Assignment 1

Karen Keefe
LIS 506: Introduction to Information Technologies - Guillaume Boutard

Assignment 1: identify the people or organizations that are responsible for the content
on the website http//

Task 1: checking the webpage and utilizing URL trimming
I began with an initial look at the webpage which was news focused. As with many
company web pages there were links at the top with the labels “home” and “about us.”
Both links took me to the site - - and here I was
able to find a summary of the company FlyOnTheWall explaining that…
FlyOnTheWall is one of Europe's leading event broadcast companies - filming and
streaming high-profile live events from around the world for global and local audiences.
(taken from the opening lines of the web page.)
This led me to scroll down the page where I found the following address, phone number
and e-mail…
90 Long Acre | Covent Garden | London | WC2E 9RZ | UK | +44 20 7381 5500 
In addition there were links to TWITTER, FACEBOOK and lINKEDIN. 
After checking these links I concluded that FlyOnTheWall is the name of the company
that owns the website.
By using the strategy of URL trimming I backed the address up by first eliminating “php”
which gave a “not found” message. I then trimmed further (news) and was able to
bypass the specific news related page noted above and go directly to the “about us”
link. I felt that no additional information was gained by trimming the URL.

Task 2: searching the domain name registry
I used the site to search the domain name and found a wealth of
information. I found that the registrar for the domain is ENOM, INC. - a domain
registration site. The registrant contact information as well as administrative and
technical contact information was also given which included names, addresses, phone,
fax and e-mail numbers. It is interesting to note that the contact information included
addresses in both London, England and Forchheim, Germany. The company
FlyOnTheWall noted that they were a global company which can be seen in the variety
of countries listed as part of their contacts.

Task 3: searching the domain .tv

I used the site in my search of the root domain .tv. I have to say, I was
surprised to see that this domain is owned by the Ministry of Finance and Tourism in
Tuvalu - a Polynesian island nation. The site also gave a wealth of contact information
for the Ministry of Finance and Tourism as well as their administrative and technical
support. The information included names and addresses as well as phone, fax and e-
mail information. There was also a link to the .tv site where you could register your
own .tv domain name.

Task 4: following the path of packets sent to the site.
This was the most fun and interesting part of my investigation. I used the site
to trace the route of my data packet to In 3.5 seconds the web site traced the data transfer over 14,000
miles and 23 hops. It was interesting to note that Germany and England were included
in the path and those are two of the cities mentioned when I searched the domain name
Summary - flyonthewall findings and summary
The website is owned by FlyOnTheWall, a global,
event streaming company. The site registrant is Jason Gleave from London, England.
His contact information can be found on including phone, fax, e-mail
and full address.
The registrar for the domain is ENOM, INC. The root domain is owned by the Ministry
of Finance and Tourism in Tuvalu. The contact information of the Ministry as well as
administrative and technical contacts can be found at
Task 1 gave me basic information about the company attached to the website. When I
moved on to task 2, the domain registry, I was amazed at the information that could be
found there. Names and contact information were made available. The library patron
would be able to research or contact directly the people responsible for the website. 
The biggest surprise came for me when I searched the root domain. Most of us are
familiar with .com, .org, .net and .gov. I was not aware that there was such a large
number of root domains that are currently being used. In addition, finding that the
domain .tv was owned by the MInistry of Finance and Tourism in Tuvalu was a real
An additional surprise to me was the Proxy Trace that showed the route a package took
on the way to It is important to note that an organization is not
necessarily located or based in each of the hops along the route. While this Proxy
Trace was interesting and amazing to see, I didn’t feel that it would give any additional
information to our library patron in his or her search for organization information
concerning the website.

In conclusion, it is truly amazing the amount of information that can be found concerning
one website and the relative ease in which it can be found as long as you know where
to look. The title Library Information Services seems even more appropriate as we
undoubtedly will be providing useful information in an ever expanding capacity as a
service to our library patrons.