Trapping micro-LC/MS

Basic instrumental setup of Tµ-LC/MS system. A C8 trap cartridge (15´2.1 mm) and C18 capillary analytical column (150´0.5 mm) were connected/isolated by a 6-port valve. Workflow of analysis cycle is shown in the figure step by step: A. After injection, sample is trapped in the C8 cartridge to removal hydrophilic matrix components by c-LC system while the analytical column is equilibrated in isolation by µ-LC system; B. Post cleaning, sample is delivered to analytical column driven by µ-LC system reversely; C. Following completion of specific delivery, the trap cartridge will be disconnected from µ-LC system to be cleaned and re-equilibrated with c-LC system, while the gradient elution on capillary column is continuing.

Extensive simplification of sample during each step of analysis cycle. A: Sample is loaded onto the trap cartridge with an aqueous-phase dominant solvent; B: Highly hydrophilic components for the sample is removed during the sample trapping stage, while the retention volume is maintained minimum by optimal LC condition; C: Target is specifically delivered to analytical column, whereas the highly lipophilic components is kept away; D: Analytical column will separate the target from remained matrix components for MS analysis.


Update date: May, 2017