United States Institue for Thater Technology

Upstate New York Region

Building a Network of Theater Technicians & Information Across Upstate New York

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Who are Upatate Members?

The Upstate Regional Section is made up of Freelance Professionals, IATSE Union Members, Production Companies, University Production Companies, Theater Consultants, Theater Vendors and Suppliers, Theatatrical Rental Houses, Theater Educators and other active working theater professionals in Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania. ​ Students studying design, production, and technologyin the performing arts and entertainment industries are encouraged to participate in the Upstate programming.

Why should I become a Upstate Member

USITT is a membership-based organization. Membership will help you advance your knowledge and skills, and provide you with networking opportunities, information, and conferences. ​ The true value of membership, as in all associations, is in the opportunity to share information and ideas and to build community through participation. Members of USITT Upstate New York Regional Section work together to grow in their craft and create educational opportunities designed to bolster the entire professional community in our region. More tangible benefits include: Members receive newsletters detailing regional news, opportunities, and events. Members receive invitation and access to regional functions such as facility tours, roundtables, workshops, master classes and mini-conferences in Upstate New York. ​ As a Note....Being a member of the national organization does not automatically make you a member of the the regional section. Also, you may be a member of the regional section without becoming a member of the national organization.

What are the different types of membership?

*Pending approval of Membership at the Feb 2nd Meeting :

There are several different Types of Membership for each of our different types of Members. There are two levels of Corporate Membership (gold and silver), University, Regional Theater, as well as individual Professional and Student memberships. ​ Corporate Gold Membership - $60 Corporate Silver Membership - $ 30 Regional Theater and University Membership - $30 ​ Individual Membership - $5 due per year Student Membership - $5 due per year * But there is a five dollar scholarship for students