1.                  GAME

A.                All games will be governed by the A.S.A. Rule Book.

B.                  Third Strike Foul Rule will apply to all games.

C.                There will be a “15 Run” rule after the 5th inning except during the playoffs.

D.                All bats are to be taped.  An illegal bat list will be supplied to each team.  If an illegal bat is discovered, ASA rules will determine the outcome.

E.                  No metal spikes will be allowed for any game.

F.                  Catchers are recommended to wear facemasks, not required.

G.               At Hinman Diamond:

·                    If the ball is hit onto the street ON THE FLY – it is a HOME RUN.

·                    If the ball rolls onto the street, the batter, turned base runner, is awarded 3rd base.

·                    All balls hit to the right of the large center field tree (2nd from the left) are all you can get. (Street rule does not apply)

·                    If the ball is hit OVER THE FENCE in RIGHT field, the batter incurs an automatic OUT.

·                    If the ball is hit OVER THE FENCE in RIGHT field a second time by the same batter, in the same season, the batter is OUT OF THE GAME and SUSPENDED FOR THE NEXT GAME.

H.                 Players may leave the base when the ball crosses the plate.

I.                    There will be no drinking or excessive profanity allowed on the team benches.  Any player or coach using alcohol will be expelled from the game.  The use of any illegal drug will merit expulsion from the league, effective immediately.

J.                  Teams must show up at the field even in the event of rain.  If the game is to be called it will be called by 4:30 p.m.  If the team representative is not called – both teams must show!  Caitlin Griffin (335-6066) OR Mary Ann Niezgoda (867-7026) will coordinate checking the field.  If it is unplayable, contact Jodie Bowers (390-3066).  Jodie will contact the teams involved and umpires to reschedule.

            K.         To start a game:

A game may begin or finish with one less than required to start (9 players).  No out will be taken for the 10th spot when a team starts with 9 players.  Teams cannot start with 8 players.

·        To continue a game:

If a team begins play with the required number of players as listed (9) that team may continue a game with one less player than is currently in the lineup whenever a player leaves the game for any reason other than ejection.  Under no circumstances shall a team be permitted to bat less than eight (8).

·        If playing short-handed, and a substitute arrives, the substitute must be inserted immediately into the vacant spot.  If the substitute refuses to enter for any reason, that player becomes ineligible for the remainder of the game.  If the player leaving the game is a runner or batter, the runner or batter shall be declared out.  When the player is scheduled to bat, an out shall be declared for each turn at bat.  An inning or game may end on an automatic out.  The player who has left the game cannot return to the lineup.

L.         If any team forfeits more than 2 games, they are out of the league on the third forfeit.  The team that forfeits must reimburse their opponent the umpire fee.  (They pay the full fee)

M.        The winning team of each game will be responsible for reporting the results WITHIN 24 HOURS.  Failure to do so will result in BOTH teams being charged with a loss.  Call Jodie’s cell phone number at 716-390-3066.

N.        Any game not played or finished due to rain, or darkness must be played/rescheduled on the next available Wednesday.   Advanced notice is required to schedule an umpire.  Games scheduled into a single game night will be the 5:45 game and the previously scheduled game will be at 7:15.

O.        There will be no rescheduling for convenience (for example, because a team knows it will not be able to field a full team).  Once a game is forfeited, there is no recourse.  It will be charged as a loss.


2.         ROSTERS

A.                A complete and final roster must be submitted by 6/3/09 to the league president—Kelly Cruttenden.  Violation will result in forfeiture of all games until turned in or rule 1L applies.

B.                  The final roster must include name, address, phone number, email and legal signature.

C.                Limit 20 players per team.  Players must be 18 years old as of May 8th, the first night of play.  If any player is challenged for age or eligibility she must provide proof of age or identification. 

D.                There will be no additions to the roster except in the extreme situation where a team cannot field 10 players for the rest of the season.  In said situation, the team must first get the approval of the board and then resubmit a roster of 12 eligible players.  Any player dropped from a roster after final rosters have been submitted is considered ineligible to any team for the remainder of the season.

