KaiXun Zhong

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You can email me at kaixunzhong@gmail.com
A Brief Introduction About Myself
I currently study at University at Buffalo.
My Intended Major is Computer Enginnering.
I am from Brooklyn New York and I love the food there.
If there was a place that had Buffalo weather and New York City food,
that would be my ideal place to live.
I'm interested in building low budget computers
Because it is more challanging than unlimited budget builds.
CPU Intel i7 6700k $300
Motherboard MSI Skylake LGA 1151 $70
GPU GTX 1060 $200
RAM Corsair Vengeance DDR4 $100
Power Supply Corsair CX750 $100
Storage Samsung 850 500gb $160
Tower Cooler Master MasterBox 5 Midtower $70
Total Price Would Cost About $1000