Kartikeya Shukla

My name is Kartikeya Shukla I am in my junior year majoring in Computer Science. My tryst with programming started less than a year ago. My learning curve has been steep but extremely rewarding.
Nick Back once stated, "…​if you aren’t, at any given time, scandalized by code you wrote five or three years ago, you’re not learning anywhere near enough". Thankfully though, I experience this almost every alternate day. As of now I am taking CSE 305, 341 & 396, MFC 118, 132 & 215. Besides this I am currently working at CIT as a Public Site Consultant.
In my free time I love to watch football(i.e soccer :p), and I'm an ardent fan of REAL MADRID.



MFC 101 Assignments

Kartikeya Shukla_MFC 101_LAB 1: Webpage_(kartikey@buffalo.edu)
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MFC 215 Assignments

Create Your Home Page
Create and setup your buffalo.edu Web Page.

Create a CSS Page
(Inline Styles Page)
(Embedded Styles Page)
(External Styles Page)
Create three web pages, each using one of the three different CSS Styles.

Create a Table Web Page
Use appropriate table, tr, th, and td tags to create a table that has three (3) columns and (5) five rows.

Create an HTML5/CSS Compliant Web Page
Create a valid HTML5 and CSS Web Page.

Modify Your Home Page to Use Divs
Update your home page using DIVS.

Add Special Effects to Your Web Page Using Cascading Style Sheets
Use CSS to add special effects to your home page.

Create a Form Web Page
Use appropriate tagging to create a form web page that users can submit information to.

Create a Multimedia Web Site
Create a new web site that links to three new web pages, with two of them having sound and audio clips.

Create a Javascript Web Page
Use Javascript to create a web page that utilizes Javascript functions by creating a time and date table.

Add Javascript Validation to Your Web Form Page
Validate Javascript on your Web Form Page.

HTML5 Wow Me
Show off what you've learned and what you know about HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

Krug Essay/Presentation Extra Credit Assignment

Valid CSS!

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