Justin Young
1555 longfellow ave
Web: http://bigmovesonly.strikingly.com/
Email: ub-jyoung27@buffalo.edu


The big-budget,wide-angle look into the lifestyle of its maker. The central struggle of "the lifestyle" album is between the authors spiritual health and struggles of giving up the life for the lifestyle.Things have changed and the lifestyle has taken the author to places unimaginable. Who ever thought the child verone counted out would make it this far.


Work Experience

  1. Position: CEO of the lifestyle (bronx)
    Date:: 2015-present

    Innovated and created a way of living that has influened many people.

  2. Position: BMO General (bronx)
    Date:: 2016-present

    Leader of the organization BMO that influeneced and hcanged the Bronx forever.

  3. Position: Rapper
    Date:: 2014-present

    Dropped classical bodies of work.