Julio Torres





I am currently attending the school called University at Buffalo. It is a very great school so far and I really enjoy it here at UB. I was born in Manhattan, New York and raised in the Bronx. My mother is strict and ikes to do everything perfectly or as close to perfect as possible and this has affected me in some ways. For example when I would Draw or do something that requires the use of one's imagination. I like to think of things that would take me time to complete and I like to do them as close to perfect as to what i imagined it to be which has caused me somewhat of a problem in school. I attended a catholic school most of my life, well pretty much starting since fourth grade.

Career Objectives:

Since I am attending UB, I am trying to get into the school of engineering in order to study Aerospace Engineering. My plans for the future is to be recruited by NASA for their astronaut program.

Educational Background:

Just last year, 2015 I graduate High School. I attended a Catholic school in the Bronx called Cardinal Hayes High School. And before that I attended a Catholic middle school called Our Lady of Refuge which is located in the Bronx as well.

Work Experience:

  1. Young People's Day Camp :I was a counselor in charged of a small group of kids and my job was to look out for them and take them to do different activities.
  2. Maintenance Worker :In Charged of fixing a house and cleaning it as well.