Jubin Nathawat

Engineer by Nature


I am a Ph.D working under Prof. Jonathan Bird on Nanofabrication , Electrical characterization & Spintronics of various 2D material devices.

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Research Assistant at NoMaD - the Nanoelectronic Materials and Devices Research Group


  • Negative Diff. Conductance & Hot-Carrier Avalanching in Monolayer WS2 FET
  • Evaluating the Source of Graphene's Resistivity using Differential Conductance Measurents
  • Collobrating with researchers for setting up new experiments and fabrication of devices
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Bow-Tie THz Antenna
  • Thermally-assisted nonvolatile memory in monolayer MoS2 transistors


  • G. He, H. Ramamoorthy, C.-P. Kwan, Y.-H. Lee, J. Nathawat, R. Somphonsane, M. Matsunaga, A. Higuchi, T. Yamanaka, N. Aoki, Y. Gong, X. Zhang, R. Vajtai, P. M. Ajayan, and J. P. Bird, "Thermally-assisted nonvolatile memory in monolayer MoS2 transistors", Nano Lett. 16, 6445 6451 (2016)
  • "Epitaxial Growth of Cobalt Oxide Phases on Ru(0001) for Spintronic Device Applications" by Olanipekun, Opeyemi; Ladewig, Chad; Kelber, Jeffry; Randle, Michael; Nathawat, Jubin; Kwan, Chun-Pui; Bird, Jonathan; Chakraborti, Priyanka; Dowben, Peter; Cheng, Tao; Goddard, William (2017)
  • "Probing Charge Trapping and Joule Heating in Graphene Field-Effect Transistors by Transient Pulsing" by RAMAMOORTHY, HARIHARA; Somphonsone, Ratchanok; Radice, Jordan; He, Guanchen; Nathawat, Jubin; Kwan, Chun-Pui; Zhao, Miao; Bird, Jonathan (2017)
  • G. He,H. Ramamoorthy, C.-P.Kwan, J.Nathawat, R.Somphonsane, R.Vajtai, P.M.Ajayan, D.K.Ferry, and J.P.Bird"Negative differential conductance and hot-carrier avalanching in transition-metal-dichalcogenide field-effect transistors", Edison 20 (2017)


  • "Quenching weak localization in graphene by the application of a nonequilibrium voltage " Edison 20 (2017)
  • "Transient investigations of hot-carrier transport in BN-encapsulated graphene FETs " Edison 20 (2017)


  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University at Buffalo from Jan. 2016 - July. 2019 (expected)
  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering from University at Buffalo from Aug. 2014 - Dec. 2015
  • B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University from Aug. 2010 - July. 2014


  • Lithography
  • Exfoliation of Graphene and other TMD's
  • Etching
  • Metal Deposition
  • Transient , DC & AC Measurements
  • A.F.M.
  • Raman Spectroscopy

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