Simply Put, Why?

Hello & Welcome! My name is Kaileigh, and I am the creator of Purrdoir. I am a college sophomore, a lover of cats, and a lover of lingerie. This whole endeavor began as a project for my Digital Arts class. I wanted to create something fun and interesting, something that hadn't really been done before. I work at a boudoir photography studio and luxury lingerie boutique, so I am accustomed to seeing women posed in lingerie.  I am also well aware of the common comparison of women and cats: feline, slinky, finicky, fluid. After browsing one of my favorite designer's new collection of lingerie WITH cats on it, the whole thing clicked in my head.

Why not put lingerie on cats? It was surprisingly easy when all was said and done. The way the models were posed, the curvature of their hips and torsos, almost mirrored that of a cat on its back. It started as something humorous, not intended to have meaning behind it. But over time, I realized how ludicrously easy it was to find women and cats posed in similar fashions. These models were told to stand or sit in such a way that they ended up looking un-human in somehow. Advertising is meant to help sell a product, but is it really worth contorting a beautiful woman so that she doesn't look like herself anymore?

Purrdoir has become a satire of the lingerie advertising world, while also still being hilarious. It is up to you to take it at face value or discover the meaning behind the cats, but I do hope you enjoy the process.
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