E.                  All players must play in at least 1 game of the first 6 games that the player’s team plays (as to not be penalized for cancelled games) and a total of 3 league games, to be eligible to participate in the playoffs.

F.                  The “pregnancy” rule: If a player cannot meet the above noted eligibility rules due to pregnancy, they will be allowed to play when they are physically able to play.  They must have signed the roster within the time limits as stated above.

G.               Players’ last names are to be entered in the scorebook by the end of the game.  If there are players with the same last names, then both their first and last names must be entered.  Failure to comply will result in an automatic forfeit.

H.                 Each team will receive a copy of all the team rosters to be used to verify or challenge eligibility of any player.


3. Schedule


A.        Starting times-- The umpire's watch is the official watch.


·        Game #1 starts at 5:45 with a 15 minute grace period.  If 9 are present, the game must start on time.


·        Game #2 starts at 7:15 with NO GRACE PERIOD


·        Single Wednesday games shall start at 6:30 with NO GRACE PERIOD unless a scheduled make up game is also being played.  Make up games will always be at 5:45pm with the regularly scheduled Wednesday game to played at 7:15pm, with no grace period.


B.         Concluding times-- The umpire's watch is the official watch.


·        All games will consist of 7 complete innings, except for the following conditions:

o       5:45 game:   No inning to start after 7:05 pm

o       7:15 game:   play until darkness, umpire's decision

o       6:30 game:   play until darkness, umpire's decision

o       The 15 run rule will apply after the 5th inning except in playoffs


C.        In the event a game is called and less than 5 innings have been completed, it will be rescheduled and play will resume exactly where it left off until the game has been completed.  Rescheduling shall be covered by rule 1- N.  Note - need not have the exact same players




A.        The Treasurer shall sign any checks issued from the league monies.


B.         All league fees are to be paid by May 8th, 2009.  There is a $200 deposit due by April 20th 2009.  If the total fee is not paid by this date, the offending teams will be charged with a loss for each game played until the fee is paid.  The fee for 2009 is $410.00 per team.  This fee is nonrefundable in whole or part.


C.        Umpire fees are $30 per game.  Each team is responsible for 1/2 of the umpire fee.  In the case of a forfeit, the offending team must pay the entire fee.


D.        Awards----THERE ARE NONE.


5. Protests


A.        Verbal notice of intent to protest must be received by the President NO LATER than 24 hours following the conclusion of the game.  A written explanation and a check for $15.00 must be received by the President within 7 days from the end of the protested game.  The fee will be returned to the protesting team if the protest is decided in their favor.  Otherwise it will be deposited into the league treasury.

B.         Procedure:

C.        The protest committee, made up of the team representatives, must meet and hear the protest within one week and make a final decision within 24 hours

D.        Attendance:  ¾ of the team representatives  must be present along with one representative from the team or teams involved. Nonattendance by the protesting team constitutes forfeiture of fee.

E.         The hearing will be presided over by the League President.

F.         The committee will cast votes with the majority determining the outcome.  The League President will vote in the case of a tie.

G.        All decisions are final


6. Field Maintenance

·        In the event such becomes necessary, the individual(s) doing so shall be paid $50 for each instance.

   7. Banquet/Parties


·        There will be a party at the diamond on May 8th.  The league account balance will be used to cover food for the party.


·        End of the season party---TBD


8. Playoffs


9.      50/50 raffle

·        A 50/50 raffle will take place each Friday.

·        The SECOND game home team must send a team rep at 6:45pm each Friday to begin selling tickets at $1 per ticket.

·        The FIRST game home team will finish the raffle and draw the winning ticket at approximately 7:30pm each Friday.

·        The winner will get half of the night’s earnings on sale of the tickets.

·        The remaining half of the money must be returned to Betsy as soon as possible.  Betsy will deposit the money and log each night’s earnings.