Konstantinos Apostolakis

Konstantinos Apostolakis


    Personal Description

    MY name is Konstantinos Apostolakis
    I was born June 3rd, 1994 in Agrinio, Greece.
    I was born and raised there.
    When I was younger I would play soccer with my friends all day
    I came to the USA to study and go to school
    A few years ago when I started university there was a very bad financial crisis in Greece
    Where I lived in Greece currently it is very difficult to find a job
    University at Buffalo offers me many opportunities.

International Soccer Teams

Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid C.F.

Chelsea F.C.
FC Bayern Munich
Arsenal F.C.
A.C. Milan
Juventus F.C.
Olympiacos F.C.
FC Barcelona
Manchester United F.C.
Panthrakikos F.C.
Panetolikos F.C.

Here is a link underneath of my team playing against its rival team