Kah Kyung Cho  

Martin Heidegger and Kah Kyung Cho in Freiburg, 1957

With Martin Heidegger in Freiburg, 1957

"Cho's study, 'Ecological Suggestibility in Heidegger's Later Philosophy,' first presented to the General Society of Philosophy in Germany (1983), had repercussions by denying that Heidegger at any time intended to make a contribution to solving ecological problems. For 1929/30 was nearly half a century before the groundswell in public awareness of ecological crisis sent the Green Party into the German parliament. At that early date, Heidegger employed the word 'Ökologie' in his Grundbegriffe der Metaphysik lecture and defended the integrity and dignity of animal life. It was, as Cho has demonstrated, a corollary of Heidegger's ontological question and had nothing to do with Heidegger insinuating himself into any popular trend of time."
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