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LIS506-Introduction to Information Technology

Author: Kimberly A. McCarthy



o              General course information: This class introduces students to vocabulary and concepts of information technology, and allows them to learn basic software tools that support library and information services.  During the course students learn about computing basics, networking, data based technology, web technologies, information retrieval, system design and evaluation.


o              Current /intended profession: My current profession is a part-time legal assistant in a law firm, as well as an elementary school substitute teacher.   I have a masters degree in elementary education, and would like to merge my interests to become a librarian in a public library in the area of children and/or young adults.


o              Information Technologies relates to my intended profession as a librarian in having basic knowledge of computing, web technologies, information retrieval, networking, and even design. As a librarian I will have to be up to date on the latest technology as students have homework assignments and projects that   they may need guidance or additional information on.


o              To date I have learned a number of things in this class that were new concepts and very interesting. This project of creating a personal website and a   webpage, is something that I have never done before.  I had an idea of where to begin from our homework assignment outline and the UBIT webpage, but I had to learn through trial and error. I also found the homework assignment of assessing a website for accessibility to be extremely interesting.  I have never done that before, and did not consider in my searches on the need for functioning accessibility on a website.




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