Hey everyone. One of my easiest CSE111 Projects was to put together a webpage with HTML. So, I figured I could accomplish two things at once by sharing one of my teams with my Pokemon friends while also fulfilling project reqs. However, I may have to use this page to help me seek employment later, so the Pokemon stuff is only temporary!

Here's a little about me.

Name: Karan Chilka
Major: Formally, Chemical Engineering. I will soon change it to Mathematics with a minor in Statistics. I will go on to study an MS/MA in Finance or Statistics.
Interests: My top two interests are certainly:
1) Educating myself about other countries through news, articles, videos, and documentaries. Haven't done much travel on the international level though, and I'm only at the conversational/confrontational level in two Indian languages and English.
2) Playing the Pokemon video games competitively. Talking to me about the single-player game or using it as a means of evaluating competitive Pokemon is not a way to get on my good side.

Weíre going to look at far more standard a VGC Mega than Lucario, Houndoom, or Ampharos, and some inspired ideas. (Well, I have many Kang and Sal teams, but this is more new and thus easier to explain. And hence also at risk of exhibiting problems when put through many battlesÖ)

Some background, donít read this unless you have time: When playing VGC online last season, I encountered a Japanese
player with some status text that, like all Japanese statuses, went by too fast to read properly...um, itís in
Hiragana, so at all. There was enough English however to imply that I might be facing someone who got 2nd place at
a Fukuoka tournament, possibly Battle Road Gloria. The game that followed was fierce as expected, with a great number
of switches. I knew from the second turn that my opponent had the advantage in matchup and had to make at least one
mistake in the next 5-10 turns for me to win. They did not and I lost to the core of Salamence-Volcarona-Azumarill.
Salamence provides Intimidate support to Volcarona and AV Azumarill, letting them tank hits from either side as they
set up Quiver Dance or threaten you with the prospect of a Belly Drum, with which itís easy to make the opponent also
worry about taking an attack followed by Aqua Jet. In the end I held back all their Pokemon except for Volcarona which
got a Quiver Dance up to outspeed my Rock Slider and I failed to benefit from my last desperate Thunder Wave because it
had Lum Berry. There you go, Quiver Dance is the move that those Lum Volcarona carry.
My friend Hun went through the mock battle for me and found that the Salamence had Hydro Pump and Flamethrower in
addition to Hydro PumpÖvery interesting but Iím just more used to Swagger M-Salamence xD. Anyway, I didnít have the two
benched Pokemon as reference but I didnít need it to complete my concept of the core. Letís call this team Fukuoka Wingbeat!

The team at a glance:
Salamence Azumarill" Hydra"
Volcarona Amoonguss Aegis
Wingbeat (Salamence) @ Salamencite
Ability: Intimidate
A44 C212 S252 Naive Nature
- Hyper Voice
- Double-Edge
- Draco Meteor
- Protect
One of the things I noticed about the opponentís core given their moves is that it was Salamence weak. Using Draco Meteor helps me in
the Salamence mirror, and I adopted a Special bias to go with Hyper Voice to manipulate where and when I can score KOs so I donít get
hit on those turns. This is also because I wound up not using spread moves anywhere else as I used single-target (as opposed to Heat
Wave) Volcarona. And, Hyper Voice 2HKOs typical Lando-T. The last move to use was Double-Edge, which (assume that I can use it before or
after a Draco Meteor) will not let Unaware Clefable, AVest Landorus-T, Azumarill, AVest Entei, andÖmany things from walling the majority
of my team.

