Karl Reza Sarvestani
Karl doing linguistic fieldwork.


Sarvestani, Karl R. (under review). Induced speech errors as a tool for language description: A case study from Xong “prenasalized consonants.”

Sarvestani, Karl R. & Xiaole Sun. (in preparation). Illustrations of the IPA: Sgaw Karen

Refereed presentations

Sarvestani, Karl R. (2015). Merger of tone 3 (a thee) and 4 (hpluh see) in Sgaw Karen. Poster presented at 25th Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society. Chiang Mai, Thailand. May 27–29.

Sarvestani, Karl R. (2015). “Prenasalized consonants” as clusters: evidence from Miao speech errors. Talk presented at 89th annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. Portland, Oregon. January 11.

Sarvestani, Karl R. (2014). Psycholinguistics in understudied languages. Talk presented at 3rd annual Behavior and Brain Sciences Symposium. Buffalo, New York. June 6.

Sarvestani, Karl R. (2012). Speech error evidence for homorganic nasal-oral initial clusters in Xong. Talk presented at 45th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Oct. 25.

Invited presentation

Sarvestani, Karl R. Induced speech errors as a tool for language description. Talk presented at The New Field Methods workshop. Buffalo, New York. April 24.