
      Harold J. Burstein, Shari Gelber, Edward Guadagnoli, Jane C. Weeks
      New England Journal of Medicine 340(22)
    24. Use of Alternative Medicine -- A Marker for Distress?
      New England Journal of Medicine 340(22)
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    25. Prognostic value of CD44 variant expression in primary breast cancer
      John A. Foekens, Peter Dall, Jan G.M. Klijn, Petra Skroch-Angel, Cassandra J.C. Claassen, Maxime P. Look, Helmut Ponta, Wim L.J. Van Putten, Peter Herrlich, Sonja C. Henzen-Logmans
      International Journal of Cancer 84(3):209-215
      abstract (requires free guest registration)
    26. Glutathione-S-transferase polymorphisms and risk of squamous-cell carcinoma of the head and neck
      Lie Cheng, Erich M. Sturgis, Susan A. Eicher, David Char, Margaret R. Spitz, Qingyi Wei
      International Journal of Cancer 84(3):220-224
      abstract (requires free guest registration)
    27. c-erbB-2 over-expression in amplified and non-amplified breast carcinoma samples
      Fulvia Farabegoli, Claudio Ceccarelli, Donatella Santini, Nicola Baldini, Mario Taffurelli, Domenico Marrano, Davide Treré, Massimo Derenzini
      International Journal of Cancer 84(3):273-277
      abstract (requires free guest registration)
    28. Expression of c-erbB2 and p53 protein is similar in breast cancer from British and Japanese women
      William J. Merchant, Rosemary R. Millis, Paul Smith,, Murid A. Chaudary, Diana M. Barnes
      International Journal of Cancer 84(3):278-283
      abstract (requires free guest registration)
    29. Patient-specific mutation databases for oral cancer
      M. Partridge, G. Emilion, M. Falworth, R. A'Hern, E. Phillips, S. Pateromichelakis, J. Langdon
      International Journal of Cancer 84(3):284-292
      abstract (requires free guest registration)
    30. Tamoxifen in treatment of intraductal breast cancer: National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project B-24 randomised controlled trial
      Bernard Fisher, James Dignam, Norman Wolmark, D Lawrence Wickerham, Edwin R Fisher, Eleftherios Mamounas, Roy Smith, Mirsada Begovic, Nikolay V Dimitrov, Richard G Margolese, Carl G Kardinal, Maureen T Kavanah, Louis Fehrenbacher, Robert H Oishi
      Lancet 353(9169)
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users) (requires free guest registration)
    31. Breast screening in women aged 40-49 years: what next?
      Kay Dickersin
      Lancet 353(9168)
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users) (requires free guest registration)
    32. Sexual dysfunction after surgery for rectal cancer
      Anjan K Banerjee
      Lancet 353(9168)
      Table of Contents
    33. 14 years of follow-up from the Edinburgh randomised trial of breast-cancer screening
      F E Alexander, T J Anderson, H K Brown, A P M Forrest, W Hepburn, A E Kirkpatrick, B B Muir, R J Prescott, A Smith
      Lancet 353(9168)
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users) (requires free guest registration)
    34. 16-year mortality from breast cancer in the UK Trial of Early Detection of Breast Cancer
      UK Trial of Early Detection of Breast Cancer group
      Lancet 353(9168)
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users) (requires free guest registration)
    35. Volatile organic compounds in breath as markers of lung cancer: a cross-sectional study
      Michael Phillips, Kevin Gleeson, J Michael B Hughes, Joel Greenberg, Renee N Cataneo, Leigh Baker, W Patrick McVay
      Lancet 353(9168)
      Table of Contents
    36. The sentinel node in breast cancer: acceptable false-negative rate
      S Rozenberg, F Liebens, H Ham
      Lancet 353(9168)
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users) (requires free guest registration)
    37. The Effect of a-Tocopherol and b-Carotene Supplementation on Colorectal Adenomas in Middle-Aged Male Smokers
      Nea Malila, Jarmo Virtamo, Mikko Virtanen, Demetrius Albanes, Joseph A. Tangrea, and Jussi K. Huttunen
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(6):489
    38. Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase, Diet, and Risk of Colon Cancer
      Martha L. Slattery, John D. Potter, Wade Samowitz, Donna Schaffer, and Mark Leppert
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(6): 513ff
    39. A Case-Control Study of Colorectal Adenomatous Polyps and Consumption of Foods Containing Partially Hydrogenated Oils
