Khadija Mohammed

I am an intended Mechanical Engineering major.
I'm from New York City.

I LOVE anime and manga, any type whether Japanese, Korean or even Chinese.

The anime I dedicated the most time to ever in my life is One Piece.

It's about Pirates that are wanted by the Marines and they are just trying to find One Piece, which is treasure.

It is really flipping wild and the only reason some people who watch anime don't watch it is because it's so long.

Below is an image of the protagonist's wanted poster and his crew's posters

I also love watching shows like Blackish and How To Get Away With Murder.

I watch it on this website.

I could potentially watch it on Hulu, now that I made an account(mainly for HTGAWM) but, oh well.

If you (the person reading this) has any AWESOME suggestions for anime or manga,
I would gladly appreciate it if you sent it here

Below are two mangas that I was absolutely in love with. I finished the second one, Tokyo Ghoul, in around a week. Literally couldn't stop reading them.

The Breaker Tokyo Ghoul

And no, they are not the same person. And neither do they even look alike....