Exquisite Corpse [Class Project]

The audio is a sound project I had for class. The first person tells you a story a minute long. Then the second person hears the last half of the first person's story and continues the story for another minute. The third person hears the last half of the second person's story and again, continues it for a minute. This audio contains five people. For the visual we were given a weekend to attempt to make visual that went along with the audio. It could be as abstracted or as focused as you wanted.

Mind Reading [Class Project]

Project where we were told to go out and shoot three locations. Then after we did that we were told to use those locations to make one cohesive video. My group decided that we would go with a theme of the internal monologue of somebody debating the pros and cons of mind reading as our over-arcing theme.

Video Editor: Jen Dudzinski

Script Writer: Kassie Lerman

Sound Mixing: Katie Johnson

Camera: Katie Johnson and Kassie Lerman

Narration: Kassie Lerman

Story Board: Katie Johnson