      Wendy McKelvey, Sander Greenland, Miao-Jung Chen, Matthew P. Longnecker, Harold D. Frankl, Eric R. Lee, and Robert W. Haile
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(6): 519ff
    40. Serum Concentrations of Organochlorine Compounds and the Subsequent Development of Breast Cancer
      Kathy J. Helzlsouer, Anthony J. Alberg, Han-Yao Huang, Sandra C. Hoffman, Paul T. Strickland, John W. Brock, Virlyn W. Burse, Larry L. Needham, Douglas A. Bell, Jackie A. Lavigne, James D. Yager, and George W. Comstock
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(6):525ff
    41. Relationships among Breast Cancer Concern, Risk Perceptions, and Interest in Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Susceptibility among African-American Women with and without a Family History of Breast Cancer
      Isaac M. Lipkus, Deborah Iden, Jennifer Terrenoire, and John R. Feaganes
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(6):533ff
    42. Glutathione S-Transferase M1 and Susceptibility to Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
      Valle Nazar-Stewart, Thomas L. Vaughan, Richard D. Burt, Chu Chen, Marianne Berwick, and G. Marie Swanson
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(6):547
    43. Analyzing Health Surveys for Cancer-Related Objectives
      Barry I. Graubard and Edward L. Korn
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1005-1016
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    44. Cancer Surveillance Series: Interpreting Trends in Prostate Cancer—Part I: Evidence of the Effects of Screening in Recent Prostate Cancer Incidence, Mortality, and Survival Rates
      Benjamin F. Hankey, Eric J. Feuer, Limin X. Clegg, Richard B. Hayes, Julie M. Legler, Phillip C. Prorok, Lynn A. Ries, Ray M. Merrill, and Richard S. Kaplan
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1017-1024
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    45. Cancer Surveillance Series: Interpreting Trends in Prostate Cancer—Part II: Cause of Death Misclassification and the Recent Rise and Fall in Prostate Cancer Mortality
      Eric J. Feuer, Ray M. Merrill, and Benjamin F. Hankey
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1025-1032
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    46. Cancer Surveillance Series: Interpreting Trends in Prostate Cancer—Part III: Quantifying the Link Between Population Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing and Recent Declines in Prostate Cancer Mortality Ruth Etzioni, Julie M. Legler, Eric J. Feuer, Ray M. Merrill, Kathleen A. Cronin, and Benjamin F. Hankey
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1033-1039
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    47. Cancer Surveillance Series: Changing Geographic Patterns of Lung Cancer Mortality in the United States, 1950 Through 1994
      Susan S. Devesa, Dan J. Grauman, William J. Blot, and Joseph F. Fraumeni Jr.
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1040-1050
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    48. Cancer Surveillance Series: Recent Trends in Childhood Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the United States
      Martha S. Linet, Lynn A. G. Ries, Malcolm A. Smith, Robert E. Tarone, and Susan S. Devesa
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1051-1058
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    49. Urinary 2-Hydroxyestrone/16a-Hydroxyestrone Ratio and Risk of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women
      Giske Ursin, Stephanie London, Frank Z. Stanczyk, Elisabet Gentzschein, Annlia Paganini-Hill, Ronald K. Ross, and Malcolm C. Pike
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 1067-1072
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    50. The Effect of Raloxifene on Risk of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women: Results From the MORE Randomized Trial
      S. R. Cummings, S. Eckert, K. A. Krueger, D. Grady, T. J. Powles, J. A. Cauley, L. Norton, T. Nickelsen, N. H. Bjarnason, M. Morrow, M. E. Lippman, D. Black, J. E. Glusman, A. Costa, V. C. Jordan
      JAMA 281(23)
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    51. Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma in the Reproductive Age Group
      Linda R. Duska, YuChiao Chang, Cynthia E. Flynn, Annette H. Chen, Annekathryn Goodman, Arlan F. Fuller, and Najmosama Nikrui
      Cancer 85(12):2623ff
    52. CYP17 and Breast Cancer Risk: The Polymorphism in the 5' Flanking Area of the Gene Does Not Influence Binding to Sp-1.
