Kah Kyung Cho  

Philosophy of Existence
490 pages, Pakyong-sa Publishing Company, Seoul 1961 (Korean); 2nd Revised and enlarged edition, 532 pages, 1970; 7th edition 1987 (with a new introduction); 8th completely revised, re-set edition, 464 pages, January 1991; 13th edition, March 1995

Philosophy of Existence

Philosophie of Existence, while not available in Western Language translations, left its enduring mark on Korea's aspiring philosophical generations as a must-read classic for its in-depth treatment of the existentialist movement. It traces the central conept of "existence" from Kierkegaard to Schelling and his relation with Hegel. Schelling is recognized here not only for anticipating Kierkegaard's strong reaction against "absolute idealism," but also for influencing Heidegger and Marcel by providing a post-idealistic paradigm of man in term of his facticity, finitude and transcendence. In addition, this early work of Cho clearly outlines the future relevance of phenomenology independently of its close connection with existentialism.

~ American Philosophical Association Newsletter, Spring 2002
(Volume 01, Number 2)

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