Exhale (Azumarill) @ Choice Band
Ability: Huge Power
H220 A236 B52 Adamant Nature
- Aqua Jet
- Play Rough
- Superpower
- Waterfall
Initial Design: Because Salamence is such a threat to Volcarona which is key in offense, I added many features which hate on Salamence.
An Intimidated Azumarill canít OHKO a Salamence unless the item increases damage. I thought it would be efficient to choose the highest
damage-boosting item to solve two problems. The first is Jolly Choice Band/Jolly Life Orb Landorus-T. I want to Aqua Jet those away with
confidence I will 2HKO. I figured Iíll be fine against Garchomp because Salamence OHKOs that if not Landorus-T. If itís Sashed Chomp and
I donít want to go to predicting switches after my Salamence faints to (the uncommon Draco Meteor Garchomp I guess), I can Aqua Jet +
Double-Edge the first turn Garchomp acts. The second is M-Kangaskhan. Let me say once for a few repetitions that M-Kangaskhan can act
against many of its counters. It can Power-Up Punch its partner around Volcaronaís Flame Body and Amoongussí Rocky Helmet, and Return an
OHKO (that was a Computer Science as well as a Pokemon pun, donít bite me pls). By sending bulky Kang to the red after Intimidate, I simply
have to Hyper Voice or use Rocky Helmet elsewhere to finish Kang. Def EVs are more for M-Salamence than M-Kang so I have to redirect, use
Intimidate, make them not lead with Kang and catch it on a switch-in, or hope that I live Fake Out + Double-Edge. This isnít as bad as it
sounds, because it doesnít have to apply to both hits; I can perform any action on just the potential Double-Edge.
Update November 14, 2015: I will switch Azumarill to an Assault Vest variant. One of my reasons for Choice Band was to negate a lack of Speed
control by hitting hard with a move that goes first. However, Iím disappointed that I didnít realize that to faint a high-health opponent or
stop its moves beyond one turn (equivalent to attacking with Choice Band and OHKOing if I move second), I can use any attack+Aqua Jet to get
the kill. I also realized that with Rock Slide nowhere on the team, I had just my Dragons for Charizard, which is okay but not the best. I
dealt with Zard-Y/Cresselia/Landorus-T well enough but Anurag revealed further weakness with a team of ZardY/Virizion/Togekiss/Weavile
So, Physical Def EVs with Assault Vest will help me survive what I have to. I opted against Sitrus Berry Protect on this team because I
wanted all four moves. This might also be a time when I could go back to Salamence and give it my favorite set of
Swagger/Rock Slide/Double-Edge, which lets Azumarill use Protect to let that better deal with Dragons, but I still needed all four of Azumarillís

Caleb (Hydreigon) @ Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
CS252 D4
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Earth Power
- Draco Meteor
- Dark Pulse
- Protect
Hydreigon was added to deal with Heatran and similar Fires. A Choice Specs or Life Orb was necessary to deal with Shuca Heatran by helping
me get it below 25%, so it canít use Substitute to bother me when it feels best. I went for Timid and Protect to improve my matchup against
everything with regard to Speed and Speed Control, because I used none out of Thunder Wave, Trick Room, or Tailwind on this team. I have a
bunch of techs which might make them redundant but Iím not getting on the better end of Speed otherwise.
D4 helps me live Dazzling Gleams
from full or at 90%. It also denies Porygon2 the desired Download.

Telugutown (Volcarona) @ Lum Berry
Ability: Flame Body
H12 B60 C244 D4 S188 Modest Nature
- Quiver Dance
- Flamethrower
- Protect
- Bug Buzz
I donít remember why I decided against Overheat.
Speed for Adamant Landorus-T Ė assuming weíre either both at 0 or +1. Def reduces the damage from its Rock Slides after Intimidate so I can
survive all but CB and LO. I had 8 EVs left after doing offensive calcs and it went to HP to heighten the small chance to live Jolly Life
Orb Rock Slide. Iím not dependent on that as if I know what item the opposing LandoT is holding or its nature (can be deduced by tallying
the order in which Intimidates and other abilities activate and deducing from the damage from one attack), I have the advantage.

Solcaster (Amoonguss) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Regenerator
H252 B164 D92 Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Sludge Bomb
- Rage Powder
- Spore
- Protect/Foul Play
Hmm, I donít have a Sitrus Berry on the team. Iíll experiment with it here later.

Secure Gaze (Aegislash) @ Weakness Policy
Ability: Stance Change
H236 B12 C180 D76 R4
Quiet Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Shadow Ball
- Flash Cannon
- King's Shield
- Wide Guard
Weakness Policy helps against Kangaskhanís Sucker Punch if itís the Fake Out variant which better threatens Azumarill than Protect Grow
Punch, and Fires. Fires, because, Timid LO Hydreigon might miss desired damage percentages on them which Modest LO or Timid Specs gets, and if I
were to use a healing item, I can think of forgoing that as letting Salamence not have to use Double-Edge against some Fires given its
Hyper Voice. Being a Rotom-H user I didn't forget to account for that and its Will-O-Wisp + Overheat combo either - if it has C116 I have
an 80%+ chance to survive it. If its Life Orbed, it dies after Hydreigon Dracos it.

Click here to visit Smogon, a fine resource for you if you wish to play their Singles format. My project also requires I have a mail link, so you can click here to send me an email, but don't actually do it.