Kah Kyung Cho  

Philosophy and Science
in Phenomenological Perspective

(ed.), VVIII
252 pages, Martinus Nijhoff 1984

Philosophy and Science in Phenomenological Perspective

Edited by Kay Kyung Cho,
State University of New York at Buffalo

Kah Kyung Cho: Introduction. Phenomenology as Rigorous Philosophy in Theory and Practice.

1. Roderick M. Chisholm: The Intentional Approach to Ontology.

2. Karl Otto Apel: The Question of Rationality of Social Interaction.

3. David T. Carr: Time-consciousness and Historical Consciousness.

4. Mikel Dufrenne: The Aesthetic Object as "die Sache selbst..."

5. Martin C. Dillon: The Implications of Merleau-Ponty's Thought for the Practice of Psychotherapy.

6. James M. Edie: The Hidden Dialectic in Edmund Husserl's Phenomenology.

7. Manfred S. Frings: The Structure of Social Communality.

8. Henry S. Harris: Hegel's Image of Phenomenology.

9. Don Ihde: Phenomenology and the Phenomenon of Technology.

10. Wolfe Mays: Piaget and Freud: The Two Approaches to the Unconscious.

11. Jitendra N. Mohanty: Husserl, Frege and the Overcoming of Psychologism.

12. Ernst W. Orth: Phenomenological Reduction and the Sciences.

13. Nathan Rotenstreich: Variations of Transcendentalism.

14. John C. Sallis: The Identities of the Things Themselves.

15. Elizabeth Ströker: Husserls' Transcendental Phenomenology and History.

16. Helmut R. Wagner: Marvin Farber's Contribution to the Phenomenological Movement in an International Perspective.


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