      Vessela Nedelcheva Kristensen, Ellen K. Haraldsen, Kristin B. Anderson, P. E. Lønning, Bjørn Erikstein, Rolf Kåresen, Odd S. Gabrielsen, and Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale
      Cancer Research 59(12): 2825ff
    53. Blood Transfusion and Risk of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
      Eryn K. Maguire-Boston, Vera Suman, Steve J. Jacobsen, S. Breanndan Moore, Thomas M. Habermann, James R. Cerhan, and Aaron R. Folsom
      American Journal of Epidemiology 149(12):1113
    54. Genotoxicity: Development of a carcinogenic potency index for dermal exposure to viscous oil products
      Henk C. A. Brandt, Ewan D. Booth, Paul C. de Groot, William P. Watson
      Arch Toxicol 73 (1999) 3, 180-188
    55. Cancer incidence and mortality after radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroidism: a population-based cohort study
      Jayne A Franklyn, Patrick Maisonneuve, Michael Sheppard, Joan Betteridge, Peter Boyle
      Lancet 353(9170)
      Table of Contents
    56. Incidence of Testicular Cancer in the United States: Has the Epidemic Begun to Abate?
      Nikolas D. Pharris-Ciurej, Linda S. Cook, and Noel S. Weiss
      Am J Epidemiology 150(1):45
    57. Women's health: Occupation, cancer, and reproduction: A conference overview
      Holmfridur K. Gunnarsdottir, Kristina Kjaerheim, Paolo Boffetta, Vilhjalmur Rafnsson, Shelia Hoar Zahm
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):1-5
      abstract (requires free registration)
    58. Occupational cancer among women: Research status and methodologic considerations
      Aaron Blair, Shelia Hoar Zahm, Debra T. Silverman
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):6-17
      abstract (requires free registration)
    59. Breast cancer risk among relatively young women employed in solvent-using industries
      Johnni Hansen
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):43-47
      abstract (requires free registration)
    60. Breast cancer and occupational exposures in women in Finland
      Elisabete Weiderpass, Eero Pukkala, Timo Kauppinen, Pertti Mutanen, Harri Paakkulainen, Kaisa Vasama-Neuvonen, Paolo Boffetta, Timo Partanen
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):48-53
      abstract (requires free registration)
    61. Gender differences in risk of renal cell carcinoma and occupational exposures to chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons
      Mustafa Dosemeci, Pierluigi Cocco, Wong-Ho Chow
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):54-59
      abstract (requires free registration)
    62. Occupational, environmental, and life-style factors associated with the risk of hematolymphopoietic malignancies in women
      L. Miligi, A. Seniori Costantini, P. Crosignani, A. Fontana, G. Masala, O. Nanni, V. Ramazzotti, S. Rodella, E. Stagnaro, R. Tumino, C. Viganò, C. Vindigni, P. Vineis
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):60-69
      abstract (requires free registration)
    63. Occupational risk factors for cancer of the central nervous system (CNS) among US women
      Pierluigi Cocco, Ellen F. Heineman, Mustafa Dosemeci
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):70-74
      abstract (requires free registration)
    64. Smoking as a confounder in case-control studies of occupational bladder cancer in women
      Andrea 't Mannetje, Manolis Kogevinas, Jenny Chang-Claude, Sylvaine Cordier, Carlos-Alberto González, Martine Hours, Karl-Heinz Jöckel, Ulrich Bolm-Audorff, Elsebeth Lynge, Stefano Porru, Francesco Donato, Ulrich Ranft, Consol Serra, Anastasia Tzonou, Paolo Vineis, Jürgen Wahrendorf, Paolo Boffetta
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):75-82
      abstract (requires free registration)
    65. Ovarian cancer and occupational exposures in Finland
      Kaisa Vasama-Neuvonen, Eero Pukkala, Harri Paakkulainen, Pertti Mutanen, Elisabete Weiderpass, Paolo Boffetta, Ningyan Shen, Timo Kauppinen, Harri Vainio, Timo Partanen
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):83-89
      abstract (requires free registration)
    66. Occupational risk factors for lung cancer in women: Results of a case-control study in Germany
      Ingeborg Jahn, Wolfgang Ahrens, Irene Brüske-Hohlfeld, Michaela Kreuzer, Matthias Möhner, Hermann Pohlabeln, Heinz-Erich Wichmann, Karl-Heinz Jöckel
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):90-100
      abstract (requires free registration)
    67. Sinonasal cancer, occupation, and tobacco smoking in European women and men
      Andrea 't Mannetje, Manolis Kogevinas, Daniele Luce, Paul A. Demers, Denis Bégin, Ulrich Bolm-Audorff, Pietro Comba, Michel Gérin, Lennart Hardell, Richard B. Hayes, Annette Leclerc, Corrado Magnani, Enzo Merler, Aureli Tobías, Paolo Boffetta
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):101-107
      abstract (requires free registration)
    68. Cancer incidence among women in the Norwegian pulp and paper industry
      Hilde Langseth, Aage Andersen
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):108-113
      abstract (requires free registration)
