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Activities Week

Well, we figure that if you're going to fly out to the mighty state of Montana, you should at least have a chance to enjoy this glorious paradise.  So, for those of you who would like to make a vacation of the trip (our strong suggestion), we've planned a week's worth of festivities including everything from a rodeo with bull riding to fly fishing.  Each day, we've scheduled a low- and high-impact activity, depending on your mood, finishing with some sort of communal event where everyone can just relax and hang out.

Sunday, September 3
rodeo (2 pm).  See an outdated poster
--Outdoor BBQ (free!)
--Evening country concert
--General music and festivities all around town that night

Monday, September 4
--Parade (10 am)
--2nd day of the rodeo
--Visit the
Virginia City Players  (800) 829-2969

Tuesday, September 5
--Mountain biking
--Quilt shop visiting (Susan's idea)
--Dinner and pool at Papa T's (a local bar and grill)

Wednesday, September 6
--Hike Mt. Baldy
--Visit Bannack / Crystal Park 
--Dinner and Hot Springs

Thursday, September 7
Fly fishing
--Ranch tour

Friday, September 8
--Breakfast (9 am)
--Decorate and prep for tomorrow (10 am)
--Rehearsal (4 pm)
--Dinner (6 pm) everyone's invited

Saturday, September 9 The Big Day.

Just a note: You can also check out other festivities in Dillon and Beaverhead County ( or their chamber of commerce site), if you like....


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