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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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* Co-Corresponding Authors

C. Valentine, H. Zhang, P. Phuan, J. Nguyen, A. Verkman, P. Haggie. Small molecule screen yields inhibitors of pseudomonas homoserine lactone-induced host responses. Cell Microbiol. 2013 Aug 2. doi:10.1111/cmi.12176.

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M. Motion, J. Nguyen and F. Szoka. Phosphatase-triggered fusogenic liposomes for cytoplasmic delivery of cell-impermeable compounds. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. June 2012.
Selected as a "Hot Paper" by the Editors for its importance in a rapidly evolving field of interest.

R. Reul, J. Nguyen, A. Biela, E. Marxer, U. Bakowsky, G. Klebe, T. Kissel. Non-toxic, biodegradable amine-modified hyperbranched polyester: Biophysical and biological investigation of DNA nano-complexes in vitro. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2012 Jul 17; 436 (1-2): 97-105.

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One of the journal's 20 most downloaded articles in March 2012

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Book Chapters

S. Ferguson, J. Megna, J. Nguyen*. Composition, physicochemical and biological properties of exosomes secreted from cancer cells. Invited Book Chapter (accepted, anticipated publication date of book is March 2018)


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