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MyungCho Kim

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My name is MyungCho Kim and I am currently a Sophomore and my concentration is Accounting. Some hobbies I have is hanging out with friends, playing the piano and basketball!

Team 4 Database

Our Database shows our five business values about Matguard's company.
1. Forecasts Vendor and Customer Demand: Shows which specific geographic region demands our products/when we should target the vendor/customers will provide management and sales representatives breakdown of information about vendor’s and customer’s listed above.

2. Monthly Sales Reports: Provides management comprehensive understanding about the efficiency of the geographic region and employees. They will be able to analyze and compare different months inventory efficiency (Most popular region, minimum before needing to order, date started selling, total amount that have been sold, top grossing sales representatives) to see if they are meeting the forecasted demand.

3. Monthly Expense Reports: Analyzes and compares different months Shipping, SG&A, and travel expenses and compares it to budgeted information to see if management is being efficient.

4. Materials Planning/Inventory Requirement Reports: Provides information about the efficiency of receiving and requesting inventory, shows what needs to be improved in the supply chain of Matguard.

5. Performance Evaluations: Upper-Management will send out specific employee efficiency reports to let each sales representative know how they are doing sales/expense wise compared to the rest of their region. This evaluation will be used as incentive for employees on a monthly and yearly basis.

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