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What We Do

UB Cosplay is SUNY Buffalo's cosplay club. We strive to show that anyone can cosplay, regardless of race, size or gender. We aim to help each other grow by offering advice and teaching others how to make different odds and ends, and most importantly, we want to help UB whoever you want to be.

Our History

UB Cosplay was started by Devon Marr (our current president) during her sophomore year, inspired by the existence of similar clubs at other universities, decided to make a cosplay club. Reaching out to friends and other similar clubs, she succeeded in getting the 20 signatures needed to start a club under SA rules; most of them compiled on the floor of the flag room.

From there it was slow going, until SA ran the paperwork to dub us temporary, UB Cosplay was forced to borrow empty rooms; most infamously the 2nd floor B wing Greiner kitchen, as Devon lived in Greiner. The plan was to get attention by putting ourselves out there, and through that attention get superseded through the club making process. So, with UB Con coming up, they decided to use that as our primary source of public broadcasting. And so they put together the worlds fastest Murder Mystery show, pulling in favors from friends in Rochester and another UB club, UB Improv. It was an exciting scramble to get everything done in time- with the art for the last scavenger hunt card being done literally minutes before being sent to the printer. At that UB Con, over a hundred scavenger hunt cards were given out, they ran numerous panels, including the Cosplay Contest, and needless to say, got the club name out there. However it wouldnt be until the very end of the Spring semester that SA gave the club temp club status. Due to paperwork issues on SAs end our temp status that should have been granted over the winter break got held out for an entire semester. But that didnt matter, because now UB Cosplay was a UB recognized temp club.

2014 started out big and bright with UB Cosplay holding several panels at Minicon, and having their first ever Cosplay Prom. The workshop system was beginning to be developed and our club member base was growing. They planned on doing UB Con even bigger, better planned, and generally more UB Cosplay filled than the year before, however we were hit with an unexpected surprise: UB Con, and another local con, Toracon, would be on the same day this year. Not only is Toracon more popular for cosplayers but this meant that in generally fewer people would be attending UB Con. So, we scaled back a bit and planned for fewer panels across fewer days than originally intended. Our main focuses would be the murder show and the cosplay contest. This years murder show was partially scripted and written by Devons sister Carly. They had proper practices and while there were still things to work out (there were numerous technical difficulties at the con), despite this UB Con was over all, a success. On top of UB Con during the Fall semester we also continued workshops and held the Spring Formal; basically Cosplay Prom in miniature. By the end of the semester we appealed to SA and were delighted to learn that in just a year we had become an official club!

Entering 2015 and as an official club we are holding more workshops than ever, had a super fun cosplay prom and can’t wait to see what the next semester has to bring!

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