An Introduction to Fish Keeping

Common Types of Aquarium Fish

Betta Fish

Bettas are a wonderful fish for beginners. They are a fairly hardy fish that don't require much maintenance. They can be known to be very aggressive towards other fish, so it is recommended to keep them in their own tank.
Betta Fish come in many different varieties including: Veiltail, Crown Tail, Halfmoon, Plakat, Delta Tail, and more.

Average Size: 2.5 inches
Life Span: 3 years
Minimum Aquarium Size: 1 gallon
Water Temperature:72-82°F

-May 2016


Tetras are a great fish to start with for a community tank. Unlike Betta fish, Tetras require at least a 10 gallon tank, as they like to swim around a lot. It is also important to note that tetras prefer to be in schools
of at least 6 of their own species. This keeps them happier and increases their lifespan/color. There are many types of tetras including: Cardinals, Rummynose, Serpaes, Bloodfins, and more.

Average Size: 1.5-3 inches
Life Span: About 5 years
Minimum Aquarium Size: 10 gallons
Water Temperature:72-80°F

-May 2016


Cichlids are a beautiful family of fish but should not be purchased by beginner fish keepers. They are extremely aggressive and require a high level of maintenance. Aquariums below 50 gallons will not provide adequate space
due to the large size of these fish. Despite their aggression and difficulty to maintain, Cichlids are very interesting and intelligent fish. There are many types of Cichlids including: Jack Dempseys, Red Terrors, Green Terrors,
Oscars, Salvinis, and more.

Average Size: 8-20 inches
Life Span: 10+ years
Minimum Aquarium Size: 50+ gallons
Water Temperature:72-82°F