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Julie Gregg

Julie Gregg

About Me

I am a Junior Business Administration major with a dual concentration in International Business
Human Resource Management. I am currently from Niagara Falls, New York. I love to travel, I
have visited over 10 countries so far. I would like to be able to find a job within the business world
that would allow me to travel for work!

Our Group Project

For our group project, we are creating a database for Antun's Catering Hall. We are trying to
eliminate problems caused from a paper system being used previously. The database we have
made will create business value because of the central location of all the needed information.
Some of the perks of our database will be that the employer can quickly look up specific event
information, including the customer contact information and the employee's who will be working
the event. This will save Antun's Catering Hall both time and money when they implement the
database into their daily use.

Please check out our website made for "Antun's Catering Hall" here

You can also view the final database made for the catering hall here

My Resume

Please click here to view my resume. Let me know what you think!

Contact Me

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