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Call for
Wedding Emergency Kit
Since the strangest things always happen at the most inappropriate times, Bride and Groom magazine recommends that the following items be kept handy. Anyone willing to donate one or more of these items to Brett and Susan should contact them immediately.
  • Non-allergic makeup remover 
  • Makeup/eye shadow/mascara 
  • Hair products: gel, hair spray, combs, pins 
  • Tampons/pads/painkillers 
  • Facial tissue 
  • Cold/allergy tablets 
  • Travel-size sewing kit (including an assortment of safety pins) 
  • Pantyhose/dark socks (for groom and groomsmen) 
  • Nail glue/polish/remover/file 
  • Earring backs 
  • Toothpaste/mouthwash/breath mints (the small kind) 
  • Cotton balls/swabs 
  • Antacid tablets 
  • Deodorant/body powder 
  • Cologne/after-shave/body lotion
  • Instant glue/mini-stapler
  • Extra car keys! 

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(updated weekly)

Top 10 Affectionate Nicknames Brett and Susan Use OR Greatharvest Bread Flavors

10. Bosewoman Brannie 
9. Honey-nut 
8.  Hey, Frenchie! 
7.  Su-Xena 
6.  Li'l Yeastie 
5.  El Dorido 
4.  Coffee Fritter / 
Hearty Boy (tie) 
3.  Teeny Toastie 
2.  Sugarshouter 
1.  Big Cheeser  


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