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  1. What is another word for mean?
  2. What is the average of these three numbers: 5, 100, 27
  3. Define median
  4. What number is the median in this list: 6, 405, 7, 25, 18
  5. How many modes does a binomial distribution have?
  6. What word best describes a data point outside the normal distribution of a data set?
  7. If the first quartile = 43, and the second quartile = 17, what is the IQR?
  8. What numbers are included in the five-number summary?
  9. What statement does NOT describe standard deviation?
  10. Which is NOT a type of distribution?
  11. What characterizes a bell curve?
  12. The empirical rule is also called
  13. What data percentage is correctly matched with the number of standard deviations? (following normal distribution?)
  14. What is the correct formula for the z-score?
  15. If an observation is greater than the mean, its z-score is

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