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UniversJune 28, 2007 3:41 PM overview and history of the University.

History of UB
Developed by the University at Buffalo Archives, this informative site provides a number of answers to questions about UB including a timeline, buildings, and Presidents.

UB Building Profiles
The Universities central web team mines FP&D's Building Profile site and maintains a mirrored site. While not as comprehensive, it does incorporate the Universities way finding map with the building profile to help determine the location of a building.

UB Building Namesakes
UB Today published an article entitled, "The faces behind the facades" compiled by Ann Whitcher and Shonnie Finnegan. An excellent article on the benefactors and community leaders whose names many UB buildings bear.

FP&D Building Profiles
Facilities Planning and Design provides the definitive and up-to-date list of the University's building inventory, important statistical information, and general history of the buildings

Campus Maps
Comphrensive maps of the North and South Campus maintained by Facilities Planning and Design.

Floor Plans (secure access only)
Request form, FAQ's, requirements and access for secured floor plans.



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