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My name is Kevin Mcgrath, and I am a junior in the Accounting program at UB. I live in Orchard Park, NY, and I enjoy music, reading and hiking. This class has taught me a lot about using different software and computer functions to enhance business activities. My email address is kmmcgrat@buffalo.edu, but there is no need to type that in, because a hyperlink later on this website will take you right to it.

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For our project, we made a database for the ARC, so that we could allow them to streamline their operations, specifically in relation to scheduling and data management. The current system is hopelessly out of date, and we thought that there were many ways to improve it. Our project links together tutors and students by appointments, detailing not only which tutor is teaching which student in each appointment, but also the date, time and course.

I think that this system is a very robust solution to an obvious problem, one that could help the ARC to improve the way it operates, all while saving money, time and paper. This is a truly helpful database, and it addresses all of the current issues involving data entry and storage. <

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