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How Well Do You Know the Bride- and Groom-to-Be?
1.  Brett and Susan's relationship the past four years could best be described as
     a.  cordial
     b.  warm
     c.  on again, off again
     d.  in denial

2.  The largest adjustment Brett faces in getting married is
     a.  sharing a bathroom with a woman again
     b.  learning to put away his toys
     c.  the sight of delicate lace doilies
     d.  using something other than GreaseBlaster hand cleaner to wash dishes

3.  The most appropriate song for Brett and Susan's dance at the reception is
     a.  A Whole New World
     b.  anything by Steven Curtis Chapman
     c.  Crazy
     d.  the Chicken Dance song

4.  The honeymoon will most likely be to
     a.  Tokyo
     b.  Disneyworld
     c.  France
     d.  anyplace rainy

5.  Because of a pronunciation error at dinner on their second date, Brett mistakenly ordered for Susan 
     a.  twenty pounds of snails
     b.  an entire raw salmon, stuffed with sticky rice
     c.  champagne costing nearly four hundred dollars
     d.  a Whopper, not a Big Mac

6.  While still in college, Brett and Susan frequently exchanged
     a.  friendly phone calls
     b.  class notes
     c.  dreamy gazes
     d.  Bible verses about the value of friendship

7.  While registering for gifts, Brett secretly included
     a.  Susan's favorite perfume
     b.  forty cases of toilet paper
     c.  the store's forklift
     d.  several gifts he never got around to buying for other friends' weddings

8.  Ironically, as a child Brett dreamed of
     a.  marrying a farmgirl from Montana
     b.  having the craziest, most exciting wedding ever
     c.  living in a land without speed limits
     d.  spending his last weeks as a free man in a tiny, metal box

9.  Five years from now, we can expect to find the happy couple
     a.  tending flowerbeds in Dillon
     b.  traversing the globe in Business Class
     c.  picking names for their firstborn
     d.  overhauling an engine on the side of I-20

10.  Susan's greatest ambition for Brett is to see him
     a.  in a successful teaching career
     b.  ministering to youth
     c.  applying his hard-earned knowledge of engineering
     d.  (insert your own personal hygiene joke here)

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