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Well, we just want to take some time to let you know what we're for....

Who we are:
  Two children devoted to serving our Master, Jesus.  We want to live for something bigger than either of us.  We want to live as servants in a world of hurting people, giving away the healing power of love.  Not our love, but God's love. 

Why we're getting married:
  Over the years, we've seen our direction and passions change and morph.  And, over the years, we've realized how closely our hearts and spirits have been knit together.  Not by circumstances, but by the careful hand of God.  In His timing. 
  We've found that we love each other.  And we believe that we can live and spread Jesus' message together more than we can apart.  We help each other think, speak, and act more like Jesus.  We like that.  A lot. 
  According to God's plan, we've decided to commit to a lifelong relationship of intimacy and friendship.  And we want to celebrate this decision with our friends and family.

Why we're getting married like this:
  Nothing's wrong with tradition– as long as the meaning behind it still speaks.  We've decided (we think) to let our values guide our actions.  Example: We live simply (stuff just gets in the way of what really matters).  We have what we need.  But, if you want to honor us in some way, we're setting up a
fund to aid Mother Theresa's orphanage in Calcutta.  Cool, huh?  And so on.  We love nature, and see in it God's handiwork.  So, the wedding will be in a wheat field in God's Country (Montana, obviously).  We also want a fun, festive, more-the-merrier party that reminds people that love and friends are beautiful things.  So, we're opening the invitation to anyone who wants to come.  And the list goes on.

What we hope this wedding looks like:
  Sacred.  Second only to deciding to follow Jesus, this is the most important decision of our lives.  We want to express that.  And, just plain oodles of fun (though we try to hide it, we're just kids in grown-up bodies).  A BBQ-looking reception.  Heck, Brett will be in cords for the wedding.  Horseshoes and board games and strange adventures.  Yup, I'd pretty much be ready for anything.  I guess the only request we have is that you come, sit back, and have tons o' fun.

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