Karl Reza Sarvestani
Karl in China

I am currently a PhD student in linguistics at the University at Buffalo. I have worked as an instructor in both the Linguistics and Communicative Disorders & Sciences departments at UB. I have also worked as a TESOL instructor at D'Youville College and an ESL instructor at Nanchang University. I am a proud alumnus of New College at the University of Alabama.

My research focuses on field-based approaches to experimental phonology. This involves bringing experimental research techniques out of the laboratory and into the 'field,' which is to say the actual speech community. The reason for this is twofold: improved understanding of these languages benefits the development of phonetic and phonological theory, and the use of previously unavailable research methods facilitates the documentation and description of these languages.

I work primarily with under-documented languages of Southeast Asia. My current research examines the role that voice quality plays in tone perception in Sgaw Karen, a Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand. I am also involved in an ongoing project investigating the cognitive representation of 'prenasalized consonants' in Xong, a Miao-Yao (Hmong-Mien) language spoken in southern China.