    69. Cancer mortality in women with probable exposure to silica: A death certificate study in 24 states of the U.S.
      Capri Mara Fillmore, Sandra A. Petralia, Mustafa Dosemeci
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):122-128
      abstract (requires free registration)
    70. Cancer risk among female agricultural workers: A multi-center case-control study
      L. Settimi, P. Comba, P. Carrieri, P. Boffetta, C. Magnani, B. Terracini, A. Andrion, S. Bosia, C. Ciapini, M. De Santis, E. Desideri, A. Fedi, L. Luccoli, P. Maiozzi, A. Masina, P.L. Perazzo, O. Axelson
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):135-141
      abstract (requires free registration)
    71. Incidence of breast cancer in a Norwegian cohort of women with potential workplace exposure to 50 Hz magnetic fields
      Jolanta Kliukiene, Tore Tynes, Jan I. Martinsen, Karl G. Blaasaas, Aage Andersen
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):147-154
      abstract (requires free registration)
    72. Cancer mortality in health and science technicians
      Carol Burnett, Cynthia Robinson, James Walker
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):155-158
      abstract (requires free registration)
    73. Cancer mortality among women employed in health care occupations in 24 U.S. States, 1984-1993
      Sandra A. Petralia, Mustafa Dosemeci, Elizabeth Estes Adams, Shelia Hoar Zahm
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):159-165
      abstract (requires free registration)
    74. Cancer mortality among women in the Russian printing industry
      Mariana A. Bulbulyan, Svetlana A. Ilychova, Shelia Hoar Zahm, Sergey V. Astashevsky, David G. Zaridze
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):166-171
      abstract (requires free registration)
    75. Women's occupation and cancer: Preliminary analysis of cancer registrations in England and Wales, 1971-1990
      Jill Simpson, Eve Roman, Graham Law, Brian Pannett
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):172-185
      abstract (requires free registration)
    76. Cancer mortality among women employed in fast-growing U.S. occupations
      Cynthia F. Robinson, James T. Walker
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):186-192
      abstract (requires free registration)
    77. Is there a healthy worker effect for cancer incidence among women in Sweden?
      Gloria Gridley, Olof Nyren, Mustafa Dosemeci, Tahereh Moradi, Hans-Olov Adami, Leslie Carroll, Shelia Hoar Zahm
      Am J Industrial Medicine 36(1):193-199
      abstract (requires free registration)
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    May 1999:

