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  • 91-95  They go to Cornell together.  Countless stories.
  • 11/95  Brett visits Montana to say hello.  Susan falls in love with him.  He's clueless.
  • 5/96   Brett avoids Susan at Keith and Cheryl's wedding because she looks so beautiful and he refuses to be another one of the minions that fall in love with her.
  • 9/97   Brett visits Montana again for a vacation.  She's still in love, and he's still clueless (2 yrs. later).
  • 8/98   Don Walko's wedding.  Brett's fallen in love with her but doesn't know it until two days after the wedding.  So, he calls Susan to let her know.  She tells him he's both clueless and too late.
  • 11/98  Brett visits Montana on a road trip.  Absolutely nothing productive comes from it.
  • 7/99  Susan agrees to visit Brett in October.
  • 8/99   Brett asks Susan out on a date.  Susan says yes.
  • 9/99   Brett and Susan go on a date to New York City.  Perfect.
  • 10/99  Susan visits Cincinnati.  Their second date.
  • 12/99  Brett visits Montana.  Their third date.  Brett proposes and Susan says yes, 12/23.
  • 7/00   Brett moves to Montana. 
  • 9/00   They get married.  Wow.

A Scrapbook of Sorts

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