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If you're looking for a good travel agent, there's one right here in Dillon.  Call Maverick Travel (800)408-6887 and talk to Amy or Donna.  They can help you with flights, car rental, and lodging

If you're flying in, we recommend you start looking for flights as soon as you can.  Flying into Montana can be pricey, but if you start early you can usually find a good deal.  Or, if you want to try to book your own flight, try northwest airlines (800)225-2525 (cheapest flights are from Atlanta, Cincy, and Salt Lake City for about $300 roundtrip), Bestfares.com, expedia.com, or travelocity.com.  Towns to fly into include Butte (60 miles), Bozeman (100 miles), Idaho Falls (150 miles), and Missoula (200 miles). 

Car Rental
Maverick Travel can also help with rental cars from the airports in Bozeman, Butte, Missoula, and Idaho Falls, if you want.   Use the Ride Board if you're interested in carpooling with other guests arriving on the same day.  For driving directions to Dillon, try mapquest or a similar site.  Directions to the ceremony and reception are on this site, in case you've lost or forgotten your invitation. 

Rooms are available at the Comfort Inn in Dillon.  Prices are: $43/single and $45/double, with higher prices over Labor Day.  If you want to stay there, please contact Maverick Travel to reserve.  There also are some KOA campgrounds (800)KOA-2751 just a couple of blocks from Susan's house. 


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