    1. Parental Age As a Risk Factor of Childhood Leukemia and Brain Cancer in Offspring
      Kari Hemminki, Pentti Kyyrönen, and Pauli Vaittinen
      Epidemiology 10(3):271ff
    2. Is Diabetes Mellitus Associated with Prostrate Cancer Incidence and Survival?
      Julie C. Will, Frank Vinicor, and Eugenia E. Calle
      Epidemiology 10(3): 313ff
    3. Lymphatic and haematopoietic cancer mortality in a population attending school adjacent to styrene-butadiene facilities, 1963-1993
      J E Loughlin, K J Rothman, N A Dreyer
      Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 53(5): 283ff
      journal home page
    4. Geographical clustering of acute adult leukaemia in the East Anglian region of the United Kingdom: a registry-based analysis
      P Badrinath, N E Day, D Stockton
      Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 53(5):317ff
      journal home page
    5. Increased Cancer risk among relatives of nonsmoking lung cancer rates
      Ann G. Schwartz, Michael Rothrock, Ping Yang, G. Marie Swanson
      Genetic Epidemiology 17(1):1-15
      abstract and references
    6. Methods to estimate genetic components of variance for quantitative traits in family studies
      Mariza de Andrade, Christopher I. Amos, Tracy J. Thiel
      Genetic Epidemiology 17(1):64-76
      abstract and references
    7. [Accelerated paper.] Glutathione S-transferase MI and TI null genotypes as risk factors for oral leukoplakia in ethnic Indian betel quid/tobacco chewers
      UJ Nair, J Nair, B Mathew and H Bartsch
      Carcinogenesis 20(5):743-748
      journal home page
    8. Increased chromosomal instability in peripheral lymphocytes and risk of human gliomas
      R El-Zein, ML Bondy, LE Wang, M de Andrade, AJ Sigurdson, JM Bruner, AP Kyritsis, VA Levin and Q Wei
      Carcinogenesis 29(5):811-815
      journal home page
    9. Power-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields and Risk of Childhood Leukemia in Canada.
      M. L. McBride, R. P. Gallagher, G. Thériault, B. G. Armstrong, S. Tamaro, J. J. Spinelli, J. E. Deadman, S. Fincham, D. Robson, and W. Choi
      American Journal of Epidemiology 149(9):831ff
    10. Trichloroethylene Exposure and Specific Somatic Mutations in Patients With Renal Cell Carcinoma
      Hiltrud Brauch, Gregor Weirich, Maria Anna Hornauer, Stefan Störkel, Thorsten Wöhl, Thomas Brüning
      Journal of the National Cancer Institute 91(10): 854-868
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    11. The influence of parental age on the risk of Wilms' tumour
      C. R. Sharpe, E. L. Franco, B. de Camargo, L. F. Lopes, J. Barreto, R. Johnsson and M. Mauad
      Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 13(2):138ff
      Table of Contents
    12. Association of Breast Cancer Progression with a Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphism.
      Anna-Carin Lundin, Peter Söderkvist, Birgitta Eriksson, Malin Bergman-Jungeström, Sten Wingren, and the South-East Sweden Breast Cancer Group.
      Cancer Research 59(10):2332ff
    13. Melatonin blocks the activation of estrogen receptor for DNA binding
      Avelina Garcia Rato, Juana Garcia Pedrero, M. Arantzazu Martinez, Beatriz Del Rio, Pedro S. Lazo, and Sofia Ramos
      FASEB J. 1999 13: 857-868
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    14. Prostate Cancer Chemoprevention by Green Tea: In Vitro and in Vivo Inhibition of Testosterone-mediated Induction of Ornithine Decarboxylase.
      Sanjay Gupta, Nihal Ahmad, Rajiv R. Mohan, Mirza M. Husain, and Hasan Mukhtar.
      Cancer Research 59(9):2115ff
    15. Influence of Dietary Factors on Oral Precancerous Lesions in a Population-Based Case-Control Study in Kerala, India
      Prakash C. Gupta, James R. Hebert, Ramesh B. Bhonsle, P. R. Murti, Hemali Mehta, and Fali S. Mehta
      Cancer 85(9):1885ff
    16. Human Papillomavirus and Prognoses of Patients with Cancers of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract
      Javier Pintos, Eduardo L. Franco, Martin J. Black, Jean Bergeron, and Maximilien Arella
      Cancer 85(9):1903
    17. Histologic Types of Lung Carcinoma and Age at Onset
      Michaela Kreuzer, Lothar Kreienbrock, Klaus M. Müller, Michael Gerken, and Erich Wichmann
      Cancer 85(9):1958
    18. Breast cancer in Maori and non-Maori women
      M McCredie, C Paul, DCG Skegg and S Williams
      International Journal of Epidemiology 28(2):189-195
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    19. Exercise and Breast Cancer Risk: Lacking Consensus
      Lou Fintor
      Journal of the National Cancer Institute 91(10):825-827
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    20. Prevalence of Mutations in the BRCA1 Gene Among Chinese Patients With Breast Cancer
      Nelson L. S. Tang, Chi-Pui Pang, Winnie Yeo, Kwong-Wai Choy, P. Kuen Lam, Michael Suen, Lap K. Law, Walter W. K. King, Philip Johnson, and Magnus Hjelm
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 882-885
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    21. Genetic Testing of Persons at Risk of Hereditary Cancer
      Edited by Charles B. Clayman, MD
      JAMA 281(1565)
    22. Rising Incidence of Renal Cell Carcinoma
      Edited by Charles B. Clayman, MD
      JAMA 281(1565)
    23. Breast Cancer Risk and Folate Intake
      Edited by Charles B. Clayman, MD
      JAMA 281(1565)
    24. Dioxin Dilemmas
      Robert N. Hoover
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 745-746
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    25. Declining Breast Cancer Mortality: What's Behind It?
      Tom Reynolds
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 750-753
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    26. Stat Bite: Breast Cancer Mortality Rates: U.K., Canada, and U.S., 1950-1994
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 752
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    27. Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes in Workers Exposed to 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin
      Kyle Steenland, Laurie Piacitelli, James Deddens, Marilyn Fingerhut, and Lih Ing Chang
      J Natl Cancer Inst 1999; 91: 779-786
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users)
    28. Vaginal Changes and Sexuality in Women with a History of Cervical Cancer
      Karin Bergmark, Elisabeth Avall-Lundqvist, Paul W. Dickman, Lars Henningsohn, Gunnar Steineck
      The New England Journal of Medicine 340(18)
    29. Fluid Intake and the Risk of Bladder Cancer in Men
      Dominique S. Michaud, Donna Spiegelman, Steven K. Clinton, Eric B. Rimm, Gary C. Curhan, Walter C. Willett, Edward L. Giovannucci
      The New England Journal of Medicine 340(18)
    30. Prevention of Bladder CancerEditorial
      The New England Journal of Medicine 340(18)
    31. Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Risk: The NHANES I Epidemiologic Follow-up Study, 1971-1975 to 1992
      Esther M. John, Gary G. Schwartz, Darlene M. Dreon, and Jocelyn Koo
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(5): 399ff
    32. Environmental Exposure to Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) and Risk of Female Breast Cancer in Connecticut
      Tongzhang Zheng, Theodore R. Holford, Susan T. Mayne, John Tessari, Patricia H. Owens, Shelia H. Zahm, Bin Zhang, Robert Dubrow, Barbara Ward, Darryl Carter, and Peter Boyle
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(5):407ff
    33. Oral Contraceptive Use and Other Risk Factors in Relation to HER-2/neu Overexpression in Breast Cancer Among Young Women
      Marilie D. Gammon, Hanina Hibshoosh, Mary Beth Terry, Shikha Bose, Janet B. Schoenberg, Louise A. Brinton, Jonine L. Bernstein, and W. Douglas Thompson
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(5):413ff
    34. Family History, Ethnicity, and Relative Risk of Breast Cancer in a Prospective Cohort Study of Older Women
      Thomas A. Sellers, Amanda J. Walsh, Dawn M. Grabrick, Kristin E. Anderson, James R. Cerhan, and Aaron R. Folsom
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 8(5):421ff

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    April 1999:

    1. The Relationship between a Polymorphism in CYP17 with Plasma Hormone Levels and Breast Cancer.
      Christopher A. Haiman, Susan E. Hankinson, Donna Spiegelman, Graham A. Colditz, Walter C. Willett, Frank E. Speizer, Karl T. Kelsey, and David J. Hunter.
      Cancer Research 59(5):1015
    2. Review. DNA adducts of heterocyclic amine food mutagens: implications for mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
      HAJ Schut and EG Snyderwine
      Carcinogenesis Volume 20, Issue 3: March 1999 pp. 353-368 20(3)
      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
    3. High Frequency of Germ-Line BRCA2 Mutations among Hungarian Male Breast Cancer Patients without Family History.
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      Table of Contents
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      abstract (requires free registration)
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      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
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      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
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      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
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      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
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      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
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      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
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      Full text (Roswell Park and UB users only)
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